Jim Hightower ~ A REAL Populist

I say Jim is a real populist, because right now, the right wingers have attempted to hijack the populist image. Beck, Palin and the Tea Party in particular. Let’s be clear. A populist is in this game to improve the lot of the average person. Beck, Palin, and the Tea Party are in this to FATTEN THEIR WALLETS!


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5 responses to “Jim Hightower ~ A REAL Populist

  1. Watching the video brings back memories of intro econ classes and discussions of “free markets”. A principle of a free market is that both buyer and seller have equal access to all relevant information concerning the proposed transaction. That is what regulations of the kind discussed in the video seek. Of course, Monsato (to use the topic discussed) doesn’t want this.

    Kinda like the 1933 and 1934 Securities Acts and regulations propounded thereunder; much ado (to this day) over “interference by the government” in the “free market” (see also the latest round of complaints about the financial reform legislation recently passed). Note to those so complaining: such “interference” would not be needed if tidbits like Goldman, Sachs taking a ‘hedge’ (read bet against the transaction) against certain mortgage-backed securities at the time said securities were being offered had been disclosed, together with why the ‘hedge’ was felt to be necessary.

    As we know, that information was not available to those investing in these wonderful securities prior to making the deal. Had it been, those securities would likely (a) not have been purchased, or (b) been purchased at a significant discount reflecting the buyer’s evaluation of the quality of risk to be undertaken. We couldn’t have that, of course; either result would adversely affect the bonus size, which would not help the executive(s) make their mortgage payments on that small cottage in the Hamptons. /sarcasm

  2. So it boils down to who do you trust, whose interpretation is the one you believe?

    To make it all more complicated, we’ve chosen up sides and aren’t talking to each other. Doesn’t that mean it’s highly unlikely we might listen as attentively to ALL that might be relevant information?

  3. Good explanation 67.
    I just like Jim’s style and his unpretentious looks.
    Usually you see him in bluejeans and a cowboy hat.
    Can you imagine Palin, the phony champion of joe 6 pack coming out to speak in jeans?