Sunday, 5/30/10, Public Square


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  1. Good morning! Anyone else watch the Indy 500? It’s a tradition around here.

    The oil leak isn’t stopped. So sad, it makes so many feel hopeless. I read one article that said there is enough oil to spew for seven years if not stopped. sigh

  2. My little sis says, “Indy 500 tomorrow on ABC. I am working with Rick DeBruhl in the pit lane so when you see him do a report I am not far away. Weather looks good.”

    My response to her is, “BE SAFE!”

    I’ve been there with her on qualifying weekend, but never been there in person for race weekend.

  3. WSClark

    Race time, baby! Love it!


  4. WSClark

    Beautiful and moving opening ceremonies for the 500. Jim Nabors – what a tradition. Jewel with the Anthem, I didn’t like the emo redition.

    Robin Roberts driving the pace car! Dang, I love Robin, tremendous sportscaster w/ ESPN, breast cancer survivor, just love her.

    I wonder if she is the first African American, or first woman to drive the pace car?

  5. WSClark

    Damn, eight laps, two cautions. I guess that is just Indy. Unlike in years past, the cars are much safer, but still, I hold my breath every time on of them hits the wall.

  6. WSClark

    Danica’s car sucks. I root for her, but she just doesn’t have the machine to get the job done.

  7. WSClark

    I don’t understand why Danica’s car is so bad and Tony’s (Kannon) car is so good – same team.

    Bad deal.

  8. WSClark

    Well, what a race! I enjoyed watching it immensely. Good racing, marred by a horrific crash with two laps to go, but the driver was not hurt badly.

    Danica – my secret lover – finished sixth after having had a badly handling car for most of the race.

    Dario was the master of the track and I truly loved watching his wife, Ashley Judd, jogging down pit row after her husband took the checkered flag.

    Great stuff – a slice of Americana.

    Thank God for America!