Wednesday, 6/16/10, Public Square


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  1. Good morning!

    I think the grass might be dry enough to begin mowing. The temp is a moderate 75 degrees but the humidity is 84% according to the online weather I checked. Maybe I’ll melt! I have some extra I wouldn’t mind melting away. đŸ˜‰

    Off to tug on the old rope of that old push mower one more time…

    • wicked

      The g-kids and I walked to the park that’s a few blocks away. They played on the equipment until I happened to look at the southwest sky and noticed the dark clouds. We started for home. Half a block from our destination, it started to rain–big drops and some small hail. We walked in the front door just as the rain cut loose and the thunder boomed.

      So much for a sunny trip to the park. đŸ™‚

      fnord, my grass was still wet. Not damp. Wet.

    • The rain stayed east of me although I was treated to the thunder and a cooling breeze! I haven’t yet managed to get the mower started. Last Friday when I mowed it took me a looong time to get that done and I guess this week isn’t going to be easier. It’s flooded now and I know the routine — wait about thirty minutes and start over. By the time I actually get the mower started I’m already worn out and I still have the mowing to do. đŸ˜¦

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        Well, downtown it has rained a bit, and now the air is definitely “wearable”. Good luck, fnord, with mowing, both with starting the mower and with the dampness of the grass.

      • Griffin is able to pull the rope faster and harder than I can, and even he can’t get that relic started on the first pull(s). If I wait longer I still have to go through the starting of the mower and the grass is higher and more difficult, to the point it sometimes kills the mower. Know what that means? Yep, starting that damn thing again. Ah, the joys of maintaining a home.

  2. A couple of weeks ago I ruffled a few feathers around here by pointing out that, thus far, the Obama administration’s record on human rights and respect of the Constitution and Bill of Rights is not much better than that of his predecessor.

    Well, I just saw that Jon Stewart, of all people, actually agrees with me.

    I don’t know what it will take to reign in our over reaching government. I get the feeling that at this point it can’t be done.

    • wicked

      Just for kicks and giggles, could you list the human rights things you want Obama to address? And in what order you’d like for him to “take care” of everything else that needed taken care of when he took office.

      • I would refer you to items in the link above, but in no particular order…Guantanamodomestic spying warrantless wiretapswar in Iraqwar in Afghanistanextraordinary renditionspolice abusesassassination of U.S. citizensstop arresting govt whistle blowers who expose government wastestop undermining the basic Miranda rights

        I’ve never defended the Bush administration, and I know a lot of people will defend Obama and say that Bush was just as bad.

        But it’s sad with the best you can say about the Obama abuses is that the Bush abuses were just as bad.

      • It looks like the comment engine didn’t pick up all of my html code, so I’m reposing for legibility…

        I would refer you to items in the link above, but in no particular order…
        – Guantanamo
        – domestic spying
        – warrantless wiretaps
        – war in Iraq
        – war in Afghanistan
        – extraordinary renditions
        – police abuses
        – assassination of U.S. citizens
        – stop arresting govt whistle blowers who expose government waste
        – stop undermining the basic Miranda rights

        I’ve never defended the Bush administration, and I know a lot of people will defend Obama and say that Bush was just as bad.

        But it’s sad with the best you can say about the Obama abuses is that the Bush abuses were just as bad.

      • I agree completely! All deplorable, and have not been reversed (yet)! Every citizen should hold President Obama’s feet to the fire and not let him get away with not addressing and correcting the policies from the prior administration that should be overturned, fixed, so America can move back to being the country we had before bush the lesser and his gang of thugs led us down a path of ruin.

    • Fuuny guy, that Stewart! I always enjoy his show.

      True, President Obama has NOT changed the bush policies he promised he would! He is almost 17 months into his four year term so he best get busy!

      • wicked

        If they hadn’t dilly-dallied on the health care bill for a year, more might have been done. But the party of NO (and that ain’t New Orleans, folks) wanted changes, which they eventually decided they didn’t want…somewhat like recalcitrant children. Or obstructionists. Take your pick.

    • WSClark

      I am in a pretty pissy mood today, emawkc, so I apologize in advance if I am overly direct and to the point.

      – Guantanamo (As soon as the Party of Hell No drops their objections, Gitmo will be closed. So far, they have steadfastly refused to allow funding.)

      – domestic spying (There isn’t any.)

      – warrantless wiretaps (The law allows for post-wiretap warrants.)

      – war in Iraq (On schedule to withdraw as planned. WTF else do you want?)

      – war in Afghanistan (As planned, a surge to defeat THOSE THAT ACTUALLY ATTACKED US ON 9/11, then withdrawal in 2011 – as PLANNED.)

      – extraordinary renditions (Don’t happen.)

      – police abuses (WTF, do you think Barack Obama should be a God that can magically control local police forces?)

      – assassination of U.S. citizens (Plural? Bullshit, pure and simple. ONE American-born radical cleric hiding in Yemen. Do you propose an all out war so that we can arrest ONE MAN?)

      – stop arresting govt whistle blowers who expose government waste (Name one.)

      – stop undermining the basic Miranda rights (You might want to talk to that OTHER branch of government – the one Obama does not control – the SCOTUS. They did it, not Obama – period.)

  3. wicked

    I had an email from a writer friend–Sandra Madden, wife of Dave aka Reuben Kincaid (I love to name drop!)–and she said there was steam coming off the roofs of the houses in northern Florida this morning.

    fnord, it seems every time the mowing conditions are finally right, my mower refuses to start for some new reason. By the time my son-in-law gets to the problem, the g-kids could get lost in the grass! I hear ya, but I want to say that your yard is beautiful!!!

  4. emawkc,

    I am disappointed in what President Obama hasn’t done, and the compromises he has made! Yet I see that he has accomplished change just as he promised. Has be accomplished all his promises? No, not yet.

    When you see ‘job approval ratings’ for President Obama I’m sure they reflect my disapproval. I know our country is better off under the leadership of President Obama then she was before he took office. I still think holding President Obama accountable and reminding him we’re watching closely and know he is capable of more is the responsible path every citizen should take.

    Can you list the accomplishments of the former Administration? What legislation made you satisfied, proud? What legislation affected improvement for America and her citizens?

    I would never vote for any candidate who has NO ideas, NO solutions, is not even willing to try. I haven’t seen anything but HELL NO from any Republican. There have been no alternate plans to any of America’s problems presented, absolutely nothing but HELL NO! Obstructionism and HELL NO will never get my vote.

  5. Thunderchild


    To run, an engine needs fuel, air, and spark.

    Sounds like you must have fuel and spark. I’m gonna guess your problem is air. Have you cleaned or replaced the air filter recently? I promise, it helps.

    Get yourself a can of starter fluid. While you’ve got that filter cover off and filter out, spray a little of that starter fluid into the carb. The mower will start right up and SHOULD continue running.

    • Thanks, TC. I tried all day yesterday, every 30 minutes tugging with all my might, and never got the mower started. Griffin started it for me when he got home and I did mow the back yard.

      We talked about getting a new mower. This old relic is around 10 years old — we disagree on that with me saying it’s at least 10 and Griffin thinking not that old. I say it doesn’t matter! I’m too old to both fight with the mower and also do the mowing. I think buying a new mower is cheaper than paying someone else to mow!

      Funny story (at least funny to me!). When I retired I took over the routine yard work so both Griffin and I would have more free time. He had always done the edging with a string trimmer and it always looked neat and tidy. I fired up that string trimmer and butchered every edge (we live on a corner with a sidewalk on the side street, plus a curvy drive so bunches of edges).

      One day we were sitting at a neighborhood bar with a bunch of friends and one of the guys said he had driven past our house earlier and seen me out working. He didn’t mention the sorry state of all those edges but I knew him pretty well so I understood what he was not saying. I told him I thought if I had a ‘proper’ edger I could whip out that task and not shame the neighborhood. The whole bar got the proverbial “so quiet you could hear a pin drop.” Finally someone turned to Griffin and asked, “why is your butt still here?” The conversation quickly moved to all the men agreeing if their wives volunteered to do a task and the only obstacle was a piece of equipment they’d be shopping!

      The next day Griffin was a tiny bit later coming home from the office and he had a brand new spiffy edger with him!

  6. Thunderchild

    If you LIKE your old mower, fix what ya got.

    Recent experience with new mowers (Toro) has not been good. Last year, carb problem. Toro blames old gas and says with new mowers, you can’t use anything less than premium gas and then only a few days old. That happened twice. 80 bucks both times.

    This year, new mower used only half a dozen times last year. Run out of gas before putting away as per instruction manual. Carb float stuck open. Toro would not pay for repair. Jim’s tire and auto would not pay for repair. So much for 3 year warranty. They say you have to put fuel stabilizer in it AND run it out of gas. Service center manager bragged “I make a lot of money on bad gas!” He also said it is EPA’s fault and ALL new mowers are like this.

    It may just be me. I think they are building new mowers (Toro, at least) to require a hundred dollar maintenance call every spring.

    • wicked

      H&H mower on south Broadway fixes mowers. It’s just south of what used to be Schneider’s clinic. Not sure how fast they are this time of year though.