The party of , “I don’t know?”

The Rachel Maddow show last night ran clips from  Boehner interview.  In it, Boehner was asked about the gulf oil spill, and the moratorium on deep water drilling.  He stated he was against it, then stated we should stop deep water drilling until we find out what happened. He also stated there was no reason for the moratorium to include shallow water drilling. The moratorium doesn’t include shallow water drilling. So what we’re left with is the leader of the republicans in the house who is for the moratorium, but against it at the same time, and the leader of the house Republicans failing to understand what the moratorium encompasses. This is the leader of the House Republicans, folks. Brilliant! The show.

And how about Kagan?  Did she take both Sessions and Coburn to task or what? Her answer to Sessions, when he tried to get a rise out of her over the Christmas bomber with, “Where were you on Christmas day”, was classic: “Like most Jews, I was probably in a Chinese Restaurant.”  A brilliant woman for sure.


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  1. I have enjoyed watching her! I’ve also been fascinated by the machinations of the right. I am proud once again of the nominee President Obama gave us. By the end of this week Justice Kagan will be a fact! Two appointees in 16 months. 😉

    • I don’t think it will be by the end of this week, but (saving a filibuster) she will be confirmed before the first Monday in October.

    • I don’t have adequate words to express what it means to me to know that three women will sit on our nation’s highest court concurrently. This one member of the female half of the population is humbled to think we may be represented.

  2. Boehner knows what he needs to know — that he and his are against President Obama. That’s all his followers expect of him (it’s also all they get ).

  3. This article is well worth reading and thinking about. It divides the ‘parties’ not by liberal and conservative, but by “The Ugly Party vs. the Grown-Up Party.”

  4. Listening to the Kagan confirmation hearings it becomes crystal clear why no party, no group of voters want to retain Arlen Specter. He needs to go home and yell at children to stay off his lawn.

    • Geezzzz, no kidding. This idiot could not understand she can’t talk about cases she might either hear, or is currently on as solicitor general. She’s way over his head.

      • indypendent

        I saw Arlen Specter on Chris Matthews last night. He was rambling about his question to Kagan was more to the Constitutionality of the Supreme Court when they take over the Congress’ job of legislating because the SCOTUS have become so activist.


  5. indypendent

    I watched Rachel last night and saw the Boehner interview. As I said on the other topic thread – he appeared to look and sound rather strange to me.

    I can’t explain it – it was like watching someone going through the motions but he really didn’t care.

    Did anyone else sense that?

    I guess it was because when I think of Boehner, I think of him as an attack dog showing is teeth and doing alot of barking.

    But I didn’t see that same sense of intensive attacking from Boehen in this interview on Rachel’s show.

    Maybe the old dog is just getting tired of ending up with egg on his face when he goes out and spouts the latest Republican/Rush talking point and then it comes back to bite them in their collective butts?

  6. indypendent

    What I found disturbing yesterday was how these right-wing Republican males were trying to label Kagan as a progressive and then tried to smear her through their attacks on Thurgood Marshall.

    I can’t remember but did these same Right-wing Republicans ask John Roberts or Samuel Alito if they were Right-Wingers and if they worshiped Rush Limbaugh or Jerry Falwell/Pat Robertson?

    • No. I’m sure they would feel that such was not their province, but that of the Democratic Party committee members.

      The attacks on Thurgood Marshall were, IMHO, clumsy, self-serving attempts to illustrate the dangers of appointing a Supreme Court Justice who did not have significant prior experience as a judge; plus, there was this ideological thing. . . .

    • indypendent

      I also suspect that more women than not did not appreciate the way certain Republican male politicians attacked Kagan yesterday.

      Wouldn’t you think the GOP would get a clue as to they need women in the general election to win?

      But I have watched them do the same thing to minorities (hell, in Sotomayor’s case – they killed one bird with two stones of hate – woman/Latino).

      Maybe that is why their Tea Party candidates are having such trouble now that they are having to face the general election voters and not finding such warm receptions.

  7. Senator Al Franken is truly an intelligent and well intentioned man who protects the Constitution and each of us. Americans are better off with that type man serving in our Senate!

    The one thing the Kagan confirmation hearings have done is show off some of the best and some of the worst of those who represent us.

    • indypendent

      I’ve noticed Al Franken also and I think he is one of the most serious ones in the Senate.

      He would have thought a comedian from SNL would be the most serious and thoughtful Senator in the bunch – ha,ha

      What would Stuart Smalley say?

      (while looking in the mirror)
      I’m good enough
      I’m smart enough
      And by golley, people like me.

      (hope I got the wording correct).

  8. indypendent

    Speaking of Al Franken, did you happen to see Sen. Franken when was in charge of the Senate and I think it was Joe Lieberman (I’m not sure) asking for more time to ramble on about the health care reform debate and they always ask for consent for more time.

    Well, Franken told him ‘no’ and Republicans (John McCain was the main one) got up and started yelling that this had never been done before, yada, yada and more yada.

    Well, Joe Lieberman stood there flabbergasted and sat down and shut up.

    But it seems in looking in past Senate history – that had been done and several times – and in fact, John McCain was one of the ones that used that same procedural action.

    So – I have to give Sen. Franken credit for sticking to his guns when he knows the has the right to do so.