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  1. Did anyone watch the banking hearings yesterday when both sides pretty much hammered AIG and Goldman Sachs? My other hero, Brooksley Born, was one of the hammers, and used it to full effect. Goldman Sachs honcho kept giving non-answers, and Born kept hammering away, getting them to admit the screwed up big time using improper behavior. It was beautiful, and not difficult at all to see the slime squirm:

    It was also almost laughable to listen to these sleezes being asked for pertinent information, and getting the same reply: I don’t know that. This from the CEO. And people entrust them with their money?

    • It’s lucky for them the FIFTH allows them to not ‘know,’ or avoid the answers that may be incriminating…

      • That’s just it: they can’t use that during the hearing because they’re not on trial. They have to answer the questions, or supply answers in writing if they don’t know them. I think it’s going on today as well.

      • So they’re not under oath. But there will be a record. Tricky situation for them, huh!? I’ll tune it in, sounds like something I should hear.

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        Actually, Jammer, in a Congressional committee hearing, the witness may assert a fifth amendment privilege. None did so, I suspect due to the PR fiasco that would follow and the fact that they and their counsel either: are confident that no criminal activity occurred; or are not sure if any such activity occurred and decided to stop short of suggesting same.

        Some of the responses bordered on the fantastic. The one involving derivative income (we don’t track that separately) was my favorite. They don’t track that separately as large porcine mammals levitate past their 37th floor office windows. . .

  2. tosmarttobegop

    I got back yesterday evening, it was so hot they told me to take off and come back when it was not so hot.

    I did get most of the house painted and all that is left is the back of the house and the garage to do.

    LOL seldom did I see any whites out working in the heat, mainly Mexicans and once incident was kind of funny. Ever so often I would see a pick-up truck driving back with three Mexicans in the cab and the back loaded with ladders.

    They glared at me as if it seem that the crazy gringo had stolen their job.
    I had been told that contractors there are hiring mainly Mexicans to do painting and repairs in the summer.
    My wife said I should have put a sign in the front yard:

    “This house is being painted by an American!”.
    Ever since I ended up hanging from a bridge staring thirty feet down to a river bed I had lost my heart with heights. So being about 16 feet off the ground on a extension ladder was not fun!
    LOL I did do a flash recall of the symptoms of heat stroke in my head the first day when it got up to a heat index of over a hundred there. But being a crazy gringo I just drank a lot of water and spent more time in the shade.

    • Glad you’re back! Guess I’m glad you got that job too even if it might have been one of those that “Americans don’t want to do.” 😦

  3. tosmarttobegop

    That is one thing that is getting to me, the Republican blocking of the extension of unemployment benefits.
    Saying “oh there’s jobs out there but they did not want to take them and work as long as they can get the free money!”,

    Oh really? True in the misty world of somewhere else on the planet is a minimum wage job.
    And it is being competed for from the teen’s first job to the old guy who suddenly has found themselves washed up at a age before social security and Medicare.

    They can foot the bill with the average Joe’s money so some fat cat who even if they suddenly found themselves out of work could still live in their comfortable house and live out the rest of their lives there. Never concerned if tomorrow will mean they have lost everything. Keep the same God damned (Keeping with Will’s rule about limiting a response to only one curse word) businesses and financial institutions in business that caused the floor falling out of the economy.

    But then use the very well being at stake, average worker’s world as a partisan tool to undermine the Democratic President and Congress!

    Ah, while in OKLA I was limited if not free of the reality of Politics and amoral Politicians.
    Unaware of how maddening the world could be. Simply trying to get the paint off my hands and often face was the only concern of the day. Now I just want to go back to sleep!

    • GOP to struggling Americans: screw you.

      How do you think that tactic will play with Moderates and Independents? As I’ve said before, the base is useless and can be counted on no matter what. But the base isn’t enough people to win elections.

      • indypendent

        The trick here is to make sure the moderates and independents remember which party blocked the unemployment benefits.

        My fear is – by election time – the short attention spans of Americans will work to the Republicans’ advantage if our unemployment rate does not come down significantly.

  4. indypendent

    I also noticed – those Republicans blocked the unemployment benefits but went on a long holiday from their own cushy jobs.

    On CBS news last night, the anchor (I don’t know his name) stated after showing the video of the Senate, that these elected officials enjoy lifetime health care and pension benefits.

    I don’t know if this guy was supposed to say that or he just threw it in there out of pure disgust for the Senate Republicans + one Democrat Ben Nelson.

    It was also brought out that if Sen Byrd would have been there – the unemployment benefits would have passed.

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    • WSClark

      Michael Steele has a unique ability to make himself look like an idiot.

      And he does it frequently.

    • Great ambassador for the Democratic Party! He must have taken his cues from bush 2.

    • indypendent

      I think this is more like the Republicans are making it appear they have finally had their fill of Michael Steele – but I think this has been the plan for quite some time now.

      They are waiting for midterm elections, then when they do not win by a landslide and drown the Democrats in their purported political bloodbath, they can blame Michael Steele and out he goes.

      Or if they do win by a landslide, then they can announce that Steele has done all he can do and it is time for a fresh face to carry on to victory in 2012.

      Either way – Michael Steele’s days as RNC Chairman are numbered.

      • indypendent

        I wonder if Steele will get a gold watch?

      • Freebird1971

        I have said this before but I firmly believe that those that are anticipating a mid term blood bath are going to be very dissapointed,but I have been known to be wrong once or twice in my life.

      • No matter how many or few seats the GOP picks up it will be called a bloodbath. They have black belts in exaggerations!

      • Even tho everyone capable of thinking knows that in every midterm election the party out of power picks up seats, this one will be different, will be historical, will be a sign of what’s to come, will be because America is sooo upset with the Democratic Party and President Obama…

  6. Freebird1971

    But then you must tke any post I make with a grain of salt because I’m one of the general morons Will was talking about!

  7. Freebird1971

    Great news! My daughter and the father of my grandkids are not going to be living in “sin” much longer,they are getting married July 30th.