Saturday, 6/12/10, Public Square


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  1. Monkeyhawk

    I really really really hate I’ll miss the picnic.

    I think the food will be awesome and the company even better.

    The minute you think you’ve eaten too much, eat some more for me.

    Monkeyhawk’s 1st Law of Barbecue

    Bear down on the meat; ease up on the tater salad.

  2. Morning folks! Have a nice party and a good weekend.

    • Lisa, Do I remember correctly that you’re from South Carolina? If so, what’s going on there? Did voters really vote for a man and then ask who he is?

  3. North Carolina. Don’t know that story, but considering Mark Sandford, that sounds about right for south of the border. Hee hee.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    I do not have any static’s but every year since the first time someone wrote in the name Porky pig has received votes for President. Greene could be that type of happening in So. Carolina.
    A more disgraceful theory being put out is the simple his name was first on the ballot.
    The voters not knowing anything about either candidate simply voted for the first one in line.
    In other words that people are so stupid they would toss a coin or go for the first name rather then make a informed vote.

    It is a bit humorous the react and outrage at his win by the establishment Democratic.
    He was not the hand picked candidate of the State or National party and beat that candidate.
    A unknown and common man came out of nowhere for no established or foreseeable reason.
    Now the establishment is accusing it as being a Republican trick?

    The winner is going up against Demint in the election to insure him winning reelection the idea is that they pulled a fast one and got a Democratic candidate who is a sure loser.
    With the climate of anti-incumbent, it is hedging Demint’s bets.

    Now which is more insulting, that the Democrats in So. Carolina would vote for such a candidate over a more groomed and established candidate or that the Republican party can basically control and make putty of the system and the Democratic party in So. Carolina?

    Some times a candidate wins that there is no logic bases for them to win. G.W. Bush was one.
    A guy that other then his last name had a history of being a total loser as a chief executive in every business he touched.

    I voted for him 2000, but it was because Gore carried the taint of Clinton and I expected him to be a lot like his dad. Basically a Vanilla President…boy now how that turned out huh?

    • WSClark

      Greene in South Carolina didn’t campaign, didn’t have a website, didn’t run ads on television or radio. He is unemployed, facing felony pornography charges and yet paid the $10,000 fee to register as a candidate.

      Sumptin’ ain’t right.

      • indypendent

        I read on another blog that South Carolina has open primaries and the suggestion that this Alvin Greene is a GOP plant came from US Rep James Clyburn – a well known black Congressman from SC.

        Then another theory on the blog was that this Alvin Greene is black so since alot of Democrats in SC are black, they just voted for the black man.

        Either scenarios, if true, are sad to think this is what politics has become.

        But in today’s political climate – do I think the Republicans are capable of pulling off such a trick – sure, why not.

        These are the same types that could best described as Lee Atwater and Karl Rove – need we say more?

        But before it is labeled as a GOP dirty trick, there needs to be a thorough investigation. And good luck with that one.

        BTW – I saw this Alvin Greene on the Keith Olbermann show and it was obvious the man did not know what to say other than yes and/or no.

        He did state that he did campaign door to door all over the state – so if that’s true, then why not ask for these people he talked with to come forward and say the man is telling the truth?

  5. wicked

    fnord, are you there? Do I need to bring something to sit on?

    And an umbrella? LOL

    • No, if it rains we’ll move inside or huddle under the awning if it’s only light rain. I have adequate lawn chairs (I think).

      Now, reconsidering here, since we’re talking about YOU and you could melt on the way from your car to the house or patio, maybe you should bring an umbrella. đŸ˜‰

      • WSClark

        Was that a reference to the Wicked Witch of the West or that our own Wicked is so sweet she’ll melt?

      • wicked

        Ha! I rarely use an umbrella and haven’t melted yet.

        (Boy, do I have these people fooled! ~eg~)

  6. Freebird1971

    I am really looking forward to meeting everyone,especially fnord who has posted some really nice things on my face book page,and leaving this afternoon with more friends than I arrived with.

  7. WSClark

    Well, that was fun with a capital “F.” Good food, good friends and some lively conversations with great people.

    Thank you all, to those that attended and sorry we missed you, for those that weren’t able to make it.

    I had a blast – ate too much, drank too much and more fun than I should ever have at my age.

    We missed you Ms. Pond, but we’ll do it again when you’re able. You are in our prayers, my good friend.

    Thank you all! You are the best!

  8. G-stir

    Ditto- Will.I too really enjoyed the time/company. I’m not much of a “mixer”, but this was really fun. There ought to be a rerun at some later date. And thanks to Linda & Wayne and the food preparers. Now I’ll have to do 2 laps around the moon to compensate for the eats.

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Yes we both had a great time and my wife was so glad she came and met everyone.

    And Oh my God the food! Those ribs were heaven sent and Will is talented.

  10. Freebird1971

    Well I’ll make it unanimous! Fantastic time awesome food and and the amazing thing was that several discussions were held and no one got pissed off because not everyone agreed with them. I would say I was sorry I had to leave which I was but seeing my grandkids was the topper to a perfect afternoon. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome.

  11. Good times with good people — great to see everyone!

    If we ever experience another president who puts our economy in the trash as effectively as bush the lesser, we have such a talented and resourceful group of friends we’ll make it through since we know we can count on one another.