Is there any good news out there!?!?

If you are a news junkie, the world looks down right depressing lately. We have oil spills, killer floods, massive deficits and debt, a roller coaster stock market, our own wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,  drug cartel wars in Mexico, ethnic cleansing in Kyrgyzstan and general mayhem around the world.

Iran is ratcheting up the conflict in Gaza with Israel, God only knows what’s going on in North Korea and the African continent continues to be sea of despair, famine and bloody conflict.

Down right depressing.

Helen Thomas opens mouth and inserts an anti-Semitic foot, something called a Lady Gaga flips off an entire stadium of Mets fans, the Big Twelve might be the Little Nine by tomorrow, the Tiny Five by week’s end and you can’t watch World Cup matches without feeling like you just stepped into the world’s largest bee hive due to the vuvuzela horns.

Down right depressing, I’m telling you.

Right here in the good old U.S. of A., the partisan divide grows by the  day and our politicians make you long for the good old days when pols settled their differences like Hamilton and Burr.

Are you depressed yet?

In China, a man and boy walk into an unsecured tiger enclosure and Dad gets munched. In Florida, a teacher is fired for having premarital sex with her now husband. And right here in this little burg that most of us call home, the assassins delivered their victim to the hospital before shooting him.

And just when you have truly had enough, something catches your eye that restores your faith in this world we live in……………


“SYDNEY – In those bleak moments when the lost souls stood atop the cliff, wondering whether to jump, the sound of the wind and the waves was broken by a soft voice. “Why don’t you come and have a cup of tea?” the stranger would ask. And when they turned to him, his smile was often their salvation.”

Do you have some good news to share with those of us that are getting a mite depressed?

(The thread photo is of the cliff mentioned in the story, the Gap, in Sydney Harbour, Sydney,  Australia. Presumably, the man’s house is on the far right.)

William Stephenson Clark


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25 responses to “Is there any good news out there!?!?

  1. WSClark

    Well, this thread doesn’t seem to be quite the hit that yesterday’s was, but it’s all good.

    I am inspired by the story of this man that seems to have a gift for bringing people back from the brink, literally.

    Suicide is such a great tragedy, for all involved. In so many cases, just one more day could change everything. It is the ultimate “permanent solution for a temporary problem.”

    God help those that may consider such an act.

  2. itolduso

    My children, and my grandchildren, are all alive, and healthy. Today, that is enough.

  3. Life has been exceedingly kind to me! I owe back because of my many blessings. I don’t do what I should, and I need to get busy. Stories like this inspire me. That man is touching and influencing lives far beyond the ones he ‘saves.’

  4. itolduso

    I am acquainted with the Father. Go, I cannot even imagine the depth of that pain.

    • I can’t imagine either. Sad beyond words.

    • WSClark

      My only real fear in life is that I will somehow outlive one of my children or grandchildren. The pain of losing a child must be unbearable.

      I hope and pray that the family of that little five year old can somehow find peace.

      May God be with them.

      • Freebird1971

        My ex mother in law(who I still love dearly) buried 2 of her 4 children during the 20yrs I was married to her daughter,plus she lost her husband to cancer and then a 2nd husband to an aneurysm. She is one of the strongest bravest women I have ever met.
        Losing one of my children or a grandchild is my biggest fear. I honestly don’t know how I would react.

  5. The story linked in the thread header quoted professionals who say many victims of suicide don’t want to die, they want the pain to stop, and sometimes kindness, a smile, the tiniest bit of compassion can help. There was the note found at The Golden Gate Bridge after the man jumped to his death that said, “If one person smiles at me on the way to the bridge, I will not jump.”

    Simple kindness. Which always gives back more than it costs.

  6. WSClark

    Some time back, I read about a man that made the leap from the Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt at suicide. He became one of the very few to survive the jump.

    He said, after he was rescued, that he changed his mind the moment he let go of the rail.

    Perhaps, others might read that and reconsider.

    Years ago, I had a dear friend who was despondent over a pending divorce due to her husband’s infidelity. She went to her garage, closed it up and started her car, intending to take her own life.

    While she was waiting for death to come, her cell phone rang and she answered. She did not tell the caller what she was doing, but she did shut off the car.

    That caller is now her third husband.

    (And he doesn’t know that he saved her life. I am the only person she has ever told.)

  7. itolduso

    Today was gonna be the day
    He´d already wrote the note
    And parked that Chevrolet
    At the end of that dead end road

    Had his finger on the trigger
    Just about to end everything
    He was taking one last long breathe
    When he heard his cell phone ring

    And his best friends say man where you been?
    We´re headed down to the lake this weekend
    You better not miss it cause buddy I swear
    It won´t be the same If you ain’t there

    And I told that girl that you like so much
    You were coming along and her eyes lit up
    I better let you go man I really hope.
    I didnt catch you in the middle of anything
    He said you kinda did but i don´t mind at all
    I´m glad you called

    In another town down the road
    In the backseat of a car
    Two 18 year old had let a kiss go to far

    He said how are we gonna have this child
    When were both headed off to school?
    He convinced her late one night
    There´s only one thing to do

    She was scared to death in that waitin room
    When the nurse asked how far along are you
    She said 5 weeks and just about then
    Her phone lit up and his call came in
    Saying baby I was wrong about everything
    I´ve already bought you a diamond ring
    We´ re gonna start a life, would you be my wife
    Boy or girl, pink or blue, yeah either way
    All she could say as she felt those tear drops falls was
    I´m so glad you called

    If someone you know is waiting on your mind
    And needs a friend on the other end of the line
    Don´t hesitate what you say may seem so small
    But who knows
    They might be glad you called

    So make the call
    Yeah make that call

  8. Freebird1971

    Well I’m going to have good news today and would like to share it. I’m taking my grandson to the park then to the fire station so he can visit his Uncle,then to mom’s for a get together with my brother and his family who are on their way to Tulsa.
    Spending time with loved ones makes the world go away for a while.

  9. Freebird1971

    BTW,Wicked hope your birthday was as good as mine was.

    • wicked

      Glad yours was good, Freebird. Mine was busy with work.

      Have a great time with family!

      • Freebird1971

        The best part was being serenaded by my grandson over the phone,wich I could have recorded it.

  10. 6176746f6c6c65

    So, the BP confinement ship in the Gulf is now on fire. It just keeps on coming.

    • Oh my. I hadn’t heard. sigh

      • The good news is that the fire was caused by a lightning strike, and was quickly extinguished. The bad news is that no one knows when the collection of oil will resume (all courtesy of the former WEBlog blogger rm6046).

      • Freebird1971

        Here you are

        By RAY HENRY, Associated Press Writer Ray Henry, Associated Press Writer – 2 mins ago
        NEW ORLEANS – A bolt of lightning struck the ship capturing oil from a blown-out BP well in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, igniting a fire that halted containment efforts in another setback for the embattled company in its nearly two-month struggle to stop the spill, the company said.

        The fire was quickly extinguished and no one was injured. BP said it hopes to resume containing oil from the well sometime Tuesday afternoon.

        The fire occurred on the Discoverer Enterprise, where engineers are siphoning about 630,000 gallons of oil a day through a cap on top of the well.

        “At the moment, there’s no capture, no containment going on, but we’ll start up the Enterprise when it’s safe to do so,” BP spokesman Robert Wine said.
        Interesting that NOW they are concerned about safety

  11. WSClark

    Ah, you know, despite the bad news swirling around us, there is much that is good about the lives we lead.

    I am disappointed that more of you haven’t come forward with the GOOD in your lives.

    In my life, I have dogs and cats, children and grandchildren, friends, hobbies, interests and a great number of wonderful people I have met.

    This column was supposed to bring out the best, the good that we see in this world.

    It’s not that hard – what do you share with your neighbor, the things that make you smile and want everyone to know about?

    We can all hide behind closed doors, wishing that a troubled world would just go away, or we could look to the good that shines a light on each of our lives.

    The glass is half full or the glass is broken.

    Your choice.

  12. A loving husband, health, kids and grandkids, two cats and one dog, a nice home, a big extended family, friends, health insurance, part of my sanity…

    I have so much it sounds a lot like bragging to list my blessings.

  13. itolduso

    “part of my sanity”

    Good one! I like it.

  14. G-STIR

    My 2 Shelties “tolerate” me if I feed them and let them into the AC.

  15. Freebird1971

    This the best news that never stops