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  1. david B

    Financial reform passed the Senate! Committees to work out details and differences with the House bill.

    A second major legislative victory by the Obama team.

  2. He does too much, he does too little, everything he does is screwed up because … it isn’t being accomplished under Republican leadership! 😉

    What? The GOP has no agenda of its own, no ideas, no solutions to offer as counter points?


    Obama is a SOCIALIST!

    • indypendent

      When Obama does it – it is socialism. But when a Republican does it – it is okay.

      That about sums it up.

  3. Genome from a bottle

    Using a made-from-scratch genome, scientists have breathed a new kind of life into a bacterium. The feat, published May 21 in Science, holds great promise for creating designer organisms that might do things like produce vaccines, synthesize biofuels, purify water or eat spilled oil.

    In the new study, researchers from the J. Craig Venter Institute carefully stitched together the entire genome of the bacteria Mycoplasma mycoides and put it into a different kind of bacteria, Mycoplasma capricolum. This unprecedented wholesale genome swap caused the M. capricolum cell to switch species. The newly converted cell was nearly identical to the natural M. mycoides.

    continue —

    • indypendent

      All this science stuff is way over my head. But I see some potential good in any research that can benefit mankind.

      But on the other hand, can this new technology also be used for evil?

      I noticed the phrase -nearly identical – being used. What part of nearly is going to be come back to bite us in the ass?

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Of course I spent some time thinking about the Rand Paul statement and what he was really talking about.

    Not that it was truly about Civil rights but that it was about just what powers the Government should have.

    I understood where he was coming from, my finally thought was this:

    I want not just Dr. Paul but every Politicians to think this way:

    The Government whether local or Federal is the largest and heaviest creature that moves in its Realm.

    When ever it takes a step, it never treads lightly when its foot falls it impacts the ground where it falls.

    Leaving a imprint.

    A misstep leaves damages that can never be rendered whole afterwards or the same once the Government’s foot is planted.

    So I want every Politicians to think not just once but three times should we take this step?

    Should we be moving that way and is it the right thing to do?

    The 1964 Civil rights act was the right step to take. Whether the Federal Government actually had the entitlement to take that step.

    But there is a double edged sword when doing things like it.

    Any Government that is given the entitlement to tell its people who they CAN NOT discriminated against.

    Then is given the entitlement to tell its people who they CAN discriminated against.

    • indypendent

      To me, the Civil Rights Act was more than just the govenment telling its citizens who they cannot discriminate against. It was trying to right a wrong that had been going on for years.

      The unfortunate part was that our country even needed to do it at all. If we are such a Christian nation, then why were indulging people that wanted segregation based on race?

      Perhaps the government is being overhanded – I don’t know. But who is going to decide at what level is too much?

      For all their yapping and yelling, I notice the majority of Tea Partiers are the ones benefiting from that evil government either through Medicare or tax breaks/subsidies for their businesses.

      So, if the government tells a business they cannot discriminate due to race is evil – but that same government giving that business a subsidy to outsource their jobs to a third world country is just hunky-dory?

      • indypendent

        We have lost something of great value in the last few generations.

        We have lost the pride, ownership and responsbility of being an American.

        We currently have alot of takers that abuse our country for what they can get but yet when it come to actually defending our country (and not just militarily) and being willing to contribute to our country’s success – we have far too few ‘real’ Americans.

      • tosmarttobegop

        I have to agree with that! Even though I question if the Government actually has the entitlement i.e. the authority to order that tolerance. We as a people just were not doing the job that needed to be done.

        Here is the most controversial thought, not often and rarely excusable but some times whether legally permissible or not things have to be done to bring about justice.

        . “But who is going to decide at what level is too much?”

        We do, every or at least the majority decide As you pointed out that such things that are a benefit to us is deemed right, just and legal.

      • indy, I agree. This is to me best demonstrated from an occurrence a few years ago wherein I posted my opinion (on another blog) that I personally felt there should be a requirement that all persons give four years to public service out of high school, be it to the military or other public function. This would be a condition precedent to entering college, etc.

        The tenor of one response in particular somewhat took me aback. While I cannot recall it verbatim, it was to the effect that since I was subject to the draft, it was my opinion that the younger folks should also be so subject, a very unfair thought on my part as that would delay this particular blogger’s entry into the business world impeding his acquisition of money. The selfishness inherent in that position was evident.

        Or, in the words of a contemporary, only suckers went into the military; there was no way to make up for the fiscal losses he would suffer had he been in that position (he had a very high number in the draft lottery, and was able to sit back, drink his beer, and denounce the anti-war protestors in comfort). Hypocrite? Yes; but a harbinger of things to come.

  5. prairie pond

    Hi too smart!

    Ok, here is my newest, most favorite website.

    Some tidbits to whet your appetite:

    “Rand Paul is more fun than recess in heaven.”

    “Now, I know that Rachel Maddow is tough. She is so tough that when carpenters buy a box of nails, they say ‘hand me some those Rachels.’”

    “You know how many Libertarians it takes to change a lightbulb? None. The darkness will cause the lightbulb to change itself. ‘And maybe that’s why the Looneytarians are all in the dark,’ Juanita suspects.”

    Check it out. It’s full of “gee, I wish I’d said that” stuff.

  6. prairie pond

    Ok, well, dammit. I gotta go to work today. It’s not raining anymore. Wish me well in my travels through the Land of Wingnuttia!

  7. WSClark

    Dang, sunshine! I was beginning to think that someone put it out. It’s still unseasonably cool, can’t put the sweatshirts away yet, but we’re looking much better.

    I am taking my oldest and youngest out for breakfast to celebrate my daughter’s 35 birthday (yesterday) this morning.

    Just the three of us for the first time in a very long time. I’m looking forward to it. I’m hungry as Hell, too, so the server can’t get it to the table too soon!

    Have a great day – catch ya’ll later!

    • tosmarttobegop

      Make sure to let them set in the mini van where their brothers normally set!

      They will be so impressed….

  8. Rand Paul has a first/last name mix up!
    And as long as we’re link dropping…..

  9. tstb,

    “We do, every or at least the majority decide As you pointed out that such things that are a benefit to us is deemed right, just and legal.”

    I can agree with you now completely!

    I understand that your thoughts on what Rand Paul said about the Civil Rights Act went beyond that one act and were directed at the question of whether government has over reached in their authority. Had we isolated Dr. Paul’s comments to the one subject he was commenting about, I don’t think there would have been any controversy, any questions. We all completely agree that the Civil Rights Act (all of it!) was needed and wasn’t an over reach of government!

    Even Dr. Rand Paul is now saying that. He changed his stance and what he says publicly. Was it so he would sound more politically correct and electable? Or did he truly see the subject differently, gain a new perspective and understanding thereby allowing him to honestly agree with all parts of The Civil Rights Act? We’ll never know for sure, but I’m glad to hear him now endorse that law!

    • tosmarttobegop

      I caught his conflict it was the right thing to do but it also was something that that the Constitution did not enable the government to do.

      • itolduso

        Sorry for the hit and run, but I just saw this. If the Constitution did not enable the government to do it, it should never have happened. No excuse for it. Ever

      • itolduso, the founders were wise enough they even provided a provision by which we can change the Constitution. Not an easy way, thank goodness, but a way!

        Are you one of those people who believes our country needs to go backwards to the days the Constitution was written?

        I plan to go forward! We Americans are not even finished improving and making better!

  10. Paul says Obama looks Un-American for criticizing BP.

    Amazing. Allowing a foreign company to foul our environment and do it with impunity is the American way. I didn’t get that memo. I feel better now.

    • Paul is off to a rough start in his political life, isn’t he? People are listening to him and what he says might need to be thought about a bit longer, phrased a bit differently, looked at from other perspectives and understandings?

      I think he has been cradled in his little millionaire privileged life too long!

    • tosmarttobegop

      Now that is going beyond the ideology to simple Political grandstanding.
      And stupid too!

    • indypendent

      But that won’t prevent BP from looking to Obama’s socialist government for help in the clean up of their mess – will it?

  11. tosmarttobegop

    Ahh like several here the sun is out and there is things still left undone…. Now muddy and wet things to be done. (OK Indy get your mind out of the gutter!)

    I have already moved a old freezer off the patio which is something I should have hauled off during city wide clean-up.

    Now to move all the dirt, leaves and trash from the patio.
    Just moving the freezer has left my clean jeans marked with mud and grime.

    • indypendent

      Me, in the gutter? LOL

      Life has to have laughs as well as its serious times. A successful life is a balance of the two.

      And I’ve learned life is too short to take ourselves all that serious while discussing politics.


  12. indypendent

    6176 wrote: Or, in the words of a contemporary, only suckers went into the military;

    I remember when John Kerry said something to this effect – only he used the reference of young people not going to college wind up fighting in Iraq – during his presidential campaign and Bush and Republicans went off the deep end.

    Remember that?

    Well, as Iraq War turned out – Bush had to use the National Guard for revolving-door tours to get enough soldiers in there for the NeoCons war-for-profit.

    I still remember watching older men -in their 40’s, 50’s and some 60’s go over to Iraq while the Republican-controlled Congress ran up the deficit and spent money like a drunken sailor on his first shore leave.

    But now Obama spending money on American citizens is evil?


  13. indypendent

    I think Rand Paul is a flash in the pan. The Tea Partiers ar crowing so loudly about their big win but what have they really won?

    The proof is in the pudding – as my grandma used to say.

    Come November is when we will all find out just exactly how much power the Tea Party Set has.

    I suspect not much.

  14. Rand Paul will probably decide whether he is or isn’t electable. He can think things through before speaking and sound reasonable enough to be electable, or he can open his mouth and sound controversial to many. It’s his game to win or lose.

    I’m sad that every American doesn’t see the strengths and weaknesses of the Libertarian Party. There are some really really weak parts of that philosophy! The strong parts sound so good, maybe people just want to concentrate on those.

    • indypendent

      I read somewhere (can’t remember where now) but the reason Mitch McConnell was so against Rand Paul was because he knew he would implode.

      I guess maybe Mitch was right, for a change?

      Personally, I think there were people that voted for Rand Paul simply to send a message to McConnell and Jim Bunning that they were no longer running the show.

      I wonder how many of these Paul voters were actually Republicans or were some Democrats and/or Independents to make sure a Tea Party candidate was on the ballot because it was a 50/50 bet as to how soon the TP’er would implode?

      It’s starting to look very good for the Democrat in the race – and I don’t even know who that is.

    • Indy!

      Would democrats do something that might tip a Republican battle? 😉

      I hadn’t thought of that, but it is an excellent point and quite possible.

      The Democratic opponent is Jack Conway and he is the current AG of Kentucky. Here’s his wiki page —

      I’m guessing the race this fall got easier for him when Rand won the Republican primary.

  15. Here’s a state board of education that wants to go backwards and take all the children who live there with them! Pied Piper anyone?

    Texas State Board of Education approves new curriculum standards

  16. Hey, stopped by to drop another linkie.
    “Moe” is a blast.
    Gets in fights on facebook, reminds me of the wife!

  17. itolduso

    itolduso, the founders were wise enough they even provided a provision by which we can change the Constitution. Not an easy way, thank goodness, but a way!

    Are you one of those people who believes our country needs to go backwards to the days the Constitution was written?

    I plan to go forward! We Americans are not even finished improving and making better!


    I think it is fantastic that the founding fathers were wise enough to include within the Constitution a method to change the Constitution

    Are you one of those folks who believe the govenment should do whatever if feels like is in the best interests of the people, whether or not the Constitution give them the authority? Or even violating the Constitution?

  18. itolduso


    Good. We agree.