Friday, 6/11/10, Public Square


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  1. I am so relieved to learn the 16 year old girl attempting the solo sail is all right! What makes some people adventurous while others aren’t willing to risk anything? Is this another area where somewhere in the middle works best? But then, what would our world be without those willing to risk it all?

    • WSClark

      Thank God! I held her in my prayers, hoping against hope that this talented and brave young lady would be found alive.

      At sixteen, I was hoping to get through the school year and trying to hook up with Debbie.

      Some are a bit more ambitious!

    • indypendent

      Her family was on television this morning and it sounds like this young girl has great family support and was encouraged to do what she wanted and how she wanted to do it.

      Just imagine all the sights this young girl has seen during her trip?


    Let us make a special effort to stop communicating with each other, so we can have some conversation.
    – Judith Martin

    A hearty YES! Let’s really listen, not be thinking of our response or comeback, not be putting our spin on another’s words. Let’s concentrate on what is said, let it sink in, gain from the act of hearing…

  3. One comment probably went a long way toward livening up Prince Charles’ lecture on environmentalism. Speaking to an audience at Oxford’s Islamic studies center, the heir to the British throne urged the world to follow the “spiritual principles” of Islam to protect the environment. “The inconvenient truth is that we share this planet with the rest of creation for a very good reason—and that is, we cannot exist on our own without the intricately balanced web of life around us,” he said. “Islam has always taught this and to ignore that lesson is to default on our contract with creation.” The prince, a practicing Christian and future head of the Church of England, also spoke about his study of the Koran, insisting it teaches that there is “no separation between man and nature.”

    Read it at The DAILY MAIL

    • indypendent

      A major stumbling block to the Evangelical Religious Right Christian – in my opinion – is their inability to allow the other person their own religion.

      I used to be a part of that group in my younger days and I saw firsthand the outright hatred of anything that was non-Christian.

      I believe I can learn many things from studying different religions.

      In fact, alot of the same stories and characters are in different religions – but try telling that to someone who thinks their God is the one true god and all else are doomed to hell.

      • “…but try telling that to someone who thinks their God is the one true god and all else are doomed to hell.”

        Because claiming they are a Christian gives them the ability to judge all others? Isn’t that ‘special’?

        And because Christianity is the ‘superior’ religion there can’t be another choice!? Very poor ambassadors. So sad. I know many loving, spiritually strong and happy Christians who would never presume to judge another and feel their responsibility is striving to make themselves better Christians, always on the lookout for those they may help.

        Why are the loudest the people who think others should be forced into their choice, but be individually responsible? Makes your head spin to keep up!

      • indypendent

        fnord – that is why I used the example of Evangelical RR Christians.

        There are alot of good Christians who sincerely try to live their faith in God and help make the world a better place for all.

        But we don’t seem to hear alot about those Christians, do we? We’re stuck with the ones who like to scream they are superior.

        I wonder how many of these so-called RR Christians even know that Jesus is mentioned in the Koran?

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        Indy, that would require that they 1) know of the Koran, and 2) be willing to incur the wrath of their pastor by daring to read such blasphemy (this, of course, is based upon the assumption that they are capable of reading).

    • wicked

      Wow, good for Prince Charles! Not that everyone will feel the same way I do.

      I’ve seen photos of places in the Arab world and they’re beautiful. They’re also CLEAN! It’s hard to tell what places like Baghdad looked like before we bombed the hell out of them.

      • indypendent

        Maybe now we know why their places are so clean – they believe in a balance of people and nature.

        I think Americans take things for granted and we are encouraged to use things, dispose when broken and then buy new – all in the name of worshiping that Almighty Dollar golden idol.

  4. WSClark

    Well, I am off to smoke the ribs and beans for tomorrow’s picnic. I hope the rains hold off until I am done (I hate smoking in the rain) and I certainly hope that it is clear for our celebration!

    I’ll check on you folks later – until then, be good!

    (Or don’t get caught.)

  5. We have lots of indoor spaces if we can’t be outside tomorrow. But I’m off to mow — we’ve been gone and the frequent rains encouraged the grass to get really high. Don’t count on me having both the indoors and the outdoors in tip-top shape, but count on me for welcoming YOU ALL!

  6. G-STIR

    Can someone send the directions to the SED event, and what I might bring. I think I can make it, but won’t know for sure untillSat. My addr:

    • G, I sent to another address, and now to this address. Which one should I keep in my addy list?

    • WSClark

      G, attendance is mandatory so don’t try to come up with excuses.

      I have the ribs on the smoker, along with the beans. Pondie is bringing fried chicken and ‘tater salad.

      Ya’ gotta be there!

  7. itolduso

    Ya’all enjoy yourselves at the SED event. Celebrate life.

  8. indypendent

    Did everyone hear the tragic news of Nelson Mandela’s great-granddaughter being killed in a car accident? Nelson Mandela was home with his family grieving while the World Cup opening ceremony was taking place.

    Life just isn’t fair.