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  1. There are primary elections happening today that according to the media hype will tell us exactly how effective the tea partiers are!

    Who thinks this bunch of angry sore losers will have any lasting effects on our political landscape?

    But, if the candidate(s) they have supported win today be ready for enthusiastic claims of how they’ll take the world in 2012! đŸ˜‰

  2. tosmarttobegop

    To a certain extent, part of what Paul has going for him in Kentucky is his last name.
    It was one of the most striking things about the candidacy of Ron Paul was how many of the young flocked to him.

    At first I thought it was because of the drug stance, but then after actually listening to many of the young it was his stance on issues other then liberalizing the drug laws.

    I do think that many within the Tea party will find themselves disappointed with him if elected.
    They first off do not understand what they are asking for and second what his overall thought will be for them. Kind of like the Medicare people demanding that the Government get out of their health care!

    I think the Tea party is dying down and are ebbing down to the hard core.
    Losing support and when elections come are going to be nothing more then the angry shouters at the back of the room.

    But their impact will come in the off year elections, kind of like it was with the marriage amendment here.
    The real passionate come out and it became who had more numbers in the sides.

    In the Presidential election years they will be so outnumbered that it becomes meaning-less.

  3. wicked

    Uneffing-believable. Bristol Palin will be hitting the tour circuit just like Mom. Fees for her appearances will range from $15 grand to $30 grand.

    If there were any honesty in that family, Bristol would admit that ‘abstinence only’ doesn’t work. I’d like her to explain to those girls whose parents have kicked them out how easy it is to get by on their own with a baby. Oh, wait! Bristol has had full support of her family and wouldn’t have a clue how to help single young mothers or mothers-to-be who are out on the streets.

    So just what does she have to talk about?

  4. tosmarttobegop

    It will be interesting with Arlen and Joe, coming down to which is more important to the voters.
    what Arlen has done for the State verse who is the true Democrat?
    It will depend on how many have woken up and dislike a Politician who changes not because of stance but for Political gain.

    Like McCain, his one eighty is so obvious that no one can know exactly who he is or where he will stand?

  5. WSClark

    As published on Opinion Line Extra yesterday……

    “Sarah Palin is the greatest woman who has ever lived, and we should all thank her for everything that she is doing for this country.”


    Well, I for one, do appreciate the fact that she quit her job as Governor of Alaska.

    • WSClark

      “Sarah Palin – Greatest Woman Ever to Live.”

      Ah, I thought Janis Joplin held that title.

  6. If she decides to run for POTUS I will vote for her in the Kansas primary / caucus!

    The people who would vote for Palin will vote for whoever has the little “R” beside their name. Those people, thankfully, are few in numbers.

    The Republicans proved in 2008 they don’t have the numbers to be relevant at the national level, and must attract moderates and independents to change that. Palin isn’t going to attract anyone who is moderate!

  7. So what does the primary win by Rand Paul mean? Is the Republican Party imploding from within?

  8. “Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin also supported Paul, while Grayson received endorsements from establishment leaders Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and former Vice President Dick Cheney.

    Palin told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that Paul’s victory is a “wake up call for the country.”

    “This is a real time of awakening for America,” she said. “We have an opportunity to not embrace the status quo but to shake things up.”


    • This confuses me. On one hand I think anyone endorsed by Mitch McConnell and Dick Cheney shouldn’t win, but then there’s that Palin thing…

      In the long haul I think if the GOP gets its shit together it will be a really good thing for America and will absolutely strengthen the Democratic Party. We must have a minimum of two competitive political parties just to keep them closer to honest.

  9. WSClark

    Folks, I had a little accident this evening. I was cooking a couple of steaks for a girlfriend and me, and I splashed a bit of boiling butter on my wrist. I have first, second and maybe third degree burns.

    The steaks stuck to the pan and when I tried to flip them, the butter splashed on me.

    Of course, I will live through this, but I am hindered in my typing, etc,.

    I have already written my column for tomorrow, but if someone could step forward and write one for Thursday and Friday, it would be greatly appreciated.

    God knows, I am a wimp when it comes to burns, so help me out here!

    I have the ice pack on it now, and I expect to be back in action soon, but I really can’t handle a long column right now.


    • wicked

      Sorry to hear about your accident, Will. Keep that wrist iced and MOIST!

      When my oldest was less than two-years-ld, she grabbed the flat side of an iron not long after I’d turned it off and put it out of reach…or so I thought. Her hand was badly blistered, but I kept it in a bowl of cold water for many hours, until it finally stopped hurting. A few years later, her younger sister ran through the remnants of a bonfire that the guys had thrown sand on the night before to put out the fire. The coals were still very hot when she ran across them, with only a layer of sand between them and her feet. We were camping at Fall River with a group of friends and kept her feet in water for the rest of the day. No scars or problems for either of them.

    • So sorry! You do what it takes to get better. That’s what we do here — help each other in any way we can. Maybe my brain can come up with something. If nothing else, we’ll talk about how much we hope you get well soon.

    • tosmarttobegop

      OMG…. hope you are alright…. But now the question is…. Did you burn the steaks?
      AND…. You have a girl friend? Is she blind?…. I know she is attracted to your wit and wisdom!

      Wait a minute…your wit and wisdom? You are dating Sarah Palin?

      I see what I can come up with, I have been meaning to but the actual dirt has been taking my time and attention away.

  10. tosmarttobegop

    The win of Rand Paul is a sign that the party is still feeling the draw of the Libertarian side.
    Though Palin is nothing more then the opportunist and does not understand what she is talking about.
    Who does?

    Paul represents the other far extent of the Republican party.
    The other is the Social cons and the neo-cons who actually hates what Paul said.
    The fact that Paul had the highest turn-out of any Republican in the history of Kentucky.
    Is because the average Republican and the Conservative leaning Independents are more in line with the Libertarian leaning of the party.

    Along with the fiscal responsible thinking of the party too.
    I do still say though that when push comes to shove that the majority will not like the strict Libertarian thought process.

    There has to be a happy medium.