You Know What Else is Un-American, Rand Paul?

— from Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones contributer

Newly minted Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul apparently thinks that criticizing BP for the Gulf spill is “really un-American.” Because, you know, “sometimes accidents happen.”

You know what’s un-American? British Petroleum. You know what else is un-American? Operating your drilling rig in US waters under flag of the Marshall Islands so you can skirt Coast Guard oversight.

Here in Kansas we don’t have to worry about oil spills. At least untill Coffeyville KS floods again! ~ sekanblogger


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13 responses to “You Know What Else is Un-American, Rand Paul?

  1. I remember the last oil spills you had in Pittsburgh, Kansas!

    This disastrous thing on the coast upsets me beyond words. It’s been over a month now and it just gets worse with each passing day, no improvements, no solutions, just death to all the animals, plants, jobs…

    These BP people did this knowingly! There have to be some people put in jail for a very long time.

  2. Know what else is Unamerican. Not taking responsibility for your mistakes.

    Oh wait…that IS american..haha

  3. indypendent

    Why oh why do Republicans always defend Big Business – even when they are a foreign company.

    The Republicans in power since Reagan have been allowed to sell our country’s soul for the extra dime and these people still insist on giving these corporations complete control.

    I am not saying ALL corporations are bad – there are some good ones – but these corporations sure do like our socialistic government when all those subsidies and/or tax breaks are given out but yell like stuck pigs when a president dares to give some of that federal government to help every American citizen.

    I’m afraid Rand Paul has once again shown his colors. How dare Obama try to help every American citizen – who does that boy think he is?

  4. Prairie Pond

    You know what else is UnAmerican?

    Dont ask, dont tell. And Obama is thumbing his nose at gay folks again.

    “The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round.”

    And right over every queer in America.

    • indypendent

      I just don’t understand it either Prairie Pond. I suspect Obama is waiting for the most opportune time to tackle this issue – but I also know that Republicans will NEVER be ready to give in on any gay issue.

      This is one of the biggest wedge issue Republicans use to keep their supporters in line to vote for anything with an ‘R’ behind its name.

  5. indypendent

    When I think about Rand Paul’s political future, I can see two possible scenarios. He will win in Kentucky (simply because Kentucky is, after all, Kentucky) and he will get to the Senate and become another flash in the pan like Scott Brown.

    Or the possibility of Rand Paul in the Senate will be so distasteful to moderates and Independents that they will automatically go for the Democrat in the race to send a message to the Tea Party Republicans to shove their tea right up their tightie-whities.

    • TP repubs are already having their ”throw the bums out” attitude backfire.
      Didn’t Scott Brown just vote with the Dems?

      Bad Brown….bad, bad.

  6. You know what’s GOOD about Kentucky?
    It’s not South Carolina!

    • badbiker

      You do realize, Sekan, that come June 12th, you’re gonna get thumped by this proud Kentuckian!

  7. I betcha Palin feels stupid now….drill, baby, drill!!!!