Foreign Budweiser?….Try Jackie Beer!

Question from the editor; Dear PrariePops, I no longer drink and haven’t for a dozen years. I know, that’s damned unamerican. My question; Since I don’t drink, but I do own 2 guns, can I still be considered a patriotic American?


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5 responses to “Foreign Budweiser?….Try Jackie Beer!

  1. indypendent

    Let’s review – have you signed your loyalty pledge? Do you have a big hat with tea bags stapled around the brim?

    And the most important item every ‘real’ patriot needs – do you have those rose-colored Reagan glasses that have the uncanny ability to not see deficits you, yourself, make?

    If you have these items – then I think you might just be a real patriot.

    heavy sarcasm/

  2. Damn, I ain’t got a-one of them thingies.
    Guess I won’t fit in around Wasilla after all.

    And obviously, I’m not a Glenn Beck fan.
    Damned un-american huh?

  3. tosmarttobegop

    IN the last eight years or so I have came to wonder just what is being American is about?
    What is the base beliefs and principles of being an American?
    I have for the most part also quit drinking and do own more then a couple of guns.

    But neither was what I believed being American was about.

    It is kind of like what is freedom?
    What is the high ground to hold?

  4. I didn’t know I was so patriotic just for drinking beer. Who knew it was that easy to be a patriot?