The Man Who Changed Glenn Beck’s Life (via The Glenn Beck Review)

I’m just checking out WordPress’ new “reblogging” feature.
I’ve always maintained that I’m not “anti” anything, but rather “pro” other things.
Sooo….this is my disclaimer. I’m not anti-Glenn Beck, I’m PRO-REALITY and TRUTH!

The Man Who Changed Glenn Beck's Life Cleon Skousen was a right-wing crank whom even conservatives despised. Then Beck discovered him. W. Cleon Skousen By Alexander Zaitchik (reprinted here with permission of the author) On Saturday, I spent the afternoon with America’s new breed of angry conservative. Up to 75,000 protesters had gathered in Washington on Sept. 12, the day after the eighth anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks, sporting the now familiar tea-bagger accoutremen … Read More

via The Glenn Beck Review


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3 responses to “The Man Who Changed Glenn Beck’s Life (via The Glenn Beck Review)

  1. wicked

    Is this to be a new brand of McCarthyism?

    • indypendent

      While all the McCarthy nutjobs were worried about those Communists, our “I am not a crook’ President Nixon started our country on the downspiral road by going over and kissing China’s butt.

      Since that time, we have had numerous presidents who have done their best to kill the middle class (Reagan started that little event) by putting all the emphasis on Big Business .

      Most recently, we had Bush and Cheney putting the money for their war for profit on that old China credit card – so that really helped – didn’t it?

      Our country is going to be a corporacy (if we are not already there) and then throw in the Religious Right wackos and their theocracy, it is not looking good for the USA.

      I keep thinking that Beck will finally cross the line of common decency at some point and then people will wake up. But, hey, I thought the same thing about Rush and that day never appears to come – regardless of how low this overpaid blowhard stoops.

    • Apparently it is! If you read the excellent expose’, you read the part where this nutball believed Eisenhower was a communist conspirator.
      That guy makes the righties on ‘the other blog’ seem normal. Some of them would even cry bullshit at that idea!