Saturday, 7/3/10, Public Square


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6 responses to “Saturday, 7/3/10, Public Square

  1. My son (the newly wed one) is returning from Amsterdam later today. I can’t wait to hear how exciting it was to be in The Netherlands when their soccer team beat Brazil. I’ll bet he saw some celebrating, probably even joined in the fun.

  2. Rain looks to be in our forecast. I wish it would leave the time of fireworks displays and the kids having fun setting off their own dry, even tho I’m happy to see it. I’m only asking for my cake and to eat it too.

    • Freebird1971

      My son says a rainy 4th is the answer to a fireman’s prayers

      • I’ll bet it is!

        I hope for enough dry (at the right time) for all the kids of all ages to have fun, and enough wet to make it safe!

  3. WSClark

    I have a huge fly in my house – damned thing is as big as hummingbird. I might have to get my gun!


    Crisis over – Rufus ate him.

    Frog Dog.

    • That’s a mighty fly dog you got there, dude đŸ™‚

      Incidentally, I did a little “tribute” to a friend of ours. Hope things are going well.