Monday, 5/24/10, Public Square


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  1. Good morning, Prairie Pops!

    I’m off early this morning to watch a play at the middle school. My grand daughter has the lead role.

    Strange time for a play? Yes! It was originally scheduled for that Wednesday evening almost two weeks ago when tornadoes were popping up in the early evening and were followed by gully washing rain. Remember that night? Well, there are so few evenings left in the school year…

    At least the kids who worked hard will get to have an audience even if it will be a smaller one, mostly made up of all the kids who attend the school and the few parents and grandparents who are bums like me. 🙂 This being a bum does have its perks!

    The play is at 8, I need to stop by Dillons and get a rose… See ya around later in the morning!

    • Being a grandpa is fun too. I wish they weren’t as far (Joplin).
      The boy is graduating kindergarten and they have a cap and gown ceremony. This will be cute.

      • wicked

        My oldest grandson is graduating from kindergarten tomorrow (Wed.). He gradded from pre-K last year.

        Just how often do kids graduate these days?

  2. WSClark

    File this under “You have got to be kidding!”

    Wal-mart worker fired for stopping shoplifter

    Right here in our little town – Wal-mart on West Kellogg.

    I will be calling them this morning to protest.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    WS I can not tell you how loony Wal-Mart was getting it was to the point we wondered if the day was coming when you would get in trouble for not carrying the stolen items out to the thieves car!

    Only management is allow to stop a shop-lifter and they are so slow at responding because they know the company will not stand with them.

    Often the “loss Prevention devises” at the door are for show… Oh they work but it is more to make the criminal to think they might be caught. Not to actually catch them its like the recorded voice is suppose to make them fearful.

    If the alarm sounds, all you can do is ask the person to come back and have their bags checked.
    If they do not you can not even get close to them or be more stressful about it.

    Here is a good one! One day our door greeter was there at the door when a old woman walked out and the alarm sounded.

    He asked her to come back and she did it was simply that a tag had not been deactivated.

    A couple of months later, the woman sued Wal-Mart saying she is a Holocaust survivor and his blue vest reminded her of the Nazi uniform and being asked to come back to be check. Reminded her of the time she spent in a Death camp and caused her to suffer emotional distress!

    She won the law suit since Wal-Mart had thought this case was so out there they did not settle.
    The jury decided for her!!!

    I guess they got gun shy….

    • indypendent

      Is suspect the jury in that lady’s case was trying to send a message to monopolizing corporations like Walmart to back off their appearance of intensive watching of customers walking out the door.

      When I think of shopping, my mind always goes to the blue-vested person at the front of Walmart just waiting to pounce on anyone. But I do not have that feeling at Target or Dillons.

      And I suspect alot of other people feel the same way??

      • tosmarttobegop

        You live in fear of old and gray men?
        Generally it is the job given to the weakest and a make job for the elderly.

  4. My son works in retail sales in Wichita. The companies cannot legally do ANYTHING if someone is caught stealing from them, they have to get law enforcement to handle it. Items that are stolen are simply written off and they’d much rather do that than have one of their employees injured (often cheaper to). I think they went a bit far by firing her, though. My son takes issue with Walmart wanting to check his bags when he is leaving and will refuse their attempts at doing this. It’s a personal thing with him.

    • indypendent

      I take offense when the blue-vested person is standing there and watching me check out and then asks for my receipt.

      Since that time, I always go right up to the blue-vested almighty one and make them look at my receipt. I have gotten several ‘no, I do not need to see it’ replies to me but I always attempt to show it to them.

      It’s a personal thing with me and I know how your son feels moonshadow.

      Even thought Walmart is the giant in retail sales, I also think they have a pretty bad reputation – either well deserved or not.

      I heard on the Talk Radio some talking idiot crowing about how Walmart rakes in more millions each minute as compared to other retail chains.

      And then the thought it hit me – well, why wouldn’t they be the bigger seller simply due to the fact that Target is not open 24/7 and Dillons does not sell everything under the sun next to the bread and milk.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    In one year, there was more stolen out of just electronics then my house is worth.
    Something that is to consider, the employees bonuses are based on the store’s profit.
    AND any shortages are taken from the store’s profit so the end result is that anyone stealing from a Wal-Mart is actually stealing from those who made less then ten dollars an hour.

    The corporation does not take a loss, the employees do.