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Texas Wingnuts

The Texas Republican Party has released its official 2010 platform, and it includes a call for the Texas legislature to reinstate the ban on sodomy that the Supreme Court overturned in 2003. “We oppose the legalization of sodomy,” the platform reads. “We demand that Congress exercise its authority granted by the U.S. Constitution to withhold jurisdiction from the federal courts from cases involving sodomy.” The Texas GOP also wants to make same-sex marriage a felony crime.

Read it here.


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Right Wing Censorship! (via KANSAS MEDIOCRITY)

Right Wing Censorship! A fellow blogger who writes the truth about Glenn Beck just had his blog shut down. Seems that he has angered Beck or one of his fellow Beckerheads! I'm sure that Victor will get back online soon, but until then I just wanted to post his final entry that prompted a right-wing complaint. By the way, Glenn Beck doesn't even allow comments on his wordpress blog. If you think censorship isn't alive and well in America, then you should visit PROJECT C … Read More



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What Makes You Laugh?

“Laugh, laugh, I thought I’d die
It seemed so funny to me
Laugh, laugh you met a guy who taught you how it feels to be
Lonely, oh so lonely”

(The Beau Brummels –  “Laugh, Laugh” – written by Ron Elliot – 1965)

There is enough going on in this crazy world we live in that makes you just want to cry. Today is Monday and the beginning of the work week for many of you and all the stress that entails. I look in the mirror every morning and see the jawline is sagging a bit more and the silver has pretty much taken over the pelt that grows on top of my head. And then, there are the “laugh lines.”

So, rather than start off the week with a rehash of the troubles of the world, what makes you laugh?

No, I’m not talking about stuff that makes you chuckle. I’m talking about what makes you bust a gut, laugh till you cry, and makes you start all over again hours later when you think about it.

Anyone that has been around me for more than five minutes knows that I am an incurable and unrepentant smart ass, and that I am as likely to zap myself as I am to zing someone else. It has taken me fifty-eight years to hone this finely tuned, but warped, sense of humor and I won’t give it up easily.

I think Lewis Black is hilarious. I loved Richard Pryor. Some of Robin Williams’ stand up is insanely funny. Some YouTube clips are fall on the floor hilarious.

And my dogs and cats keep me in stitches on a daily basis.

This morning, my newly world famous dog, Cookie, was rolling on her back on the floor, barking. What up with that, Cook?

So, lest we all drown in a pool of our own tears after reading the morning news, share with us the laughs that help to keep you sane (or something resembling sanity.)

William Stephenson Clark


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Monday, 6/21/10, Public Square


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