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  1. Medical studies increasingly link the impact of joy on health. There aren’t any ‘numbers’ to follow as in cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, PSA, but personal fulfillment, optimism, happiness and joy have shown to predict good health.

    Seek and share joy! No matter how small, no matter how bad your day or week may be it helps if you look for, find, celebrate and share your successes!

    We do this at PPPs! We all know there’s a place we can find friends and share our successes no matter how trivial! A place where we find smiles. 😉

    • indypendent

      Did anyone see the report on CBS Early Show this morning about Jimmy Buffet’s sister Lucy?

      She has a restaurant in Gulf Shores Alabama (I think). She is becoming known as the most positive person in the Gulf region. She has told people that rather than sitting around and pointing fingers about the oil spill, we need to sit down, figure out how to plug it and then look for alternatives. She said the time to point fingers and assess blame is after the hole is plugged.

      I watched as she talked about going down to the shoreline to meditate and she said that Mother Earth told her that the Gulf water will be fine – it is the people that need to change their ways.

      Now, I know, some Cons would read or hear this and say the woman is a looney leftist hippie – but you know what – she makes sense.

      She also said that she was not angry at BP and she was not angry with Obama. What she is angry about is that people are sitting around and going into despair rather than figuring out what to do to make the situation better.

      Now, I have to disagree with her about not being angry at BP. But when I think about it from her point of view – did BP intentionally blow up their rig? I don’t think so – but I do blame them for not having a safety backup plan in place and I do blame the Bush Administration for not making that safety backup plan absolutely necessary when building this oil rig.

      But I have to give Lucy credit – she is at least on the right track. What good is it for us to still be sitting around pointing fingers on Day 70 of this oil spill disaster and the hole is still not plugged?

      So, maybe if we all changed into positive thinking about other issues facing us – things will get better?

      But I suspect we will always have those talk radio entertainer-types who would shrivel up and go broke if they had no poison to spew about something.

      • Those types can complain and continue their grouchy ways as long as they choose, I choose to be joyful and optimistic! Do I think all problems will cease? Absolutely not! But I think I have at least as good a chance of finding solutions and in the meantime I won’t be wasting effort in fretting and worrying. What has worrying ever accomplished?

        The unending criticism of everything Obama has taught me a good lesson and I never want to forget it! I wish I had known this lesson during the last administration! Complaints don’t help find solutions. I didn’t hear Lucy but she sounds like a person who would be good to listen to, good to be around! Thanks for sharing, Indy.

  2. From various media reports, SCOTUS has ruled the Chicago and Oak Park IL ordinances prohibiting handgun ownership unconstitutional. This is not too surprising.

    The majority (5-4) opinion hints, as did the D.C. case, at the fact that other local regulations (or federal) “if reasonable” would pass muster. As I read the sketchy reports, the only sure thing is that a governmental division in the U.S. (local, state, federal) cannot have an outright ban on all gun ownership. All else is to be determined.

    • indypendent

      Looks like this was another one those ‘majority by 1’ rulings which makes it even more controversial. The losing side will say – but we had 4 judges agree with us while the winning side can say, yeah but we won.

      When was the last time the SCOTUS had a clear majority on one of their rulings?

    • I wasn’t at all surprised at this ruling! I haven’t read the ruling, and probably wouldn’t completely understand it if I did, but from what I’m reading in various news accounts it seems rather ‘loose,’ without hard and fast absolutes. So does that still leave room for the discussion to continue? I guess even if it had been a hard and fast ruling it would be something someone might want to change so differences of opinions will always leave room for the discussions to continue.

  3. indypendent

    fnord – I know firsthand how important our outlook on life can help or hinder our health.

    That is often the difference between a good outcome or a bad outcome in someone’s health condition.

    But I think joy is a relative term. I find joy in the fact that I get to watch my granddaughter during the week and watch her grow up. I find joy in the fact that we have a great family, house, food to eat, enough money to pay our bills and a little money left over in the bank

    To others, they don’t really care about being home to watch their granddaughter and they are never satisified with the amount of money in the bank – they always want more.

    And I find it interesting that religion does not seem to play a factor in how joyful peopl are. I know alot of non-church people who are truly thankful and joyful and willing to share.

    Then I know alot of church people who are just greedy SOB’s that would not give a dying person a drink of water.

    Life is what a person makes it – and each person will reap whatever they sow.

  4. You’re right that ‘joy’ is a relative term, but some people don’t even seek it so they might not recognize what it could be.

    Yes, most of the people I know who are joyful are those who think about what they can do, how they can contribute, how their life can make a difference.

    OK! So I’m going out to do yard work while it’s still cloudy. If I manage to accomplish something I’ll come back and share my success. 😉

  5. indypendent

    Back to people being positive. I remember Obama in the first few weeks of the BP oil spill saying something to the effect that he was being criticized for not showing his anger. And he replied – what good would that do? After he has ranted and screamed about it – the problem would still be there.

    Besides – I suspect Obama is not the type to show his anger all that often. I get the sense Obama is a well disciplined person that picks and chooses his battles.

    And I think is an area where Republicans grossly under estimate Obama. For what they see as a weakness in Obama is really a strength. It’s like that velvet glove punch that gets them every time.

  6. Well, I managed to run the string trimmer out of string! And since I don’t know how to refill it I’m moving along to see what further damage I might do. 😉

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    Christian Legal Society v. Martinez another 5-4 decision. Upholds the ability of a public university (University of California – Hastings) to deny official recognition (read: funding from public sources) to any organization that inter alia discriminates against gays.

    Also, SCOTUS refused to hear an appeal from a 5th Circuit decision upholding a public school district in Texas as to its policy restricting time(s) when religious materials may be disseminated among the student body by others.

    • Reuters has a good article on the first decision —

      Supreme Court rules against Christian group that bars gays

      (Reuters) – A university can legally deny recognition to a Christian student group that bars gays and nonbelievers, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday in a case that pitted anti-discrimination principles against religious freedom.

  8. indypendent

    The Christian Legal Society ruling was being hotly discussed on Huffington Post blog today.

    As was noted by a few people, this group is seen as a group that is testing the judicial system to see how far these Religious Right law schoolers can go – as in the infamous Liberty University having their own law school where I believe our former Attorney General Phill Kline is now a professor.

    It was felt by some on that blog that these Religious Righties are pushing the envelope more and more and with the decision being 5-4 against – they had at least 4 judges on their side.

    Scary thought. But this is another example of why voting is so important. What if we were living with a President McCain in the White House and he had already installed a hard-right Conservative on the Supreme Court. This decision today could have just as easily been a 5-4 decision in favor of this Christian group.

  9. Thunderchild,

    Griffin worked on the old mower. We’re hoping to get another year out of it. (btw we found the papers and it was purchased in the spring of 2001 so has already done nine years of mowing which figures to be barely over $30 annually for the equipment. I’d say we’ve gotten our money’s worth even if we don’t get that extra year.)

    He had the carburetor apart and was blowing it out with an air hose when two tiny pieces went flying, hitting him in the belly. Two old people bent over at the waist trying to get our old eyes to find tiny little things. The garage doors were up so at least we put on a show for the neighborhood. 😉 Miraculously he found one piece but not the tiny washer. This piece controls the flow of the gasoline and without the tiny washer the gasoline just leaks out. 😦 Tonight after work he stopped at a Snapper dealership and bought those two tiny pieces (less than $5). So now we have a new spark plug, filter, cleaned and tightened, spiffed up old mower… He’s still out in the garage finishing so we don’t know (yet) if I can start it. I promise to try with all my might! Oh, he put new string in the string trimmer so I’m set to go on that!

    You see! I had successes today and I shared them with friends. Makes me smile to think on the good things that happened today!