Got Air?

Alright, have you turned your AC on yet? ‘Mon ‘fess up!

Well, today should be our first 90 degree day of the year. Most have fired up that cooling, but energy consuming beast that lives in the backyard.

Not me. I always TRY to wait as long as possible to turn on the AC, knowing that once I do, I won’t shut if off until Fall.

We’ll see how far my resolve goes today……………………………

And, no, I am not posting this while sitting naked at my desk.

So, how about you? Give in yet?

William Stephenson Clark


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32 responses to “Got Air?

  1. Mine went on yesterday. The humidity made the air heavy and hotter. I tried opening windows and the wind felt like a blast furnace.

    I hope it only has to stay on a couple of days and can go off again.

    • badbiker

      Can’t do it just yet – tempting – especially when I see the dogs panting, but we spend a lot of time outdoors and the patio is partially covered.

      Besides, I just hate giving money to Westar Energy!

  2. I’ve had my on and off and on for a while now. My poor old house had window problems. If I could get more windows open I probably wouldn’t have the AC on yet. Many years ago when I had a house full of kids we suffered through many a summer swelter without AC. After the a month of the electric bill being $300 it was turned of for 10 years. We have a nice cool basement and a public pool with family passes within a couple blocks. The kids lived in their swimsuits, played all night, slept in tents in the yard or in basement during the day. A few years I had water coolers, yucky sticky. Found my envelopes and stamps stuck together, but at least it was cool enough to cook during the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ten years without A/C — that’s toughing it out in Kansas.

    Like you, when I grew up we didn’t have A/C so there wasn’t any option. The coolest place was outside under a shade tree. But I was a kid. Today I’m older and more spoiled!

    There were days in the past when there weren’t any pennies to watch. Today, we have a few we can watch — closely, but at least we have them.

    • wicked

      We did it for over 20 on the farm. I’ve become spoiled in the last 10 years and want my AC in the summer.

      No, my AC is not yet turned on. I picked up new filters yesterday and will change them out before bedtime tonight. I’ll probably turn it on after that. My hands are aching, thanks to the humidity and heat. We won’t discuss my knees. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m not looking forward to paying the higher electric bill. It was nice to have a couple of months without either gas or electric being high, but I guess I’ll pay the price, if only to be able to move without complaining.

  4. With my dad being totally disabled, I spend a lot of time at their house, it’s always at least 78 in the winter. I was there 3 hours today and they had the windows open.

    HELL YES I turned the AC on!

    • Boy do I know what you’re talking about, Tracy. My Mom moved back to Wichita one year ago and I can’t spend much time at her house and she can’t spend too much time at my house. At least when she comes here we can wrap her up until she’s heated to around 85, at her house we have trouble breathing that hot air. She’s probably right in her element today and won’t turn on her A/C until outdoor temps are up around 100.

  5. Daniel

    We haven’t turned our AC on yet.

    One thing that really helps is having a whole-house attic fan.

    I get up good and early and pull in that cool morning air and then close up the house. Having good shade trees on the south and west sides of the house keeps the heat from building up too much.

    At about 10pm we’ll open up the house and pull in that cool evening air.

    • wicked

      That’s the way to do it. At least until it comes to the point where it doesn’t cool off at night.

      I swear my landlord told me the second switch in the hall was for an attic fan. Funny, but I’ve been in the attic and never found anything remotely like a fan. Furnace, yes. Fan, no.

  6. Welcome to PPPs, Daniel.

    I’ve never had one of those whole house fans, but my daughter and her family do, and you are absolutely right about the benefits.

    I was just outside and it is cooling down finally. I think we’re only predicted to have one more day of high temps and high humidity. For a tiny time anyway. ‘Tis Kansas.

    • Daniel

      Thanks for the welcome, fnord.

      The whole-house fan installation was the first thing we did when we bought this house.

  7. I live in NC, so we probably started on and off in March.

    • Hi Lisa, welcome to Prairie Pops!

      I have a sister who lives in a suburb of Charlotte. In fact I visited her back in early March (or maybe late Fed.) and I know you’ve needed A/C since then! You live in a beautiful part of the world! I was sad to learn of that kudzu stuff.

      I’ll have to look up some info to share with out other bloggers about that experiment in controlling soil erosion that went bad.

      • Ohhh, kudzu. BAD! I don’t have personal relationship with the stuff but I remember hearing about it a long time ago. This has happened with a LOT of things. Last night I was watching a PBS show and found out that the American Chestnut is all but extinct thanks to the import of the Chinese Chestnut and the disease that came with it. Then there’s the Lost Lady Bug project (google it or check the archives on my blog) where imports have chased out indigenous varieties. Wasn’t there a problem with imported sparrows way back when? When will they learn?

  8. I had never heard the word kudzu until I visited the Charlotte, NC area early this spring.

    During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Soil Conservation Service promoted kudzu for erosion control. Hundreds of young men were given work planting kudzu through the Civilian Conservation Corps. Farmers were paid as much as eight dollars an acre as incentive to plant fields of the vines in the 1940s.

    It came from Japan and doesn’t grow there like it does in our southeast. Seems the hot humid conditions of the SE United States are perfect for this stuff. Now it has overtaken literally everything.

    Google ‘ kudzo’ and take a look at the pictures.

    Can’t kill it, only keep cuttin’ it back. It’s worse than trying to keep your lawn mowed in the rainy season and as difficult to keep ahead of. In areas where no one is doing regular and frequent maintenance it has simply taken over.

  9. Yes, Kudzuland here, Wilmington. I’ve seen a big patch of it growing by the side of the road, and I mean BIG.

  10. “The problem is that it just grows too well! The climate of the Southeastern U.S. is perfect for kudzu. The vines grow as much as a foot per day during summer months, climbing trees, power poles, and anything else they contact. Under ideal conditions kudzu vines can grow sixty feet each year.

    While they help prevent erosion, the vines can also destroy valuable forests by preventing trees from getting sunlight. This problem led Dr. James H. Miller of the U.S. Forest Service in Auburn, Alabama to research methods for killing kudzu. In eighteen years of research, he has found that one herbicide actually makes kudzu grow better while many have little effect.”

  11. indypendent

    My house was busy with a wedding this past Saturday so when I went to turn on the AC because my daughter and wedding party was getting dressed, hair and make up done at my house – the dang thing just blew hot air in my face.

    We bought this house last November and had no reason to even turn on the AC since the winter seemed to go right into wet spring and then the past week was downright wet and cold – I was forced to turn on the furnace one night early last week because I started shivering at night and that was it for me.

    So, imagine my dismay and a colorful phrase when I realized I had a house full of people who were sweating and my AC was blowing out hot air! We got a home warranty when we closed for the house, so today they got a phone call for urgent request.

    Now watch the weather turn back to the wet and cold stuff again. I swear, you never know what you miss until you cannot have it.

    But we all survived the sweathouse, we arrived by limo at the designated time and the wedding went off great. We all had a good time – in spite of being a little ‘wilted’.


    • Indy,

      What a story! Glad the wedding went off well! Your attitude is one we could ALL hope to have! I would have become a basket case, messed up my day and probably others.

      Glad your house had that home warranty too and that the A/C failed while it was still valid! We’ve lived here for almost 20 years now and the house had a home warranty when we bought it. The garage door opener and the oven waited until we’d been here 13 months to fail. But the two of them together didn’t cost what an A/C does.

      • indypendent

        Thanks for the compliment. I was trying to be on my best behavior – but you noticed I did say ‘colorful phrase’ in my story – LOL.

        The wedding was beautiful and everyone had a good time -and isn’t that what family events should be?

        Your son’s wedding is coming up soon, as I remember. You’re lucky – you get to fly in to enjoy the wedding and then leave. But that’s the advantage of being the groom’s mother – huh?

        I don’t mind telling you – I am exhausted today!

  12. wicked

    I was introduced to kudzu in 2000 on a road trip from southern IL to D.C. with a friend and her hubby. Between it and the white crosses scattered throughout the Smoky Mtns., there was always something to look for.

  13. I just like to say kudzoo.
    oops, spelt it wronk.
    There, now I feel better.

  14. indypendent

    I would like to send out a welcome to our newest bloggers – Daniel, Moonshadow and Lisa.

    Our group is a fine bunch of people. We sometimes disagree but we all care deeply about our country’s political battles.

    But our people are more than just bloggers sparring over political topics – we are people who genuinely care about one another as friends – even though I have never met a single one of my fellow bloggers!

  15. tosmarttobegop

    Do not have A.C.

  16. Thanks, glad to have found such a friendly place!