Have you ever seen the Harlem Globe Trotters?  If so then you also saw the Washington Generals, the basket ball team that plays against the Trotters. The Generals are made up of pro basket ball players, they are not just a bunch of wannabes and they do win sometimes. Nor is the game just a give-a-way for the entertainment of the crowd, both sides are playing to win.  Although often it could be thought that the Generals are there just to make it look like a real contest.  It’s how the Trotters play and how the Generals play that makes the difference. One plays with style and trick shots while the other plays like any NBA team plays.

Often it seem like the Kansas Democratic party are the Generals, they do have the knowledge and skill to play and win, but not the ability to out play the Kansas Republican party.  It is assumed that the other side is going to win so perhaps the feeling is why try the best you can?  There have been examples of Democratic wins.  Like the Generals once in awhile there is the unexpected win and it shows that the end result is not always a sure thing for the Republicans.  It could be that the Republicans are just so sure that they will win that they slack off and do not play the game they know how to play.

Now the obvious problem and differences between the two parties is that the Republicans do walk in lock step. Only on rare occasions does the average Republicans not vote for the R, it is only when the candidate who the party puts up is such a loser that the everyday Republican shakes awake long enough to not vote straight party line.  Otherwise the party is united and it is a foregone conclusion that who ever is the Republican candidate is who the party voter will vote for and support.  The Democratic does not have that luxury, every candidate is a repeat of the duel between Obama and Clinton, the party divides into a out and out fight based on degrees of ideology. And how far each candidate is to the left, a battle between the more centrist and progressive.

Now keep in mind this is Kansas, not known for the majority being left leaning.  Barbara Boxer is exactly where she needs to be to win an election.  If she was in Kansas, she would be standing next to P.P. and T. B. shouting about how evil this State is!  Kansas is at best a center right state, not totally blinded by a hard Right ideology but still Right or center leaning.   Another part of the problem is that with the Republican party it is the higher level of the State party who controls the party and they are for now hard Right.

But the Democrats are more working from the bottom up, saying that it is the most passionate who controls and moves the Kansas Democratic party. Who are the most passionate?  Well just look at the people here and on the other blog, those outnumbered by the more moderate and thoughtful. But are driven by the emotional response who are the passionate.  Who want to go toe to toe and get in the face of the Republicans, dreams of the fight and never give a inch in the debate or decision. Those are the ones who are the day to day movers within the Democratic party.

While it is true that the Republicans here have a battle between the moderate and the extreme on occasions. For us it is a long and drawn out process that it takes a building up a head of stream. And any changes only come after nearly a decade then may remain the same for the next decade or two.

With the Democratic it is a battle fought every year and often it is the one with the most passion that wins.

Why can not the Democratic come up with a candidate that is winnable?

(First Democrat Party Headquarters in Kansas)

Part I am sure is the defeatist outlook, anyone running in Kansas with a D beside their name is assumed to be the loser in the election. So any one who is an outstanding candidate is not interested for the most part in being seen as a loser.  The other is that again, any Democrat who is interested is also the outer passionate person who wants to change everything that is wrong right now.  It is a part of the Democratic D.N.A. and what is the drive and the downfall of the party. We are seeing that with the Obama administration and the Democratic controlled House.  Rush to change all that is wrong in a hurry and everything done has the taste of not all that good. It is not slow and deliberate with well thought out results and outcomes.  Just accepted and we will fix what is distasteful and wrong later on down the road after the first stone is laid. Of course the problem with that is that later on you have lost control and it remains broken and distasteful.  Also it is a weak and problem-some foundation to be building on. Rather then fixing the current problems it add more problems to the problems.

The only Democratic candidate here in Kansas that stands a chance is the centrist and moderate who cross-over Republicans and Independents can vote for. Giving them a choice between the hard right and Christian Right candidate that is put up because of who is controlling the GOP in Kansas.  Right now there is no choice for the larger numbers who are not Democratic in Kansas.

Here is another suggestion, as it plain people are not too attentive that is why the sound bite and the simply minded ads and statement are so much more effective.  Democrats want to discuss and define the problem and the well thought out solution.  Long and detailed in both and people are not hearing after a few minutes.  Often referring to aspects and details that may not be seen or known of, and may in the end not be important.  Their solution may include something that is not seen as having any relationship to the main problem.  This gives the Republicans to the chance to attack that aspect to side step the main problem and solution.

Remember the whole rat thing about the stimulus package?  In a long list of programs and purposes for funding going to cleaning up and making safer wetlands close to San Francisco. At the bottom was nothing more then a mention of it would also help the endangered swamp rats who live in the wetlands.  That was what the Conservatives latched on to and went on and on about funding for rats!  And of course since that was the most outlandish and easiest to understand it grew legs and ran.

But that is often how it works with Politics and the way the Democratic outline thing it often happens.  The feeling there is a need to outline everything that will be accomplished by the effort.  As if there is the need to explain all the benefits to justify the goal.  A sales pitch for everyone to agree to it and see the greater goal.  But if the problem is worth the solution it should be enough and able to see the simple benefit.  The way that the Kansas Democratic can make end roads is to remain focused and use the “K.I.S.S” method “Keep It Simple Stupid”  Focus on the bigger problems and the real solutions then go for the smaller problems.  This can be the hardest thing for many Democrats to accept or do since it is seen that all problems are equal and if it is a problem is has to be solved! Refer back to the Democratic DNA.


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  2. This is a clip from a story about Rand Paul —

    “We are encountering a day of reckoning,” Paul said Tuesday night in one of his many ominous, end-is-near warnings. “And this Tea Party movement is a message to Washington that we are unhappy, and we want things done differently.”

    It’s a pitch that Paul, 47, serves up in an unpolished monotone that all but screams “nonpolitician” – which is precisely what so many conservatives find attractive about him.

    “A candidate who isn’t that smooth may come across as more authentic, especially in this environment,” said GOP consultant Dan Schnur.

    Since he sounds nothing like a politician and is “unpolished” that makes him anything but a democrat! I think the jury is out on exactly what he is, but we know what he isn’t!

  3. Democrats do think things through and all the while they’re thinking and explaining the Republicans are finding the one or two soundbites they can exaggerate and make fun of.

    Yes, I’ve seen that. In fact I’ve participated in blogs where the Republicans behave that way. I find it distasteful and childish.

    I’ve also seen that once the Republicans win with their ‘tactics’ they have no ideas, no solutions, too often they busy themselves with their ‘affairs’ that have nothing to do with governing.

    • indypendent

      Speaking of ‘affairs’ – another Conservative Republican resigned due to his own personal problems along that line.

      Rep Mark Souder is his name. He is a proud Evangelical Christian that even did an abstinence only video with his mistress. Is that hypocricy or what?

      I read about this buffoon on Huffington Post a few days ago. But yesterday, there was an even hypocritical twist to this little sordid story. It seems this buffoon has come out publicly and thinks that the environment in Washington DC made his cheat on his wife.

      I can understand and forgive people of any political party when they stand up and take responsibility for their actions – but to now blame it on the city where he lived.

      Seriously, folks, these Evangelical Christian Republicans just make me want to thump them on their head with their own Bible – but first I’ll have to stop laughing at how stupid they are.

  4. prairie pond

    “not totally blinded by a hard Right ideology”

    Excuse me? I beg to differ. I think the majority of kansans are blinded by a hard RELIGIOUS right ideology. Almost eighty percent voted in favor of the hate amendment.

    In my experience, there are two major problems with the kansas democrats (and I use that term generously).

    One is that they are like victims who suffer from the Stockholm syndrome. They’ve been beaten down so many times they’ve internalized the idea that resistance is futile. They believe the hype that they cant win, so they dont even really try. They dont even try to offer an alternative to the repukes. They just lamely throw some people in the meat grinder and hope they come out whole. They would rather be fake republicans than real democrats. That includes st. sebelius.

    The other problem is that they do not let new blood in, listen to any progressives or their ideas, or reach out beyond Wanamaker Road. The country club dems are in control, and the rest of the state can go pound sand. Democrats who are successful court the JoCo big money for themselves, and do not reach down and try to pull other candidates with them. They dont work as a team. It’s every person for themselves on the ballot. No bench, no long term plan for the future. They lurch from one election to another, with no strategy about how to turn things around in this state for the long haul.

    Given the kansas addiction to wingnut ideology, it will require a long term effort, starting at the local levels, to recruit, train, support candidates, and get an alternative message out to the fux news addicted. Of course it will be a long and hard slog, spending money and not winning many elections in the short term.

    But what is the alternative? Perpetual loss?

    jesus wept

  5. prairie pond

    I wouldnt even waste my breath having this conversation with the KDP, but I found this over at DU and thought it was just so well written, and captures so elegantly how many of us feel.

    Dear Democrats,

    We need to talk.

    This may be a hard letter to read, but I need to figure out if this relationship is still healthy for me.

    For the longest time, I thought we had something special. Remember how much fun we used to have back when we were young, and control of the Congress and the presidency was just a crazy dream? You always used to ask me for help, and you knew I’d never turn you down.

    You were so adorable when we were courting. Sure, you never really understood me, but I liked that you seemed to try. The White House cocktail parties were totally fun, and that Easter Egg Roll is something I’ll always cherish. Or remember the time you let me march in the Inaugural parade! Other than that whole Rick Warren thing, I really thought we had a connection.

    I know you kept telling me that you weren’t ready for marriage, but I was willing to wait since you had promised so much else in the meantime.

    But now, I’ve kind of had it. I’m just not getting what I need out of this relationship. You rarely call me anymore, and when you do it’s to ask for money. We talked about joining the military together — but now it seems like you are flaking on that commitment. You promised to protect me from the homophobes at work, but you don’t seem to be in a hurry to actually do it. And that Department of Justice brief thing was just cruel. I’ll never understand why you did that.

    It almost seems like you’re embarrassed by me in public. I know not everyone in your family approves of us, but before you got your new job, it seemed like you didn’t care what they thought and were always ready to fight for me. Now, it’s like you’re a different person.

    Read the whole letter and sign on to it here:


  6. tosmarttobegop

    “Excuse me? I beg to differ. I think the majority of kansans are blinded by a hard RELIGIOUS right ideology. Almost eighty percent voted in favor of the hate amendment”.

    I was totally shocked at the outcome, I thought that Kansans were better people.
    A guy I worked with who had been away from Kansas for years.
    Was shocked that I was shocked and asked “what state did you think you lived in?”.

    I was so bewildered that I had to look that over and see what happened?
    In a Political sense is was masterfully done, off year election which means that turn-out is low. Otherwise saying, that the only one coming out to vote on the amendment were the inspired to come out would.

    That boiled down to two main groups, those who supported Gay marriage and those against it. Also taking into account that the elderly are regular voters any chance they have. They turn-out was like 37 percent of registered voters.

    I have no doubt that the timing was planned and they used the system for their benefit to get their amendment passed.

    But often with Kansans and their opinions, it is like you may have heard when the subject is race relations. That ole “I do not hate individuals I hate the race!”.
    As much as that does not make sense, it is how they think that on a individual basis they are supportive and single them out as not being what they believe the rest of the group is.

    It is maddening when ever I talk to people like that and they do not see what is wrong with that thought process. For that individuals is a part of that group and an example of those who they hate.

    I was more saying that it is not a total bias as when it is a individual they are understanding and supportive. Which is wiggle room for improvement.
    It is also why there is a divide between the power that be and the average Republican.
    It is that spark that is used to bring the average toward your point of view.

    • indypendent

      I am not a native Kansan but I have always wondered why Kansans are so against casinos based on moral values but there are strip clubs and numerous bars?

      The strip clubs even advertise on television and not one of these self-righteous seem to have a problem with that – unless, of course, that strip club happens to want to buy the lot next to their house.

      Then the issue is not really against the strip club being in business – it is just the location the strip club wants to be in (or maybe the self-righteous do not want to be that close to home because then the little woman would know where her big hunk of a man is?)..