What do you think and why?

Each and every individual takes in information and processes it with preset concepts and learned patterns. Some of it is the influences of those you love and or respect having heard them express their opinions on any given subject.  Those opinions become implanted in a child’s mind and become a set answer to some questions.

Often it is the same sex parent who is the one who set these preconceived answers to question or subjects.  Generally these issues, subjects and opinions are related to that genders impact on their lives.  Opinions of the opposite sex, the work place and what ever interactions that gender has with the world outside themselves. And that is often imposed on a child of their gender but the child is not isolated from the opinion and thought processes of the opposite sex parent.

Some opinions are isolated and the other view is also instill they may intertwine in places to make a opinion based on that intertwining.

The opinion of friends can be impacted upon the child and group thought or opinion may gain standing within the individual. All these early opinions and processes can be carried into adulthood and to the political thought processes.  This may have an effect in determining the party affiliation of the individual and their leaning on issues.  With the passage of time and the impact of a given issue these opinions and stances may change and drive the individual to change their opinion sometime to one that is geometrically opposite of their long held stances.

Life can be a factor in this, such as the pro-choicer having a child of their own and suddenly the issue is no longer a abstract subject to them. Likewise the Pro-lifer may have an incident that causes them to see the other side of the issue.  Such life happenstances often influence the opinion and stances of the individual.  The Pro-firearms having a family member killed in a sense-less street crime and the like.

But along with preset ideas and opinions, life has a way of forming the individuals opinion, perceptions and answers to issues and questions.  This all contributes to the political opinions and how a person reacts to the issues.

I will use a recent occurrence to give example to this, the mine explosion in West Virginia.  As I take note of the reactions to this occurrence, I notice the differences between people of different leanings.  From outrage at this was allowed to happen and more was not done to prevent it.  To the focus should be on the effect not just on the family but the unspoken effect on the general public as a whole.

And where partisan distrust and preconceived thought of the reactions come in.  It is a preconceived thought that the more Liberal will see this as a cause to force changes in the work environment. An incident as a poster child for attacking big business and an example of how the common worker is put upon and devalued by employers.  The counter preconceived thought is that the Conservative will defend and support the mine owner.  As if not for them then every worker would not have a income and their family would starve.  So that the Conservatives will not care about the deaths of the miners, it is simply the price to be paid.

We often come at the other side from our preconceived ideas and thoughts of the other side.  Thinking that it is not logic or reality that influences them it is their preconceived ideology that governs them.

Another example is thinking someone of a different race will act and react according to preconceived notions. Blacks will be lazy, Mexicans will be shiftless and Jews will cheat you in business.  Anything counter is dismissed and over looked rather then to rethink the preconceived notion.  Or taken as a exclusion to the general rule, an isolated happening so it is meaningless.



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  1. People tend to congregate where others of their beliefs do. The internet has had a major hand in making this more possible than at any other time in history. For right-wing kooksville to left-wing commies, they’re all out there.

    Consider the birthers: without the internet, it wouldn’t be a problem. But because info, right or wrong, is so available via the internet, like minded birthers will pass their beliefs back and forth, and we’re left with a mobius strip of phony info that will never go away, regardless of proof offered.

    In this, the true (there’s an oxymoron) information age, all it takes is one person sending out false info over the internet, and a conspiracy is either born or perpetuated. Fun times, if you are willing to believe without checking facts. Personally, I like facts 🙂

  2. I believe in the goodness of mankind and I think there are very few people who actually misrepresent intentionally. No matter how misguided, most people are convinced they’ve checked the facts and discarded what is false.

    We have to be willing to learn, unlearn, and relearn. We can’t become possessed of thoughts, and must always be willing to test them with new information and differing ideas.

    The birthers want to believe so badly they are able to ignore new information. You can change the mind of a person who is convinced of an idea, but you won’t be successful when a person is possessed of an idea.

    • I have some problems with that. People will not govern themselves in logical ways when either power or money is involved. The mine disaster, the oil spill, the financial meltdown . . . all emblematic of the fact man is willing to throw common sense, safety and morals out the window when it means they can gain something from whatever it is they are bypassing.

      I do agree with your convinced/obsessed conclusion.

  3. Is money really the root of all evil? Does power go hand in hand? Do the two feed off one another?

    I have a preconceived notion that morality isn’t exclusive to those who are religious. Someone needs to show me new ideas so I can test that opinion.

    • indypendent

      Oh, on that thought of morality isn’t exclusive to those who are religious – I saw yesterday on Huffington Post that Ted Haggard has formed another church in Colorado.

      And to think it was only 4 years ago (2006) that this same man was found to be a hypocrit, given a hefty settlement to get quietly out of town.

      And now he is back in the same business – or should I say ministry? In some religious circles – business and ministry goes hand in hand.

    • I believe the correct rendition of the admonition is “Love of money is the root of all evil”. The truth of this is patent.

      In today’s developed societies, it truly seems that (having much) money and power do go hand in hand; additionally, the two do feed off each other.

      I, too, have that “preconceived notion”, fnord. Anyone up to exploring the concepts of morality through the writings of the philosophers without any “religious” connection? For me, the concept may be stated as morality (however defined) is a set of rules, if one will, necessary to the successful formation of and continued existence of human society.

  4. WSClark

    It pisses me off to no end (jeez, there’s a surprise) when people claim that the Ten Commandments are the basis for law in this country.

    What bullcrap!

    For one, only two of the Commandments are law – murder and theft – and they are the law in every country on Earth, “Christian” or not, and have been for centuries!

    Secondly, there are no “Thou Shall Not Have Any Gods Before Me” laws on the books.

    (As an aside, notice the wording of that Commandment – before me. Does that mean other gods, plural, or acceptable as long as they are not before the Judeo-Christian-Islamic God?)

    Lastly, while adultery is still a misdemeanor in some states, when was the last time you heard of someone being jailed for adultery?

    Damn, you think are jails are full now!

    • Well, and how about just “coveting” things? Codify that! If I look longingly at the neighbor’s husband, do I go to jail? Is a felony or a misdemeanor? Perhaps if I am wealthy enough, I can just pay a fine and call it good?

      The whole idea that our nation’s laws were based on the Ten Commandments is just propaganda that has been repeated over and over again in churches and religious schools. There is absolutely no basis in fact for it. When you request documentation or evidentiary proof from the person who states it as fact, they will never have it. It isn’t there.

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