Thursday, 6/3/10, Public Square


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7 responses to “Thursday, 6/3/10, Public Square

  1. Hey fnord….just hey!

  2. WSClark

    Rue McClanahan has died. RIP. Another “Golden Girl” takes her leave.

    Thanks for the laughs, Rue, you were on of a kind.

    • wicked

      How sad. I still watch reruns and still enjoy them as much as I did. Maybe even more.

      I’m sure this is hard on Betty White.

      • indypendent

        I watch the reruns also. They are just as funny today as they were when they were new.

        I know Bea Arthur is deceased and I think Estelle Getty is deceased also – but I’m not sure.

        Does anyone else know off the top of their head?

      • WSClark

        Estelle Getty died in 2008, age 84. Despite playing an older character, she was actually about the same age as the other actresses on “Golden Girls.”

        And she was wicked funny!

  3. indypendent

    Yes, her comedic timing was superb – wasn’t it?

    I think that entire ensemble cast was brilliant.

    • WSClark

      Sophia: “In Sicily, we were so poor, we couldn’t afford guns. We had to insert the bullets manually!”