Wednesday, 6/9/10, Public Square


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  1. We came home to a stopped up kitchen sink. The line is shared by the washing machine so I can’t wash dishes or do laundry or … Couldn’t cook last night either! I understand some could have cooked in a kitchen without water, but not me. 😉

    The plumber is here right now so that won’t last long. Is it OK if I enjoy it for a while? ‘Cause we wore more clothes while gone and soon I will have oodles and gobs of laundry to tackle and a kitchen to clean, meals to prepare.

    • WSClark

      Welcome home, Fnord and Griffin! Even a home with a stopped up sink is still home. The best part of coming home is being beaten to death by wagging tails and sleeping in one’s own bed.

      The cats usually punish you for your transgressions in leaving them by ignoring you for a day or two.

      When you take a break from your chores later, to have your “afternoon tea and buttered scones” remember to keep that pinky turned out just so.

      Glad to have you back!


  2. The wedding weekend was beautiful!

    Those of you who are my Facebook friends had the chance to see waaaay more pics than you wanted to I imagine. I posted a gazillion. 🙂 If you’re not my Facebook friend, and want to see pics, email me and I’ll send a link.

    The old summer hotel — The Brynmere — we rented for both the rehearsal dinner and lodging for our family and friends was delightful! Old, charming, spacious, 100 yards from a large sandy private beach (at low tide), within walking distance of the church and yacht club where the wedding and the dinner/dance were held.

    The nuptials were conducted jointly by the minister and a Sea Captain in this church —

    Be sure you click “Enter Site” to see a few more pics of the inside of this charming church.

    The newly-wed bride and groom arrived at the yacht club reception via sailboat in a most spectacular and traditional way in this delightful sailing community.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    LOL Having confused the days I started out this morning by going to Wichita.
    AND I wanted to ride the bike so stepping outside I noticed it was not raining and looked I might have the chance to at least not get wet riding over.

    Within four miles I was feeling the wetness on my face and noticed the drops appearing on the windshield.
    The a half a mile later the feeling of the drops hitting my shins through my jeans.
    Fortunately I had not hit the point of no return where either turning around and going back home or keep going to my destination would end with me soaked.

    I turned around and drive the truck, having confused the days my reason for going was not there.

    But did give me a chance to visit with my best friend and after telling him of what I had been doing he set me up good with needed tools!

    I really must be getting old since most men who go on South Broadway are not to be satisfied with more tools in their garage!

  4. Have you heard of this comedy group —

    Flight of the Conchords

    My grandsons showed me some of their ‘work’ this past weekend. They’re funny. WARNING: Adult themes!