Tuesday, 6/15/10, Public Square


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  1. Good morning, PPP’s and many guests.

    WordPress features a selected few blog entries daily. Yesterday Will’s thread, “When is it ‘time’?” was featured as number one in their ‘Freshly Pressed’ listings showing blogs of interest. The discussion was varied and lively, generating 2,017 hits to that thread yesterday and the conversation and interest continues.

    Our blog hits for yesterday were 3,381, triple the busiest day record from last fall. Our average day sees someplace between 700 and 1,000 hits so you can tell how busy yesterday was around PPPs!

    Good job, Will! You touched many hearts with your story of your beloved pets.

  2. Here is a campaign ad from Alabama. Gather your armies????

    • wicked

      Anybody with that much anger needs to be watched, very closely.

      Funny how someone complains about taxation without representation, yet wants to be elected to office to not represent others. Come on. Does anyone honestly think he’d listen to the wants and needs of someone he might not completely agree with?

      • wicked

        Just checked on him. Typical conservative with a check by all the conservative traits. (For those conservatives out there reading this, that was not stated in a derogatory way, just facts.) Former Marine (didn’t see combat), Southerner (Montgomery AL), Christian, TEA partier. I give him a thumbs up for being in favor of term limits. If he’s elected, let’s see if he goes the Tiarht route on that. Young blood, so he has youth on his side. On the other hand, realism might not be a part of his life yet.