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New Newt or GOP’s Waterloo?

Jim DeMint Rise Upends GOP Order

WASHINGTON — Jim DeMint is becoming something of a tea party hero, even a potential conservative kingmaker, a status that is not making the freshman senator many friends among fellow Republicans in Congress.

A backbencher known for his eagerness to challenge the Republican establishment, DeMint is becoming one of the most influential voices of the conservative rebellion that’s shaking up GOP primaries. Tapping an anti-incumbent fervor, the South Carolina lawmaker is a coveted – and feared – endorsement, funneling money and grass-roots energy to long-shot candidates who threaten Washington’s GOP favorites.

His efforts, highly unusual for a freshman, have upset senators on Capitol Hill, where he’s viewed by many as an ideologue willing to purge centrist veterans.

“I feel a sense of urgency that some of my colleagues don’t,” he said in an interview. “The Republican Party, at least a segment of it within Washington, has increasingly joined the big-government, big-spending, earmarking ranks.” Continue reading


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I miss having only one pair of sneakers.

The two lives I have led came together, looking back at the music that long ago meant something to me.  And two of the tasks of today was picking up the room and doing the dishes from the weekend.

It did not help the matter when I hunted up a picture frame for a long ago picture of my wife. I had found the picture in a box while looking for something else and it also takes me back to another time.  One of those School pictures of her while we were dating, reminiscing of the style and period of the mid-seventies and her as the teenage love of my life.  She of course hates the picture saying it is ugly while to me it is an image of the most beautiful of all creation. She will surly hate to see it hanging on the wall now but to me it is the girl now the woman that caused me to Love more then I thought possible.

The picture, the music and the picking up around the house, it started me on a journey of looking at the two different lives I have lived in this lifetime.  At times seeming like they are of two different people.

While cleaning up the family room, I came across two pairs of sneakers; both pairs are mine,  One, the whenever I need to do something that is dirty or may cause harm to my footwear.  The other, the newest and a beautiful and pure white for those occasions when I need to look less like white trash.

Seldom are the newer ones worn, generally when going out in public and my wife wants me to be presentable to the world. But otherwise they are to be hidden away so as to not become dirty and scuffed.  Dirty and scuffed is the job of the old and beaten up pair which if not on my feet end-up just under the coffee table in the family room. Well within reach and always looking like they were used to wade through a swamp.

I miss the days when I only had one pair of sneakers!  When there was simply my current pair of shoes and the world just had to be happy or sad in the same pair. Continue reading


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Lights! Cameras! Action!

Movies comes in all forms, action, drama, horror, Westerns, comedy, chick flicks, guy flicks, action movies and just plain dumb movies.  Movies are based on best selling books, original screen plays, short stories, historical characters and events and some apparently are based on what is written on the Boy’s Room walls at the local Junior High School.

Many of us like to “get away” and watch a good movie, either at home or in the theater. I prefer mine in the comfort of my television room (cheap SOB) but some like the experience of the really big screen.

Nearly everyone has their list of best and worst movies, and their list of favorite actors and actresses. Some, like me, have a mental list of actors they hate seeing in any type of movie.

So, this thread is a combination of the Academy Awards show and the Razzies presentation:

The Best and the Worst!

Who and what are your favorites and who and what are like fingernails on a blackboard to you?

No one is watching, so trot out your lists.

William Stephenson Clark


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Tuesday, 5/11/10, Public Square


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