“Cries From The Gulf” by Lea Morris

This is the description from YouTube:  Written and narrated by Gulf Coast native Lea Morris, this open letter captures the raw heartbreak of the millions impacted by the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Gulf Coast native Lea Morris wrote and narrated this angry open letter to Sarah Palin. Raw heartbreak or a politically-laden attack?


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2 responses to ““Cries From The Gulf” by Lea Morris

  1. I totally understand how a woman could be very angry with Sarah Palin. Not for her stances on oil, not even for her stances on politics. I feel she does women a disservice. I have no respect for her and disdain for how she used her family to further her political career. The way she shoved her young teenage daughter on to the public stage and told the world all about her youthful indiscretions turns my stomach. I feel great sadness that Bristol has no more support than she does, every girl deserves a better mother than one who would use her to further her own ambition. Sarah Palin embarrasses me. There are great women of tremendous accomplishments and she isn’t one of them. A not quite half a term governor of a state with a population of 698,473 (Jul 2009), not even double the population of the city of Wichita, who had multiple ethics complaints filed against her isn’t someone I think should be a spokesperson for anyone.

    Does Lea Morris feel like I do, and did she make this YouTube video in hopes the emotional impact would affect Palin negatively on the political stage, or does she have an honest message to the world of the dangers of that “drill baby drill” chant?

  2. WSClark

    That was awesome. Drill, baby, drill doesn’t compare to the anguish of the people of the Gulf.