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Is there any good news out there!?!?

If you are a news junkie, the world looks down right depressing lately. We have oil spills, killer floods, massive deficits and debt, a roller coaster stock market, our own wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,  drug cartel wars in Mexico, ethnic cleansing in Kyrgyzstan and general mayhem around the world.

Iran is ratcheting up the conflict in Gaza with Israel, God only knows what’s going on in North Korea and the African continent continues to be sea of despair, famine and bloody conflict.

Down right depressing.

Helen Thomas opens mouth and inserts an anti-Semitic foot, something called a Lady Gaga flips off an entire stadium of Mets fans, the Big Twelve might be the Little Nine by tomorrow, the Tiny Five by week’s end and you can’t watch World Cup matches without feeling like you just stepped into the world’s largest bee hive due to the vuvuzela horns.

Down right depressing, I’m telling you.

Right here in the good old U.S. of A., the partisan divide grows by the  day and our politicians make you long for the good old days when pols settled their differences like Hamilton and Burr.

Are you depressed yet?

In China, a man and boy walk into an unsecured tiger enclosure and Dad gets munched. In Florida, a teacher is fired for having premarital sex with her now husband. And right here in this little burg that most of us call home, the assassins delivered their victim to the hospital before shooting him.

And just when you have truly had enough, something catches your eye that restores your faith in this world we live in……………


“SYDNEY – In those bleak moments when the lost souls stood atop the cliff, wondering whether to jump, the sound of the wind and the waves was broken by a soft voice. “Why don’t you come and have a cup of tea?” the stranger would ask. And when they turned to him, his smile was often their salvation.”


Do you have some good news to share with those of us that are getting a mite depressed?

(The thread photo is of the cliff mentioned in the story, the Gap, in Sydney Harbour, Sydney,  Australia. Presumably, the man’s house is on the far right.)

William Stephenson Clark


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