ANYTHING, as long as Obama fails

If America fails too.  So what?  GOP goal is to make sure Obama fails!

In a 57-41 vote, Senate Republicans successfully killed a “tax-extenders bill” that includes tax cuts, aid to states, an extension of unemployment relief, and a delay in a cut to Medicare payments to doctors. Republicans, joined by Democrat Ben Nelson and Independent Joe Lieberman, complained that the spending is not offset with other spending cuts or tax hikes; Democrats, in order to satisfy them, offset all the spending except for the unemployment relief, but it still wasn’t enough.


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3 responses to “ANYTHING, as long as Obama fails

  1. This will have a disastrous affect on many Americans and on the economic recovery. I suspect the GOP is hoping the economy is still stuck come November and if they have to hurt Americans to stifle improvement, they seem to be saying it will be worth it and help them win elections.

    Then once elected they’ll need to ‘stimulate’ the economy by spending. Of course, they’ll have President Obama to blame for at least the first two years. Never mind that during bush’s last two years they blamed Congress.

  2. WSClark

    This is going to hurt my kids a great deal, more than I can imagine. They will probably lose their house.

    I have already loaned them thousands, and the well is running dry.

    This sucks.

  3. My good friend and her son are in the same boat. After her son loses his home he may have to move back in with her, not an ideal situation for him or her, but him being homeless isn’t good either. I can honestly tell you he looks for work more hours every day than most people actually work. He hasn’t turned on his A/C ’cause he barely makes the electric bill without it. The fast food jobs tell him he is over qualified. He picks up all odd jobs he can find, mowing, simple home repairs…

    I imagine this will impact some of our bloggers — tstb, maybe Sekan…

    Way to go, GOP! They’re counting on the Americans that suffer the most not being voters. Ya know, the ones who are so beaten down voting is the last worry on their minds.