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The Texas Republican Party has released its official 2010 platform, and it includes a call for the Texas legislature to reinstate the ban on sodomy that the Supreme Court overturned in 2003. “We oppose the legalization of sodomy,” the platform reads. “We demand that Congress exercise its authority granted by the U.S. Constitution to withhold jurisdiction from the federal courts from cases involving sodomy.” The Texas GOP also wants to make same-sex marriage a felony crime.

Read it here.


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  1. An Open Letter of Response to Texas by Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, as Dictated to Lisa

    A reasonable law indeed! Every red-blooded American man has experienced the inconvenience and minor annoyance of being sodomized by one-of-them-gays and suddenly wanting to find a way to get married to him. I know my Todd has!
    This is an essential law to save America or them-Mexicans-n-them-Muslims will take over and there won’t be none of us white folks anymore! Everyone knows white men are most susceptable to them-gays, because it’s a conspiracy between Barak Hussein Obama and Vicente Fox to take over the world!!!

    Please!!! Please pass this law, Texas, to save our republic and life as we know it!
    Statistics say a straight man in the state of Texas is Going Gay every .5 seconds; which, to put it in perspective, is at about the rate my book, Going Rogue, sells another copy on Amazon or at K-Mart or something. Is this a problem, Texas? You betcha! Not my book selling, cause everyone knows I am a talented author with a gift from God, but the Going Gay thing is a problem sure ’nuff.
    I gotta go now, ’cause we’re having caraboo salad sandwiches for supper and if I don’t hurry we’ll have to wait.
    Vote for me in 2012!
    Sarah Palin

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Of course there is the question does this law exclude heterosexual couples?
    It use to trickle Law enforcement in Kansas that the same law that was being used to punish gays also covered married heterosexual couples.

    Sodomy is sodomy no matter who is performing it.

    I use to think I would kind of liked to live in Texas now I am not sure exactly where I would like to live.

    Seem that there is no where left that there is not someone wanting to be against something.

  3. Well, I’ve personally not had much of a hankering for getting any up the backside, but I should like to think that if I wanted me some sodomy that I could make the decision for myself w/o those peeping toms in Texas telling me what to do.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Here is a true story, the farm boy thought he was picking up a black prostitute on South Broadway one night. He drove out to the country and wanted some sodomy.

    Now the prostitute was Roberta, no woman and perhaps one of the ugliest transvestites to be seen. Had biceps bigger than most peoples thighs. The farm boy wanted to feel Roberta up as in second base if you know what I mean.

    But Roberta was not wanting to have his falsies crushed and after three times Roberta with one punch knock the farm boy out!

    Drug the farm boy out of the truck and reached up and broke off a tree limb of equal size of what Roberta was going to be paid for putting in his mouth. And shoved the limb in the farm boy’s mouth.

    Then got back in the truck and tried to leave but had never driven a stick shift.
    Wrecked the truck and had to walk back to Wichita.

    That farm boy was more a man then I am, I would rather go to my death with that secret. then get up in front of twelve strangers and admit I had picked up a black man dressed as a woman.

    Who then knocked me out and shoved a tree limb down my throat!

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Another Roberta story, I was serving chow one evening and suddenly Roberta announce he could not eat this food! Roberta had a most annoying habit of when ever he said my name it always ended sounding like stream leaking….”Oh Rick–heeeee!

    I asked why?

    He said there was a hair in his food and he was particular about what he put in his mouth!
    I knew he was picked up for prostitution and specialized in oral sex.

    My reaction caused him to retort, “what is so damn funny Rick–heee?”

  6. Now that’s funny!

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  8. Great letter, Lisa! Sad news about that woman being in your head, calls for drastic measures… 😉

    Did you read some of the comments to that article from the thread header? Good stuff.

    Do you think Texas wants to be laughingstock country? Or since it’s such a BIG state do they just have more than their fair share of every demographic including wingnuts?