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It is important to me to keep the Pop Blog alive and growing in Steven’s memory.

I am trying to recruit some new posters, moderates, liberals and those in between. I certainly won’t invite anyone to join us that would represent a serious affront to anyone here.

I am also planning to provide a thread per day, Monday through Friday, that is of a vague interest to the motley crew that hangs around this joint.

I won’t be adding anything on the weekends, unless something hit’s the news that gets my blood boiling and I can’t keep my mouth shut.

Speaking only for myself, I would like some of you to consider adding a thread now and again, as did Indy and Too Smart. I would also like you to consider asking some of your semi-like minded friends to join this party as well.

At Steven’s graveside, it was mention that this blog and his friends meant the world to him. In his honor, we should strive to keep it alive.

William Stephenson Clark


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3 responses to “The Pop Blog………………………

  1. indypendent

    I agree 100% with your goal. Steven did put his heart and soul into this blog and made it a nice place for us to come and vent, share, inform and/or learn from one another.

    I will certainly try to help in anyway I can.

  2. I will try too!

    Sometimes I can be very trying…


    Griffin told me that!

  3. tosmarttobegop

    One of my best friends and I have two, said of me I have a fetal mind…OK actually he said I have a head full of sheet! But it is not a problem for me to write a topic or opinion or thought piece I am so opinionated.
    I also think too much… maybe the only person who spent three days reasoning out why dogs hike their leg?
    But then it was because I saw my female dog doing it she was such a dike!

    I will add what I can, never did get around to finishing my thoughts on why we think what we do?