Guilty Pleasures………….

Well, for the most part, we all try to act all grown up and sophisticated, trying not to expose our inner-child to an inquisitive and critical world. Deep beyond prying eyes, however, we all have our guilty pleasures.

As I have grown older, I am less inclined to hide my guilty pleasures, but sometimes (!) I am less than forthcoming about the extent of my secret habits.

For some, guilty pleasures amount to all things chocolate or bacon, and some even combine the two with chocolate covered bacon.  For others, a guilty pleasures amount to a secret love of mushy old love songs or movies that bring a tear to the eye.

Others, mostly men, try to deny their politically incorrect and environmentally insensitive love of hot rods and muscle cars.  For others, it may be action movies where the good guy kicks the ass of the bad guy in the end, pun intended.

Now, I have to say, this thread probably doesn’t apply  to any Pop Bloggers whatsoever, since most are totally innocent of any deceitfulness in that regard.

(Raise your hands!)

Anyway, tell us about someone you know (wink, wink!) that has a guilty pleasure that they indulge in, behind closed doors.

Feel free to begin your post with “I know a guy that……………………”

We will all understand.

William Stephenson Clark


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38 responses to “Guilty Pleasures………….

  1. Can we talk about this when we’re all together, or in email, or… ;-(

    Here’s one I’ll admit to publicly! I am addicted to the internet, and it means my house is never as well kept as it once was, my flowers and yard work not as carefully done, my meal preparation suffers… But! I have some fantastic friends I wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for the internet!

    Life sometimes comes down to the trade offs, doesn’t it?

    • indypendent

      Your house will always be there waiting to be cleaned (and who cares, really – LOL)

      But friends come into our lives for a reason.

      Friends come to us through many different places – internet, childhood, the days of raising our own children, church, work or a local social group.

      The trick is to be able to know which friends are true and which ones are just along for the ride.

      Your true friends will make themselves known at the appropriate time. Such as was demonstrated recently with the passing of our dear Steven.

      I would rather have one true friend that ten just along for the ride.

    • prairie pond

      HA! Fnord!

      One of my guilty pleasures is hiring someone to clean my house. When I can afford it, that is.

  2. Guilty Pleasures: WW II movies especially those with John Wayne (really propaganda pieces esp. those that were made in 1942-1944 period). SS 396/427 Chevelles. There are likely some more, but I’m not ready to acknowledge them.

  3. chocolate

    and I don’t necessarily have to have the door closed

  4. prairie pond

    Old western TV shows like Bat Masterson, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, etc.

    Wasting fuel riding around the countryside.

    Clean House, with Niecey Nash

    Heavy cream in my a.m. coffee

    Oh, the list could go on, and as noted above, should be recounted in private…

  5. prairie pond

    “SS 396/427 Chevelles”

    Hee heeeeee, 617

    I’m a 67-69 Camaro freak myself.

    I wish I still had both of them I once owned.

    Oh, to terrorize Main Street again in my ’69 RS. But it only had a 327. My Dad was a smart guy!

  6. prairie pond

    …and did I mention pork fat?

    Ya know what Emeril says. “Pork fat rules”

  7. Shoes and purses — they always fit, unlike everything else!

  8. prairie pond

    Heh, Fnord. I’m pretty sure shoes and purses will never be my vices of choice! heheheheheheh.

  9. Oops! That should have been SS 396/454 Chevelles (runs away in shame…..)

  10. David B

    I secretly long to turn from my obscure French and angst-filled Swedish films and watch a load of chick-flicks!

  11. WSClark

    I know a guy who likes to sit in the evening under his covered patio, with his dogs, during thunderstorms and tornado warnings.

    Drives his daughter nuts.

  12. Freebird1971

    That guy might get to indulge in his guilty pleasure before the day is out. Hope that guy AND his dog know when it is time to go to their hidey hole

    I know a guy who used to chase storms for fun and to help alert the people in his small town.

    • wicked

      My ex used to be on the small town (very small town) volunteer fire dept., which included being a storm watcher. There’s not a whole lot in life that’s as boring as that.

  13. Aren’t all Kansans more likely to go outside and look at the sky then go to the basement when the sirens sound?

    When a big one hits I tell myself I really should have more respect and less curiosity.

    I’m a slow learner.

  14. Freebird1971

    I know a guy whose guilty pleasure is watching “Idocrasy” over and over and still laughes his azz off at it each time

  15. wicked

    Ice cream float.

    When I was a kid, my dad would make me a Coke float every night. (I was a very skinny kid. Hard to believe, I know.)

    I’m having one right now. 🙂

  16. WSClark

    Yes, this will label me as a dirty old man and a chauvinist and all sorts of other things. I wear the labels well.

    Summertime and the girls in their summer clothes.

    “And the girls in their summer clothes
    In the cool of the evening light
    The girls in their summer clothes
    Pass me by”

    Bruce Springsteen

    • indypendent

      I guess labeling you as a dirty old man would depend on how old those girls are that you are watching and how scantily dressed they are.

      I see nothing wrong with men appreciating good looking women (who, themselves, are hoping the men are looking).

      But I do take issue when it is this modern trend of 10-15 yr olds dressed like hookers on South Broadway and the grown men who are drooling over them. But what do I expect when Miley Cyrus does a pole dance, dressed like a hooker, on a national awards show and everyone thinks that is okay?

    • tosmarttobegop

      OK that reminded me of a guilty pleasure I learned dad had when he camped at Lake Afton.
      The boys and I spent four days out there with him, his camp site was toward the end of the swimming area on the West side.

      One day we were setting in lawn chairs and he said as he pointed to the swimming area with the young women in their little bikinis::
      “Son, I use to set out here and look and just smile…. Now at my age I set out here and just cry!”.

  17. indypendent

    Coke floats? I remember the A & W Rootbeer Stand. I remember when we were kids they had little kid-sized A&W chilled mugs. We always thought that was the best thing in the world.

    And we had to get the chili dogs to go with that root beer.

    We always knew the day was coming when we would ask for onions on our chili dogs – because that meant we were grown up.

    Of course, my grandpa told me that onions would make hair grow on my chest – so I was a late bloomer to the whole onion thing – LOL

    • WSClark

      “Of course, my grandpa told me that onions would make hair grow on my chest”

      So, THAT’S why I have this rug on my chest!

      Dang, who woulda thunk it?

  18. indypendent

    WSClark – I wasn’t trying to imply anything about you in the post about watching girls – I hope you know that, right?

    But I have met several grown men, some are Republican men who think they are so morally superior, that see nothing wrong with drooling over a picture of a 15-yr-0ld Miley Cyrus. I learned this sad fact when Ms Cyrus did that picture shoot awhile back.

    It was disgusting then and it is disgusting to me now.

    But, you have to see it through my eyes – I’m a grandmother of a 4-yr-old granddaughter. And I am a very protective Lioness with her cub.

    • indypendent

      If I did offend you WS – please accept my apology.

      • WSClark

        “If I did offend you WS – please accept my apology.”

        No offense taken at all. None and no need to apologize.

        I find older men that are titillated by young girls to be absolutely disgusting.

        I was trying to make a joke – doesn’t always work – but the women I find to be attractive are over Forty, and most likely closer to my age, which is officially dang near as old as dirt.

        (I am not older than dirt, but I helped invent it.)

  19. Freebird1971

    I am not older than dirt, but I helped invent it.)

    So you are the one that beat me to the patent office,Damn you!

  20. WSClark

    Alright, alright, I’ll ‘fess up, just turn off that damned spotlight!

    I have a small collection and Disney and other animated films to show to my grandchildren. I love them.

    Old Disney, like “101 Dalmatians,” new Pixar like “Toy Story” and “Cars.” I love “Swiss Family Robinson,” although it’s neither Disney or Pixar.

    I love popping in a DVD and showing my g’kids those movies.

    I think I enjoy it more than they do!

  21. wicked

    Swiss Family Robinson with Dorothy McGuire, Tommy Kirk, Kevin Corcoran, John Mills, James MacArthur? 1960? Oh, yes, it is a Disney film. I remember the SFR treehouse at Disneyland (not World) back in 1967.

    I always loved Hayley Mills, so I ordered Pollyanna, The Parent Trap, and Summer Magic from Amazon. I wanted them for ME, not the grandkids.

    • WSClark

      ” I wanted them for ME, not the grandkids.”

      But it’s always good to be able to say “I got them for my grandkids?”

      Saves a bunch of ‘splaining!

      • Freebird1971

        I know when I shop for my Grandson I say I got something I thought he would like but actually I got it because I liked it and his enjoyment is just a good cover story.

  22. tosmarttobegop

    He came to spend the weekend with us a couple of years ago and brought his collection of Telly tubies dvds. I loved watching them with him and of course after that if I found a new one I had to pre-approve it.

    Kind of broke my heart when he outgrew them…..

  23. tosmarttobegop

    The existence of Bigfoot.