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Contrary to what some may believe and one being my wife I am mystified by other then Politics.
Once in awhile there is something that catches me as odd or I do not understand how it is happening.

One is the water in the dehumidifier in our bedroom in the basement? A devise that sucks the air in and takes the moisture out of the air. We got one when we had such a problem of black mold after the main sewer backed up into the basement leaving five inches of sewer water till the blockage was destroyed.
Along with the fact that every time it rains fast and hard a water puddle forms and seeps in to the windows.

When I notice the red light is on I know to empty the reservoir and I am still mystified by how clear the water is! It is at least as clear as the water that comes out of the Kitchen tap so clear you might think it is drinkable!

In a room where it is a content battle to keep the spider webs knocked down and with the natural tendency of dust to drift down from the floor above how can it be so clear?

I moved the furniture around in the family room today, which the main part of that was changing the sofa from North/ South to East/West. Something in reality should not have changed the flow of the ceiling fan all that much.

In fact it was blowing straight down on the sofa either way, so why is it that I can hardly feel it now?
Where the back was facing toward me before now it is facing with me. I would think now it actually should be flowing better toward me since the back is no longer in the way?

Why is it that my father-in-law has a old pieced together mower that still starts right off and he only checks the oil and fills with gas. And today my mower seems to have blow-by and is the sixth mower I have had in the last ten years? Any taller and I will need a bush hog mower to cut it which brings up another mystifying thing,

why is it that things only seem to break when you really need to use them?
Or you can always find something without looking for it except for when you do need it?
You could be tripping over it every time you walk through the house until you wish you could trip over it!
I once read a Stephen King book where there were little grotesque doctor looking guy running around collecting items of those who were about to die. One sock, a favorite comb, one of something that is a set or you use often.

I guess that would explain it but since it happens often and I am still alive I discount that theory.
A related oddity is when ever you put something up and then can not find it again?
Yet if you just leave it laying wherever, you can always find it?

Now you would have put it somewhere you thought it would belong, a place where it would be logical to put it. But when looking for it is missing and never found where you thought it should be.
My socket set was that way, for a couple of years a brand new socket set was missing then one day I happen to look and there is was! Recently it was a cocking gun, I know I have at least three somewhere around here.
Finally I went to wal-Mart and bought a new one and figure now I will find the other three.


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I had a wild thought this morning when I woke up, I missed an anniversary no not a wedding. It was the anniversary of Truk Lagoon or it is said the day we served our own Peal harbor on the Japanese.

Now the back story: To be married soon and newly to a job at of all places a Bible warehouse.

The term is “eclectic” which in this case means that the people there were oddballs and mixed as to personalities. Most were young, in their late teen or early twenties and from differing backgrounds.

One was the son of an ambassador from Bangladesh has some of the greatest hash to be found! And told me what he said was a old folks tale from Bangladesh.

Those it is questionable as to whether that is the truth.

The King was blessed with the birth of a daughter and he decreed that everyone of his subjects were to come to view her. As they passed they more complimented him instead of actually saying what they thought of the girl.

“She is an extension of your greatness!”

She glows with your Royalty!”.

The list went on and on till finally the last person to view the King’s daughter was the Royal Jester.

He look down into the crib and said “She made him feel just like he did after taking a really good healthy crap!”. well comparing the King’s daughter to a Bowel movement seemed quite an insult!

The King ordered that the Jester be put to death! But he was a fair King and said he would grant the Jester a last request. Continue reading


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Confirmation hearings for Elena Kagan

The GOP may have found a spot to dig in its heels against Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Without entirely announcing their opposition to her, a pair of top Senate Republicans called a set of newly uncovered memos she wrote as a clerk for Justice Thurgood Marshall in 1988 “troubling.” By accusing her of expressing her personal opinion or political philosophy instead of coldly examining the issues in those memos, Senators Jon Kyl of Arizona and Jeff Sessions of Alabama seem to be picking up the same line of objection the GOP used against Sonia Sotomayor. To Sessions, it merely reinforced the fact that, “Her background is heavily in political legal advocacy more than the meat-and-potatoes discipline of serious legal work.” But both said they will wait until the hearings begin on June 28 to decide how to vote.

Read it at THE HILL


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What do you want to be when (and if) you grow up?

(This is a photo of my great, great, great, great Grandfather Dillon Asher’s cabin, built in 1820, in Redbird, Kentucky.)

Well, someone is going to out me, probably Fnord, so I may as well out myself and save her the trouble.

Today is my fifty-eighth birthday. It is also the fortieth anniversary of the day I graduated from high School.

I was born in the front room of my grandparents farmhouse, on a wide space on a rural road in Southeastern Kentucky. There is no “there” there. About a mile away is an old stone and clapboard General Store than used to be the local mail drop. In the stone over the door is etched “Jarvis, KY, U.S. Post Office.”

The world has not been the same since I showed up.

I had a very humble start in life. The midwife was paid twenty-five dollars to deliver me. We had no running water and just had got electricity four years before. The farm was 76 acres of tobacco and we largely lived on the garden my Grandma grew and the pigs and chickens that Grandpa kept.

I never saw a doctor or dentist until I was seven years old and long gone from the farm where I was born. I wasn’t circumcised until I was eight. (Jesus Christ! You wanna do what?) When I was twelve, I ran away from home, hoping to hop a freight train back to Kentucky. It was January and I nearly frostbit my feet and had to go back.

Since then, I have often wonder what my life would have been like had I been allowed to stay with my grandparents. Would I have grown up to be the man I am today or would I have been a far different person?

Virtually everything about me today is a product of my intellect and not a reflection of my life post-adoption.

Still, should I ever grow up, what will I be?

I guess, that is a question that can never be answered.

William Stephenson Clark, a.k.a. Stevie


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Friday, 6/11/10, Public Square


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