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So? Who’s up for a picnic?

As all of you should know, our “Celebration of Life for Steven” will be this Saturday. To make the party a success, we need to know who is planning to attend. To my knowledge, this is what we have so far.




Wicked’s BFF

Too Smart

Ms. Pond





We haven’t heard from Thunderchild, DavidB or Annie Moose, and Sekan and Monkyhawk have yet to give us a definitive  answer.

Lisa is new to our party, but we would like her to attend (take a hint Lisa!) so that we can all meet her.

My apologies if I missed anyone.

So? Who’s in and who is going to be a party pooper?

Let us know!

Will Clark


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The Reset Button.

Do you ever wish that life gave you a “reset button?”  Well, the answer for nearly all of us is an unqualified “yes!”

Do you wish that you could go back and make that one phone call? Change that one stupid decision you made years ago that still haunts you? Have a “do-over” with that relationship that you screwed up with that one special guy or girl?

I have a million of them.

Do I wish that I had accepted that job offer in Oregon 15 years ago? Yep. Do I wish that I had never sold my Harley-Davidson Electra Glide? Yep. Do wish I had never wasted three years of my life with Cindy? Yep.

Do I regret the children I have had with women that I no longer “care for?” Nope.

My children are the love of my life and nothing, no matter my thoughts about their mothers, will change that.

But what about the transfer I accepted in 1982 from North Carolina to Kansas? I have serious mixed feelings, but if I hadn’t taken that move, I would have never met the mother of my son, and for that, I would be sorely less blessed in my life.

They say that any action has unintended consequences. True enough; we cannot change fate and we shouldn’t try to.

But really, shouldn’t I get a “reset button” for the pitch I took in a softball tournament back in ’76? I always “took” the first pitch, but this one was right in my wheelhouse in the bottom of the final inning of the game, down by one run, with a runner on first.

Many times that season, I drove a similar pitch over the fence.

If I had done the same that time, we would have been league champions.

Instead, I flew out to left on the next pitch and we lost the game and the championship

William Stephenson Clark


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Monday, 6/7/10, Public Square


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