Wednesday, 5/26/10, Public Square

There’s no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you.  —  Will Rogers


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  1. Someone might think perhaps to write a word or 2 on Rand Paul’s “Accidents happen” comment. Sure it was an accident, but he doesn’t seem to recall:

    -11 people died due to this ‘blunder’

    -Countless wildlife are dying and probably not an easy death either. ‘Whoops!’

    -People are losing their livlihoods. ‘Oopsie!’

    -There goes beach tourism. ‘Cripes! Better visit Graceland instead’

    Drill. Baby. Drill.

    • indypendent

      Thanks for making this observation. I think sometimes we all get into this political talking and we sometimes lose sight of the human and environmental consequences of the disaster.

      And what makes me even angrier is when I read about some Republicans blocking to raise BP’s cap liability amount.

      I realize Republicans are sworn to bow down and worship the Golden Idol of Corporate Profits but at what cost to the rest of us?

  2. prairie pond

    Believe it or not, shrimp was on sale here last week, nice frozen stuff. So… I bought 15 pounds. It’s likely imported, but if this oil goes around the world as predicted, shrimp may not be affordable or available. Ditto with a lot of other seafood.

    And I guess the days of slurping up raw oysters and boiled shrimp at Captain’s Gulf Coast Oyster Bar are gone for at least a generation.

    I dont know whether to cry or cuss. And having watched hail beat down my wheat crop to little pieces, I know what it’s like to lose your income for at least a year.

    But the wheat will grow again next year. What we harvest from the Gulf? Not so much.

    Jesus wept

  3. prairie pond

    Maybe we need to write about this too?

    Death threats against congressmen and women are up by a wide margin. And when you read this, take a look at who’s doing it.

    Big surprise. Angry, white conservative men.

    • wicked

      I wonder how many of those angry, white conservative men served in Vietnam.

      • indypendent

        Whenever I hear Republicans say that all terrorists are Muslims, I just cringe because I still remember the videos of Timothy McVeigh.

        McVeigh was a white guy, trained in our military who thought it was okay to bring death and destruction because he was upset with our government. That is terrorism – plain and simple.

        Terrorism comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and political stripes.

  4. prairie pond

    …and of course, the wingnuts will say it’s liberals doing this and pretending to be conservative, white men.

    Uh-huh. Denial. It aint just a river in Egypt.

    • I have achieved a personal goal, it took me a while, but I’m there! The wingnuts and their various excuses and accusations are entertaining now! It’s actually great to realize they all sound alike. Some are more articulate, form complete sentences and even know how to spell and punctuate, but their words have the same meaning as the wingnuts without those skills. We hate Democrats, we especially hate Obama, he is ______ (here’s where they get to show their creativity!)…

      • I forgot to mention that after they end their diatribe about Obama and democrats they then tell you how they hate no one, they are full of love and joy, and god bless you everyone.

      • That would make a great post too, in my humble opinion.

      • We seldom have a thread that doesn’t mention this problem, Lisa! We’re not fans of the pseudo-godly who represent nothing good. Their work is evil, and they give the credit for their work to god.

  5. What’s it look like this morning so far, PP? Any obvious damage like your truck isn’t where you left it, the barn doesn’t have a roof, that old tree you climbed as a girl isn’t there?

    • Prairie Pond

      Just a quick post on break….

      I had crappy roads, almost slid off in a couple of places. They were packed from the hard rain, but slick as snake snot in spots. Unexpected slick spots. Oy.

      The big thing was high water. Running SWIFTLY across the road. I had to take three different roads to find one I could cross. It had water running too, but my neighbor said it was only a foot deep. He drove it earlier. I wouldnt have crossed it otherwise.

      Also, the hail blew out the driver side mirror on my truck, and I have major dents. You’ll see them on the 12th as I’m sure they wont be fixed by then. The adjuster will come out and look at my roof. Lots of leaves beat off the trees all the way to town. All three ways!

      And.. it’s fixin’ to rain. Again. The high water looked like it was just getting to my place when I left. All creeks full. I HOPE I get home tonight. Summer needs her dinner and I need a shower!

      • WSClark

        God be with you on your journey, Ms. Pond. Be careful – discretion is the greater part of valor.

        Hitch a ride with someone that has a four-wheel drive truck or stay in town if need be. Summer wouldn’t be happy, but she could wait ’til morning to eat.

        She would be sad if she lost her Weim Mommy.

        Please let us know that you got home safely. We’ll be praying for you.

  6. prairie pond

    Hi Fnord. So far it looks like surprisingly little damage, but I havent ventured any farther than the windows. Just some tree branches down, etc. I’ll check the truck when I leave and look at the roof while I’m out there.

    I’m leaving soon. Muddy roads, ya know?

    • wicked

      I hope the drive wasn’t too bad. I know sometimes in the boonies that if it rains hard enough, it packs the roads tighter. It’s those slow soakers that sometimes make travel a biatch.

      Fingers are crossed there’s little damage.

  7. itolduso

    Hope as much is okay as possible. Sounds like you had a very close call. Stuff lost, though painful, can usually be replaced. Even if it can’t, missing things are better than missing people, pets, or limbs.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    It was a memorable thing said after a storm in OKla, I had decided to go visit with a brother-in-law who managed the local Ford dealership and stopped for gas in the Motor cycle.

    When I came out I looked up and the sky was aqua marine and the clouds boiling!
    I took off for home, the wind kicked in and without turning the throttle I was going 45 miles an hour.
    When I turned the corner heading home and cross wind, I had to lean so far I could have just put my hand down and touch the pavement.

    I got home and my wife had opened the gate and the garage door thank ya hun!
    For what seemed like over thirty minutes the wind and rain beat the crap out of my house.
    After it died down I went out to see the damage.

    I looked at the roof to see if any shingles were left and then I remembered the newly acquired ten by ten shed we had just put up at the back of the yard.

    The foundation was still there and the stuff we had put in the shed but no walls or roof to be seen!

    I suddenly heard a woman’s voice from across the street, “Looking for ya’ll shed?”
    I said yes and she pointed to a tree in her yard, “It there rapped around my tr-ee!”.

    Neatly wrapped around the trunk of the tree was the tin walls and roof.

    “Yaa… I was watch’n from my house and the shed did not shake or anything!
    Looked like it was nothing wrong and was doing go-da.

    Then suddenly it just BLOWN UP!”.

  9. wicked

    They want less government, but they’re screaming for Obama to step in and do something. Such as?

    After the Valdez affair, laws were put into place that stated any oil spill or like disaster would be the responsibility of the company–NOT THE GOVERNMENT OR TAX PAYERS–both for the cleanup and financially.

    FEMA is working down in the Gulf on this. One of my sons-in-law is looking into going down to help. The pay is good. Really good. I’m guessing the Gov’t is paying? That means us, folks, not BP, I’m sure.

    BP should be blackballed around the world after this fiasco.

    • indypendent

      On television last night – there were Louisiana shrimpers interviewed where they are going out on their boats and soaking up the oil with some type of absorbent material.

      They are supposed to be paid by BP – but very few have received checks.

      I think it is was Diane Sawyer talking to this group of local people. They all blame BP – not the government. But that might change with enough time passing by and no results.

  10. indypendent

    ‘Their work is evil, and they give the credit for their work to god’

    I don’t see it as giving credit to their god – I see it as making God take the blame for these idiots.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if God just one day reached down from the Heavens and just smacked these people upside their heads? Now that is one Bible-thumping incident I would pay to watch!


  11. Briston Palin says that Levi Johnston is a stranger to her.

    I beg to differ.

    • indypendent

      I heard Bristol is now on the speaking circuit, so I guess whatever it takes to make that extra buck is what we will be hearing.

      But, you’re right.

      Please, give us a break girl. We are not all as crazy as Mad Hatters at the Tea Party.

  12. badbiker

    We try to stay mum on this issue, but thought I might drop this tidbit on ya’ll.

    At the Nameless Blog, a regular poster recently returned under a different nic after an enforced absence, but it was fairly obvious who it was. A few weeks, he ‘fessed up as to who he was.

    And that’s fine – do whatever.

    With his identity exposed, he proceeded to trash Steven.

    I didn’t take the bait.

    Then he insinuated that he had infliltrated our humble little blog. Just braggin’, playing to his worshiping followers.

    Still didn’t take the bait and I even “invited” him to join us.

    (That ain’t gonna happen)

    What a strange world we live in……………………………

    • wicked

      Some people’s lives are so sad.

    • You can’t run from your past. I think it’s a good idea to try and look back to check if there is any progress in learning from it. So many mistakes to be made, why make one twice when there’s always a new one waiting.

      Any blogger who follows the rules is welcome. PPPs won’t turn away someone because of who they are, but will quickly get rid of them and their posts if what they have to say is cruel or hateful. Stupidity can show its butt here just like anyplace else as long as the blog rules are followed.

      Some days I am hit squarely in the face with the sadness that Steven is gone. Some days it’s so hard I can’t mention it. Trash Steven? People who just have cruelty and hate going for them aren’t someone I want to spend any time around.

      • Prairie Pond

        Fnord, I agree. Somedays, it’s like a fresh wound with the scab ripped off when I remember Steven is gone. I almost posted one morning that I sure miss him, but I thought that might make everyone as sad as it makes me.

        He was a great, great, GREAT friend and a very fine man. At his services, we could just see how much he was loved.

        I’m looking forward to our celebration. I just wish he was going to be there! At the very first meetup, (which was on his b-day!) he loved the fried chicken and tater salad.

        I will never, ever forget him. It’s amazing how much one blogger could affect so many people and so positively.

  13. badbiker

    “Stupidity can show its butt here just like anyplace else as long as the blog rules are followed.”

    And I show my stupid butt pretty much every day.

    In fact, it’s my specialty.

  14. What could be the upside of trashing Steven? Makes me hurt.

    • badbiker

      As usual, making stuff up, claiming that Steven got him banned, claiming that Steven sent him a derogatory e-mail a few days before he died, etc.

      Remember, this is the guy that accused me of sexually abusing my granddaughter.

      Consider the source.

      (BTW: He claims to be blind now and has a daughter.)

  15. I don’t want to talk about bloggers. I don’t want to talk about that other blog. This blog isn’t about them in any way shape or form!

    If Steven rec’d an email the weekend of his death it was probably never read. He didn’t do personal things at work. He and I had a way of getting in contact while he was at work and he trusted me not to use it unless it was important. If there was an email it is probably sitting unread forever in an inbox no one will ever again open.

    The blame game is such a silly childish game. Blaming a man who is dead takes the game to a new and lower level of stupidity.

    • badbiker

      Agreed. Steven was a good man and I am proud to have been able to call him a friend.

      ‘Nuff said.

  16. Freebird1971

    Sounds like I missed out on knowing a good man

  17. indypendent

    I generally find any person who is so bent on getting some kind of thrill off trashing others has the tendency of self-loathing and perhaps by their trashing someone else – anyone else- it makes them feel better about themselves?

    To me – it is just a waste of valuable time on this Earth and life is just too damn short to waste.