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It’s not considered a “beauty mark” like a small mole at the side of the cheek, no, it’s the ugly wart that is plainly on the collective face of the United States that we try to ignore and overlook.

Former President G. W. Bush’s daughter was so moved by what she saw while on trips to Africa.  The lack of medical care for many of the poorer people of the world and her announcement of:

“Health care is a human right.”

She has formed and spearheads a cause to involve younger people into bringing health care to the people.  It is not limited to Africa. There are outreaches in the United States, for now they are focused on Boston Mass.

Boston Mass? Of all the places within the United States. Within Massachusetts one does not even have to drive fifty miles to find poor families and areas where health care is so neglected.  Oh but the counter is that health care is available but the patient may have to travel thirty miles or more and schedule weeks in advance to be seen.  Or they can simply walk into a E. R. to be seen.

I am aware of the cause and movement from watching Fox news Sunday.  There were two points I noticed from the piece.  First, to address Ms. Bush’s statement of “health care is a human right,” they asked, did she truly believe it to be a human right?  What did she think of the Health care reform bill that passed.  Yes, she does believe it to be a human right and she was glad that the health care bill passed.

The other point I noticed is the visuals were all from villages in Africa, only a brief sight of a fly over of Boston harbor was shown.  With the focus of the visuals of Africa villages, it implies that the problem is not close.  It is someone else’s problem not here, some other people and some other country’s concern.  The only mention of the problem here is in one of the oldest and most noticeable cities.  WHERE the Problem can be over looked in the movement and flow of the life there, I.E. can go hidden within the flash and flow.

So the problem with health care within the United States can be masked and corrected with simple and minor cosmetics. Like a wart on the face of the country, small and with a little effort hidden.


But the wart is not limited to the face of America when the country is stripped naked.  The warts can be seen, surrounded by the clear and beautiful skin of the nation.  But then we dare not strip the nation, to do so it would become like a wart of her face.  Try as one might, the eye focus on the wart on the face of someone else.  It can cause the viewer to feel rude and even self conscious about noticing.  Give a uncomfortable feeling for doing it, better to ignore it and pretend it is not there.



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