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  1. Good Morning Friends!

    Found this on my Facebook page and got a kick out of it. Thought you might too. (This is an embedded link. I’ve never tried to do that here, so I don’t know if it will work. I will paste the hyperlink below that, just in case.)

  2. Now you see, that is just damn creepy …..another restless night for the Loon, sleeping with one eye open 😦

  3. Can anyone actually find the latest status of the oil leaking / being plugged? I read good news one place, and then go to another and find contradicting news, even found one that admitted they didn’t know because they were hearing the same conflicting reports I’m reading.

    • WSClark

      Apparently, the mud plug has done it’s job, but the leak has to be sealed with concrete, so the effort is still a work in progress.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Here is a little back ground information about why it is so hard to stop the leak.

    The best diving suit is only capable of going to 2,000 feet. while the leak is at 5,000 feet.

    The Government and that includes the Navy does not have a Submarine that can go that deep.
    That is part of the reason so much of the responsibility for stopping it falls to B.P.

    Yesterday I heard a comparison that is on the mark when it comes to the planning for the drilling and pumping. “It is like sending a manned mission to the moon without thinking about how to get them back to the Earth”.

    The problem is so exceeding our understanding and ability, a mile down and no knowledge what to do if something goes wrong. Nothing that is capable of actually working there other then the unmanned RAVs.
    which are build really to do only two things, go that deep and look the claws are so limited that they can not do fine work or much more then pick up a reasonable large object.

    We are actually seeing what it would be like if and when the day comes that another killer meteor is on its way to collide with the Earth. we know what the danger is, where it is at, but no real way to stop it or fix the problem… A lot of blaming and scratching of heads as to what to do.

    • Excellent information, tstbgop. It’s funny that some people are so quick to somehow blame the government and compare this to Bush’s handling of Katrina because that just shows how absolutely without fact or information they are. This is the deepest well they have ever drilled for oil under the Ocean floor. They did not have a plan of action in place in case things should go wrong. Your information about the lack of ability for people to submerge that deeply is absolutely correct; any marine biologist (and many people who watch National Geographic) are well-aware of these facts. But the media is, again, dropping the ball on giving the people the necessary facts to form an INFORMED opinion and, instead, are playing this story for sensationalism–for ratings.

      The failure of government in this issue came well BEFORE the explosion–in REGULATION. A thing that conservatives don’t believe in anyway, so how can they blame government for not doing what they didn’t want it to do in the first place?

      • indypendent

        Why is that Conservatives call the government evil and want to do away with any regulations but these same Conservatives are the first ones in line at the government tax breaks and/or subsidies trough.

        This is the biggest reason I do not believe one word that comes out of a Conservative’s mouth.

        They want their cake – and mine – and eat it too.

  5. WSClark

    For those of you interested in that type of thing, this is where we are at with our humble little blog.

    As of this morning, Pop Blog is having it’s second best month ever. January 2010 was the best month so far with 20,220 views. With three plus days left in the month of May, we have had 18,704 views.

    This little blog for Progs and Lunatics was very important to our founder, Steven Davis.

    Thus far, we have managed to keep it alive and growing for him.

    • I think (didn’t go check, just going from memory) there have only been two months when we didn’t grow. We’ve been open for business for 14 months and it’s been fun, informative, and a pleasure to visit with you! Thank you — all of you — for being the best bloggers!

    • indypendent

      Our blog must be doing something right if we keep having others from over the fence bragging about peeking over – even though these same neanderthals brag they ran the unwanteds out of their play yard.

      Hee, hee…….that fact alone makes me think Steven might be smiling down on us and saying ‘good one’.

      • WSClark

        Yes, one of the most obnoxious of the Neanderthals implied that he had “infiltrated” Pop Blog.


        (Bring it on! This is a monitored blog!)

  6. indypendent

    WS Clark wrote: Apparently, the mud plug has done it’s job, but the leak has to be sealed with concrete, so the effort is still a work in progress.

    Is that concrete sealing work going to be done by Halliburton?

    God, I hope not.

  7. indypendent

    Why would anyone have to brag about infiltrating a blog? Is their life really that pathetic?