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Who voted the human being the most intelligent animal on Earth?

While I spent the day sanding down boards over my head and covered with sawdust.

It so hot that I would have to stop and cool off when I would become woozy only to go back to work since I need to get it done in a few minutes.

Grinding off nearly a half a inch to a quarter inch with a hand sander.

On the other end of the porch were the cats, napping on the cool cement only getting up when it was feeding time and then setting watching me until I would stop long enough to put food out.

Who voted human being as the most intelligent animals on earth?

My guess it was not cats!


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How low can they go, that is the question.

Right wing news, that bastion of everything right, has come out with a list of the twenty most attractive female right-wing pundits. Now I know oil is creeping into the shallows, but this is a new shallow low, even for the right-wing idiots.

The list:

20) Elizabeth Blackney from Media Lizzy & Friends
20) Skye from Midnight Blue Says
19) Michelle Malkin
17) Courtney Messerschmidt from GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD
17) Kerrie from The Liberal Heretics
15) Michelle Oddis from Human Events
15) Shelly Roche from ByteStyle.Tv
13) Lori Ziganto from Snark and Boobs
13) Ann Coulter
12) S.E. Cupp from Red S.E. Cupp
11) Liz Stephans from The B-Cast
10) Sharon from The Liberal Heretics
7) Tabitha Hale
7) Freeman Hunt
7) Laura Ingraham
6) Columnist Orit Sklar
5) Hannah Giles
4) Mary Katharine Ham from the The Weekly Standard
3) Ashley Herzog from Herzogian
2) Lila Rose
1) Dana Loesch from The Dana Show

Notice there is no Sarah Palin. Wonder why? Well wonder no more. If they added her to the list, she would have immediately condemned it. Not for the fact she was on it, but for the fact there was anybody else on it.  The glory, via the right-wing, is to be hers and hers alone. I wonder if they’re going to do one on ugly right-wing women? How about one on which right-wing women have told the most lies? Which right-wing women have the most hair on their back (Ann Coulter would win that one Nair down).

Any more ideas for right-wing top twenty?


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Saturday, 6/5/10, Public Square


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