Friday, 6/25/10, Public Square


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  1. WSClark

    File under: You have to be kidding.

    Brawl erupts at Calif. kindergarten graduation

    School placed on lockdown after fight involving 20 adults; 2 women held

    • The first thing I put into the “You have to be kidding” file is that there is such a thing as a kindergarten graduation. The rest naturally follows to the same place.

  2. Michelle Bachmann manages to stay outrageous! I really thought after encouraging people to not cooperate with the Constitutionally-mandated census, she would be more careful. Guess not!

    Bachmann says Social Security is running a deficit and borrowing from the general treasury

  3. The Schneiders were found guilty on enough charges they won’t be seeing freedom perhaps ever. That’s a good thing in my book!

    • Agreed, fnord.

      When my late wife was seeing a pain specialist, the Schneider case was in its early stages. Several former Schneider patients had been referred to that specialist’s office by some authority, and were incredulous that a) there was no prescription to be picked up at the desk, and b) there would not be any prescriptions written unless and until the patients were seen and examined by the doctor. Bluntly, that let me know everything I needed to know about what was going on.

      Yes, I have sympathy for those in constant, severe pain. I have little sympathy for those who had waited until their supplies were exhausted before trying to make the appointment/contact the physician to whom they were referred earlier (from overhearing the rather heated exchanges with the receptionist/other staff most had chosen this course of action).

  4. Worth thinking about —

    5 Surprising Salt Sources In Food

    If you ask Americans what they’ve been eating and then do a little math, you’ll get a pretty quick bead on where the mountains of salt in our diet are coming from. The leading sources might surprise you, though.

    Maybe that’s why nearly everyone in this country is doing such a bad job on salt. Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just took a sobering look at what we’re eating and figure that only 1 in 10 Americans is meeting daily recommended salt limits. That’s a big fat “F” in anybody’s book.

    Young, healthy people shouldn’t be putting more than about 1 teaspoon of salt into their bodies each day, the CDC reminds us. Blacks, middle-aged and older people, and folks with high blood pressure should consume even less.

    The salt shaker isn’t the culprit. Only about 10 percent of our sodium come from salt added at the table or during home cooking.

    So where are we going wrong?

    Well, a big part of the problem is with foods that don’t taste all that salty.

    Here are five categories of food, as grouped by the researchers, that contributed a lot of salt to people’s diet.

    No. 1: Grain mixtures, frozen meals and soups— 530 milligrams of sodium per day

    How can foods whose primary ingredient is some kind of grain be so salty? Well, the offenders here include such American favorites as pizza, burritos, tacos, egg rolls, spaghetti with sauce and frozen meals whose main course is a grain mixture.

    No. 2: Ham, bacon, sausages and lunchmeats—423 milligrams of sodium per day

    “Mmmm … bacon,” as Homer Simpson says. Who doesn’t love bacon? Well, there are the cardiologists. And now the CDC, we suppose.

    No. 3: Breads — 354 milligrams of sodium per day

    Yeah, that’s right. Your daily bread packs a sodium wallop. And we eat too much of it.

    No. 4: Meat, poultry and fish mixtures — 286 milligrams per day

    OK, we never trusted fish mixtures anyway.

    No. 5: Cakes, cookies and crackers — 229 milligrams of sodium per day

    Crackers, we might have fingered as salt sources, but cakes, too? Noooo!

    If keeping track of food by sodium content seems daunting, there are ways to simplify the task. Avoid processed foods and restaurant meals. Cut back on bread. Eat lots of fruit, a source of only 5 milligrams of sodium per day, and eat fresh rather than processed vegetables.

    • Yep; then there are sugars, etc. in fruit which raises additional issues for some of us. Then there is the additional problem raised by the conversion of complex carbohydrates other than sugars into sugars…

    • itolduso

      Just a little math to put things in perspective. Sometimes I’m kinda dumb so I have to look things up.

      “If you are asking how much sodium is in a teaspoon of table salt, the estimation is 2400 milligrams.

      This is the substance to “count” or watch if you are limiting your salt intake for health purposes.

      The recommended daily intake of sodium is 2500 milligrams for healthy adults.

  5. itolduso

    Good thing to keep track of, I guess, along with Calories, carbohydrates, proteins, omega 3’s etc.

    One of the Best thing you can do is eat far less commercially processed foods, in my opinion.

  6. I think the fattening of America coincides with the availability / affordability of processed foods.

    When I was a kid they weren’t so widely available and were much too expensive when compared to cooking what was out in the backyard or canned at the end of the growing season. But then when I was a kid most everything was too expensive for our limited means.