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Thank God It’s Friday!

Even being a short one, this week has been a little stressful, so I am going to depart from my usual “gloom and doom” commentary and head for a lighter place in the world.

Come Monday, there will still be oil gushing in the Gulf, DADT will still govern the military, President Obama will still have his army of haters and naysayers and Armando Galarraga will still be looking to pitch a perfect game.

The world will still be the same crazy place – next week and the week after and the week after that.

You get the idea.

So, let’s take a walk on the lighter side, to paraphrase Lou Reed.

What brings a smile to your face, my friends, no matter the troubles that you may be experiencing?

For me, it is my children, my grandchildren and my pets. Also, having an opportunity to get out in nature with my camera and lenses and take shots of the beauty of the world we live in. That, and I love being with my friends and talking, laughing and just generally enjoying the company of people I care about.

All of the things that bring a frown to my face will not go away just because it is Friday, but for a moment, I can focus on those things that make me smile:

Barbecuing for my friends and family. Learning new things. Listening to new music and the old music I love. Trying new recipes and finding that some of them are just not worth the trouble, while others are instantly added to my repertoire. Finally figuring out some of the mysteries of life. Playing catch with my dogs and having my cats take turns sitting on my lap. Watching the amazing development of my grandchildren. A phone call from my daughter fifteen hundred miles away. Sharing a joke with a stranger.

What makes you smile, my friends?

William Stephenson Clark


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