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Fleas and Other Useless Things

Some of the time, I wonder about the really important things in life, like the origins of the universe, the future of mankind and why my dogs have to go outside with me whenever I go.

Then, sometimes I wonder about the little things in life,  like why did God or the Flying Spaghetti Monster or evolution or cosmic forces come up with some really dumb stuff.

Now, most of the time I wear clothes in public to keep warm, so why do need hair on my back? What is the purpose for nose hair and why does it grow so fast? Why, if I shave my face, my beard will grow back, but if I have a tooth pulled, it won’t? Why do I have an appendix?

The animal kingdom is even more perplexing. Now, I realize that much of the animal existence is part of the natural food chain. How humans fit into that, I don’t know, since only a few of us manage to get munched by a shark or grizzle bear each year.

But where do fleas fit in on the food chain? There are no gourmet flea restaurants for species that feast on fleas, so why are they here? Flies are supposed to be a staple of frogs’ diets, so why aren’t there herds of frogs at the city dump?

What are the little things in life that you wonder about? Pretty much everyone wonders how George W Bush managed to serve two terms as president, but some of us also wonder what went wrong with an evolutionary process that gave us the platypus.

From the warped mind of William Stephenson Clark.


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Sunday, 5/16/10, Public Square


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