GOP Losing Another One?

From this article, it sounds like the GOP has picked yet another losing stategy of pushing for repeal of the health care reform bill.  With all the noise coming from the Party of NO, do you think they can survive another losing point like this one?  This group seems determined to bring down Obama.   Perhaps the majority of Americans are getting tired of all their gnashing of teeth when they are yelling NO?



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10 responses to “GOP Losing Another One?

  1. indypendent

    I find it interesting in alot of similar polls, the majority tend to trust the Democrats more than the Republicans.

    Whenever Republicans crow about Obama’s poll numbers dropping, I always love to point out the fact that the Congressional Republicans’ poll numbers are abysmal.

    So obviously, the people are not flocking to the Republicans.

    As for health care reform, I do not agree with this entire package that passed but do we really want the Republicans to tackle health care reform if and when they return to power (and they will return someday – that is just the political pendulum swinging).

  2. wicked

    I think the bright and shiny object of health care is growing dimmer as other things come along. Nothing new about that.

    • indypendent

      You bring up a good point. Is this issue fading simply because we are so conditioned to the 30-second soundbites that we tend to forget what has or has not happened?

    • Are the majority of Americans news / political ‘junkies’? Probably not. And those who pay little attention (by choice) also move along to the newest sound bite. They may not have ever understood more than “this was in the news a lot” about any given subject anyway. Although some could tell you every contestant on Dancing With The Stars and American Idol, ’cause that’s what they find interesting.

  3. I find two things laughable —

    1)that we should trust the Republicans to fix everything;

    2)that the health care industry will heal itself.

    They run on hell no and expect people to consider them as someone who has a solution to any challenge? It isn’t at all funny, but is laughable in a sad sad way.

  4. One more area I find laughable (this might not be the last so I should never have put a number to it in the first place) — that people who are discouraged, disappointed, or even angry at democrats would all vote Republican.

    The hard core republicans didn’t express any dissatisfaction about bush the lesser during his reign or error so they see democrats who complain as voters who are changing their loyalties instead of holding those we elected accountable and reminding them of what we expect.

    • indypendent

      In the article it talked about the Democrat who won Murtha’s seat as proof that people are willing to work with what we’ve got passed rather than throwing out the baby with the bath water.

      Seems this Mark Crist (?) was Murtha’s aide and was even campaigning on the fact that he would have voted against the health care reform bill but would also vote against the repeal of the same health care reform bill.

      Dare I say it – this Crist guy is a moderate and wants to look at both sides of an issue before digging in his heels and just saying Yes or No?

      Is this the year where more moderates are going to become popular due to the fact that Republicans have all lost their backbones and simply follow the next lockstepping order trickling down from the powers-to-be at the GOP?

      Republicans have always been better locksteppers than Democrats. What has the saying always been about getting Democrats to all agree on one issue is like herding cats?

      But at what price does the blind lockstepping cost? Has the GOP gone too far with all this high-kicking and the majority of Americans are tuning them out?

      Just how much are Republicans listened to when they demonize Obama for not being at Arlington National Cemetery to honor our veterans but yet Obama is at another national cemetery in Illinois honoring those veterans buried at that particular cemetery. And the hypocrisy really showed when it was brought out that Republican President George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush all missed Memorial services at Arlington during their presidencies?

      How many times does the GOP get to bring up all these crazy criticisms and the majority of Americans are just learning to tune them out?

      Is this another possible reason this issue of repealing the health care reform bill is fading from Americans’ thoughts. Or is it simply because alot of people do not have health insurance or are in the situation to lose theirs and that is why this repeal issue is not appealing to them?

  5. “I am not a member of any organized party — I am a Democrat.” — Will Rogers

    Sekanblogger once said it another way and I’ll never forget his words. We’d been turning around a topic in our heads and in our even in our hands (taking it out and turning it around and looking at evry perspective…), making it waaaay more complicated in our attempt to address it all, not just a part of it. Ya know, if it’s not complicated in the beginning, we can make it that way! 🙂 Anyway, Sekan came in and said, “You damn liburahls! You couldn’t decide where to have lunch if I was buying!”

    tstb has a cute way of saying this too, but I can’t remember it right now. Maybe he’ll refresh my memory!

  6. “But at what price does the blind lockstepping cost? Has the GOP gone too far with all this high-kicking and the majority of Americans are tuning them out?”

    This batch is pretty easy to tune out. All they say is “No,” and “Hell No.” Gets more than boring quickly!

    • indypendent

      I liken the current GOP to the boy that cried wolf. Eventually, everyone in the village just wanted to put their very pointy shoe up his scrawny butt!