Okay, so we are just a “humble little blog,” but we just set a new record for the month of June with over 25,000 views.

Steven would be so proud. 25,139 total views for June

The numbers aren’t all that important, in all reality, but it does mean that we are a viable blog and there is a future for us dim-witted progressives, even in Kansas.

If you look at our charts, our numbers go up, and up and up.

This is our second straight month with record views and the third month over twenty thousand.

Be proud, Pop Bloggers!


(Corrected by WSC – 07/02/2010)


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  1. Great job. Congrats.

  2. Steven would be proud of the numbers and even prouder that someone is keeping track of them!

  3. indypendent

    Yes we Can!

  4. Congrats. I got that total over 7 months 😦

  5. WSClark

    I notice that no one has taken exception to the description of “dim-witted progressives!”

    • We’re all smart enough to know the names we’re called isn’t who we are.

      I know I’ve told you this before, but ever since bush went away I feel so much safer, happier, optimistic that I am honestly entertained by the contortions of the GOP. They are funny in their desperation! 😉

      • indypendent

        It is comical to see some of these Republican so-called leaders twist and turn and try to look important. But, so far, they only look like crazy fools to anyone but their own base.

        But what is sad in all this nonsense is the GOP has become a party threatened with being imploded. And I do believe we need two strong parties.

        I know alot of moderate Republicans and they are the ones that are the most furious with the current GOP leaders.

  6. They’ll make gains in the fall elections. I don’t think enough to win back the majority but it will be more difficult to get Democratic initiatives passed and it will be a long two years of banging heads against brick walls.

    But what is possible at the state level doesn’t mean they have a potential candidate who could be viable competition for President Obama. I see no person they could nominate (remember that means passing the litmus test of the base) who would be attractive to voters outside that base. Without moderate voters they can’t win at the national level.

    • Freebird1971

      I think what we will see after Nov is that the Repubs will pick up enough seats to create gridlock. Those hoping and thinking it will be a political blood bath are seriously kidding themselves.
      I would love to see a third party that would appeal to the moderates in this country

  7. indypendent

    Freebird, I would love to see a viable third party also but I just don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    If Ross Perot would have handled his third party bid differently, I don’t think we would even be discussing this issue – we would already have that third party.

    But the point I was trying to make was simply that I believe we need two strong parties in the current system we have.

    I don’t trust any one party to be the sole ruling power in our government – and that goes for both parties.

    • Freebird1971

      Wasn’t disagreeing with you,just wishing out loud. I also relaize that a 3rd party isn’t going to be a reality any time soon but it sure would be nice to have another realistic choice to vote for

    • I disagree, Indy, as to a third party. The way the system is set up (post 12th Amendment), I don’t see any third party being a viable player in national politics at all. What I do see (at some point in the future) is the rise of another political party that replaces one of the two currently existing (think Whigs by Republicans in 1856).

      I totally concur with the need for a strong two party system. The GOP, however, when GWB was President seemed to take exception with that view.

      • indypendent

        Do you think, like I do, that if Ross Perot had handled his third party differently that we would have a viable third party today?

        I remember Perot and he had alot of support in the beginning. And then things began to get strange and his choice of VP was not the wisest political move.

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        I do not. The way the Perot campaign imploded hastened the inevitable, IMHO, rather than derailing a viable third party.

      • Do you think the “tea party” will have a similar effect? They too seem to be imploding. Although it might be more fair to say they never found coalescence. If they did find anything to agree on it was no more than, “We are Republicans, we screwed up, elect us.”

      • I’m pretty sure you have an opinion of which party might be replaced in your scenario, so I’ll ask — are you willing to share that opinion?

      • fnord, I do not have an opinion; it might well be the Democratic Party as well as the GOP. I feel strongly that whatever happens it will be similar to the Whigs being replaced by the GOP, and not a strong third party appearing to challenge the established parties. Restating that, one of the current political parties loses credibility, members, and funding to be replaced by a new political party formed by some of the members of the failed party who are joined by members of the other party plus others that, as to political parties, were formerly apolitical.

  8. david B

    Where are these viewers coming from????
    Can IP addresses be polled?

  9. indypendent

    “We are Republicans, we screwed up, elect us.”

    But, fnord, the Tea Party is for throwing out all the incumbents. Just don’t look behind that curtain at Todd Tiarht, Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts.