What Makes You Laugh?

“Laugh, laugh, I thought I’d die
It seemed so funny to me
Laugh, laugh you met a guy who taught you how it feels to be
Lonely, oh so lonely”

(The Beau Brummels –  “Laugh, Laugh” – written by Ron Elliot – 1965)

There is enough going on in this crazy world we live in that makes you just want to cry. Today is Monday and the beginning of the work week for many of you and all the stress that entails. I look in the mirror every morning and see the jawline is sagging a bit more and the silver has pretty much taken over the pelt that grows on top of my head. And then, there are the “laugh lines.”

So, rather than start off the week with a rehash of the troubles of the world, what makes you laugh?

No, I’m not talking about stuff that makes you chuckle. I’m talking about what makes you bust a gut, laugh till you cry, and makes you start all over again hours later when you think about it.

Anyone that has been around me for more than five minutes knows that I am an incurable and unrepentant smart ass, and that I am as likely to zap myself as I am to zing someone else. It has taken me fifty-eight years to hone this finely tuned, but warped, sense of humor and I won’t give it up easily.

I think Lewis Black is hilarious. I loved Richard Pryor. Some of Robin Williams’ stand up is insanely funny. Some YouTube clips are fall on the floor hilarious.

And my dogs and cats keep me in stitches on a daily basis.

This morning, my newly world famous dog, Cookie, was rolling on her back on the floor, barking. What up with that, Cook?

So, lest we all drown in a pool of our own tears after reading the morning news, share with us the laughs that help to keep you sane (or something resembling sanity.)

William Stephenson Clark


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17 responses to “What Makes You Laugh?

  1. WSC, the same people make me laugh.
    I never miss The Daily Show and Colbert Report.
    My dogs make me laugh and keep me sane!

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Though in general Garfield comics but one installment busts me up every time I read it.
    For some reason it is when Garfield has stuffed fruits and vegetables in Oddy ears and nose.

    Another is from one of those kids camp movies, the dress up a stuff Polar bear.
    The same response as the Garfield comic. Bust out laughing so hard tears come.

  3. WSClark

    It makes me laugh out loud to read Con remarks on the “Nameless Blog” when the twist and turn themselves into pretzels trying to rationalize their criticisms of President Obama when they supported the same actions by President Bush.

    It is truly comical.

  4. wicked

    Eddie Izzard makes me laugh.

  5. wicked

    The last time I laughed until my sides hurt and I cried was a night after a group of us had gotten together to start planning our 25 year high school reunion. After everyone had gone, my BFF and another former BFF (guess it’s not forever after all sometimes 😉 ) and I made a trip up to what is now Priscilla’s on west Kellogg. It was after midnight. We were tired. We were silly. And I’d forgotten my glasses, so they had to read and explain everything.

    Imagine three forty-somethings checking out all the toys. Even the female clerk was laughing…at us laughing and crying. I haven’t laughed that hard since that night over fifteen years ago. I’m not sure I ever will. It could never be duplicated.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Very bold of you wicked to admit you had your fancy ticked at Pricilla’s

      OH so it was you! I was in there and thought there was a earth quake but it turned out there was a group of women who turned on the rack of three foot vibrators at the same time!

      “so they had to read and explain everything“

      Same thing happens to me every time we go there.
      Especially when I noticed the inflatable sheep?.
      I would think it was be embarrassing enough to be seen buying a inflatable woman!

      I guess if seen the guy could explain he is not perverted, he is just home sick for Montana.

      Where men are men and sheep are nervous!

      I wonder if the rumor is true?
      In Montana do they really have wedding dresses come with four arms and the dress does not come with a tail the bride does!

  6. WSClark

    It’s ten minutes long, but worth waiting for it to load.

    Lewis Black on the Old Testament……

  7. WSClark

    The rest of the bit…………. starts about two minutes in, but again, it is worth it.

    Lewis Black – Gay Banditos.

  8. WSClark

    One more time……………..

  9. WSClark

    Graeme McDowell won the US Open yesterday, so this one is timely.

    (Caution: Serious bad language.)

    Robin Williams and George Carlin on golf.

    I don’t necessarily agree with Carlin, but it is still hilarious.

    • wicked

      Years ago Bill Cosby said the same about golf. “You had the ball in your hand, then you put it down, hit it, and then walked after it. You had the ball in your hand!

      We had that one on 8-track. Remember 8-track? He also tackled football on that one.

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        Ah, the glories of 8-track. Especially when something “not so good” happened to the cartridge, resulting in several hundred feet (or so it seemed) of the tape streaming out of the player, as it quit playing, leaving the owner with the problem of unwinding it from the “innards”, etc.

  10. This is Dickens whose motto is “I’d rather play than obey”! After trying futily to get him to come to me, and seeing he meant the fawn no harm, I went in for my camera. I was letting him out in the lower back fenced area and was going to groom him, hence the “ugly dog” comment. He’s blowing coat. Golden people get this! Anyhow, the rest is history and he’s now giving “pawtographs”! Taken at our Ranch in Delhi Hills, Ohio. Susan Bill

    • wicked

      Absolutely adorable! And I love the dog’s name! We’ve always had unusual names for our pets.

  11. tosmarttobegop

    Did you notice the row said to be penis enlargers?

    yeah their made of magnifying glass!

    Ahh I really should not get on line this late at night!