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  1. WSClark

    It is pretty much common knowledge that I am a sports nut, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I have been thinking about yesterday’s Indy 500 a bit.

    I have read a couple online columns about the race and particularly about Danica Patrick and the other three women that drove in the race yesterday.

    One column went as far to say that the 500 needed Danica to save it from fading into oblivion. Interesting point of view.

    I like Danica because she is a good driver and I like spunky women, and Danica has that in spades. She’s also not hard to look at.

    After a rough first half of the race, her car began to come around and she finished sixth, but never led a lap.

    It takes a good car, a good team, patience and a huge amount of luck to win the 500. Pre-race favorite and pole sitter Helio Castroneves never led a single lap, despite easily being the fastest in qualifying.

    Race winner Dario (Mr. Ashley Judd) Franchitti ran the last two laps under the yellow flag and had only 1.6 gallon of fuel left. Despite being totally dominate throughout the race, he may not have had enough fuel to get to the line had the race finished under green.

    It will be interesting to watch how Danica’s career plays out. She has the talent, now can she get the car and the luck to be a winner?

    She has a lot weighing on her shoulders.

  2. Isn’t she leaving the IRL to go to Nascar? Or is she planning to continue doing both as she did this year?

    Through the years open-wheeled racing has had many ups and downs. I don’t think it has come back to where it was before the ‘split’ that was the beginning of the IRL, but very close. I can’t remember how many years ago but I do remember the basic details.

    Open-wheeled racing was C.A.R.T. (American Championship Car Racing that was often shortened to Champ cars). The series had become high dollar and dominated by non-US drivers, plus many of their venues were road courses or temporary courses set up on city streets. Tony George who owns the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (and has lots of money) decided to form an open-wheel series that ran only on ovals, was less costly and dominated by American drivers. And so he did and named it IRL (Indy Racing League).

    There were now two series competing for talent, TV deals, motor deals, chassis deals… Neither did well for several years. Finally C.A.R.T. died and IRL began growing and evolving. Now that they were the only kids on the block they added a road course here and a temporary street course there and foreign drivers. Today they are what C.A.R.T. once was, but Tony George gets a much greater piece of the pie.

  3. I think IRL made a mistake when they made the TV deal with Versus. Many TV viewers don’t subscribe to Versus so I think the coverage is down. When people aren’t watching it’s harder to sell advertisers… The old domino effect. I don’t know for sure if there is a ‘connection’ between Versus and Tony George, but I suspect there is. I’m not a big fan of Tony George and he is such a big fan of himself it doesn’t much matter if anyone else is. He will do what he thinks will fill his pockets more quickly and fuller.

  4. I was watching my favorite television show, Antiques Roadshow, and at the end an announcement was made saying Governor Parkinson vetoed the portion of the budget that cut funding for public television. I liked hearing that! I wish this man would run for election! He has been calm, pragmatic, good for Kansas.

    • indypendent

      My husband and I love that show also.

      Yes, I heard about the governor’s veto on the other blog and they could not come up with enough evil names to call this man.

      I don’t know Parkinson that well, but he has always seemed like a moderate, common sense type of politician. But he is a Democrat – so I’m that is all it takes for the other bloggers to go ballistic about him..

      • indypendent

        Wasn’t Parkinson a Republican to start with and then changed over to run with Sebellius?

        Or am I incorrect in my thinking?

      • I think you’re right that he switched parties (went to the “D”) when Sebelius chose him as her running mate.

        He seems as sensible as any politician I’ve run into. All I know about his is what’s in the news but he seems to have steered Kansas and all those wingnuts in our state congress very effectively.

  5. Makes me shiver in real true fear to think what adding Brownback to that batch of wingnuts will mean to our state.

  6. indypendent

    Have you heard the news about Israel raiding an aid ship bound for Gaza and killing 9 people?

    Seems that Israel is claiming to be the victims and they were just defending themselves. The article I read on Huffington Post said that communications to their ships was cut off directly after the raid (how convenient).

    Of course, the NeoConservatives and the Religious Conservatives will now be jumping on the bandwagon to defend Israel without any investigating into exactly what is the truth.

    I’m so sick of all these people fighting and dragging us into their sick games. If they want to fight – put all their leaders into a locked room and don’t unlock the door until they have killed one another.

    Just leave the rest of the world alone.