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  1. WSClark

    Sigh…………………….. finally turned on the AC this morning, but I did make it until June!

    • Humidity kept you from sleeping last night, huh? Yeah, me too. I had turned mine off, but it went back on this morning.

  2. Turkish PM Slams Israel for ‘Bloody Massacre’ on Ships


    Anybody else keeping a wary eye on this episode of Israel acting like a bully?

  3. Why do both America and Israel think they have the right to throw temper tantrums and not conduct themselves as adults??

    • WSClark

      I wish I knew. Israel as the sacred cow, America as the “answer” to every problem?

      I still feel that America is the greatest country ever, but we have to get out of that “smug superiority” complex that taints our relations with the rest of the world.

      As for Israel? I used to have great admiration for her, but lately she just seems to be taunting the Arab world looking to provoke war.

      • Trip to the Outhouse

        Israel always has always gotten a pass because of what happened to Jews in WWII. They are more than ready to take our tax dollars, but we’d have lots better relations with many of their neighbors if they’d stop bulldozing down people’s homes.

        This latest event is one of many similar attacks, one of which took place back when I was just getting out of high school–when they attacked and torpedoed the USS Liberty (http://www.gtr5.com/). I didn’t really know much about it until I went into the Air Force about 4 years after that and eventually served in the Mediterranean area. On more than one occasion their fighter planes would come out to harass our unarmed plane more than 60 miles out over international waters. I got a whole different opinion about Israel than what Sunday School had taught me.

    • Of course America is best for Americans. Do other cultures want to decide for themselves? I think so!

      • indypendent

        And I would like to add – other countries have the right to decide for themselves.

        And if we truly believe in our freedom philosophy, then we should want other countries to decide for themselves – even if it means that country chooses a different form of government.

        I have often talked about the Iraqi Prime Minister going over to become best buddies with Iran’s president. And he has every right to do what he wants – but what I found so objectionable is that when this guy was becoming best buddies with Iran’s president – the US was spending billions of borrowed money under the guise of bring democracy to Iraq.

        That is what I consider to be the most stupid thing GWB and Cheney ever did – to continue spending billions and putting our soldiers lives at risk for someone who obviously prefers a country that we have determined to be our enemy.

  4. Our old friend CF2K has shared this :

    CF2K is fairly in awe of today’s decision by The Best Supreme Court Money Can Buy™ that exercising the right to remain silent actually entails NOT remaining silent. That is, in order to invoke the right against self-incrimination, suspects now must break silence in order to inform officers that they will remain silent.”

    I must now go see the details for myself! I’m always glad when he brings something to my attention, it’s usually something I enjoy learning about.

    • Just scanned the syllabus of Berghuis v. Tompkins and cannot say I’m surprised. See the Davis case cited therein.

      As I understand the Davis decision, to cut off questioning by the police, the suspect must assert his Miranda rights clearly and unambiguously. Standing mute, to me, does not meet this requirement, and a majority of the Court agrees.

      • To add a bit; the Fifth Amendment right is a right against self-incrimination, not an absolute right to be silent. I’m aware of the standard Miranda warning language. The “right to remain silent” really overstates things a bit, if taken in the absolute. Rather, it means that the person has a right to not answer the questions posed by the investigators during the “custodial interrogation” situation which gives rise to the Miranda rights attaching.

      • Thank you 6176! So, we should clearly state our intent to remain silent. Would simply saying, “I intend to remain silent” be adequate? Do you need make this statement following each question, or just once?

      • The best way is to, after the Miranda rights are “read” to ask for a lawyer. That should stop direct questioning. A polite “I want a lawyer, and I’m not saying anything else” similarly should work. There are all kinds of tricks the police use to get a suspect talking, thus after asking for a lawyer then staying strong in the resolve to say nothing further is the best bet.

  5. This thought from The Coffee-Party Movement:

    With low voter turnout in primaries and in midterms, politicians engage in extreme rhetoric because it’s an effective and cheap Get-Out-the-Vote campaign appealing to the most extreme and passionate members of their party. It also insures that many people opt out because they’re so put off by the ugliness of the debate.

    Just what we need — extreme rhetoric! As we’ve all agreed before — the most vocal seem to be those with the least to say that needs to be heard. And what we all need to hear we have to dig for.

    Have you found politicians who are actually saying more than talking points without any meaning? Well maybe Rand Paul, but when he opens his mouth he changes socks at the same time.

  6. indypendent

    I think before the US blindly defends Israel in the aftermath of 9 people being killed, an investigation done by outside parties need to be completed and let the chips fall where they may.

    But as I stated last night when I first posted about this – it was reported the communications to the ships was turned off shortly after the raid started. Without evidence of what really happened – it turns out be a he said-she said type of scenario.

    Once again, Israel is claiming to be the victim and only killing in self defense.

    I have no problem with defending Israel when she is the victim, but I have a big problem with defending Israel when she plays the victim card. Those are two entirely different things.

  7. Bid by Rep. Artur Davis to be first black Ala. governor tops June 1 primaries

    Voters in Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico go to the polls today to pick party candidates for governor and Congress, including for a number of House seats.

    A top race to watch is for the Democratic nomination for governor in Alabama, where Rep. Artur Davis is trying to become the first African American elected to the post.

    continue —

  8. After 40 years of marriage, former vice president Al Gore is separating from his wife Tipper. “This is very much a mutual and mutually supportive decision,” they said in a statement.

    • indypendent

      Sorry to hear this but I learned a long time ago to never assert my feelings into anyone else’s marriage.

      That is between those two people involved. There are many reasons for separation and/or divorce.

      But in the case of John Edwards, my feelings is that he is despicable but that has nothing to do with his marriage to Elizabeth. I would feel that way regardless of the status of their marriage! LOL

    • Nope — no one but the couple knows no matter what the outside picture looks like. But, I don’t get splitting up after 40 years. Seems a bit selfish. Aren’t we all needing someone who is a soft place to fall, and counting on someone to be there if we need them? How do you replace 40 years?

      • indypendent

        I’ve often thought the same thing about those couples who divorce after 25 years. But, a realtor friend of mine told me that is more common than one might think.

        I think it has something to do with the empty nest syndrome.

        I don’t know for sure.

      • I’d be lost! I am very blessed and I do know that, but even if Griffin and I didn’t work well together and share a mutual admiration society, I think I would miss someone who had been in my life that long, and it would feel very lonely. Even someone that irritated me would be a habit by that time.

        But really, your very first statement was the one that makes the most sense!

        “Sorry to hear this but I learned a long time ago to never assert my feelings into anyone else’s marriage.

        That is between those two people involved. There are many reasons for separation and/or divorce.”

  9. Not a flattering picture, she’s concentrating on her work, but my baby sister is the first picture in the third row (head phones, blue shirt, white cap…)

    Faces of the 2010 Indy 500 —


    • indypendent

      She looks nice. I’ve always wanted to ask if your avatar is your real picture? If so, you look quite similiar to one of my very best friends here in Wichita – the one that always wants me to go a Tea Party. LOL

    • It is me, taken at Christmas 2008, so a year and a half old now, and I was all cleaned up. 😉

      I won’t ask you to attend a tea party! But we can laugh together.