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Books, books and more books…….

Our dear departed friend Steven has entered the world beyond. I could in no way replace him, but I am going to try to contribute more in an effort to keep this blog, which meant so much to him, alive and well.

Since we are all weary at this point, I am going to start with a few non-political topics, ones that meant so much to our fallen leader.

Everyone is aware that Steven was a voracious reader and books meant a lot to him. What better way to honor him than to discuss a topic that was dear to him?

So, what books to you like? What do you stay up all night reading? It doesn’t have to be your favorite or even something “high-brow” that will “wow” us with your worldliness! Just what are you reading now or what would you like to re-read in the future?

So, let’s hear it! Steven will be watching, so provide your reasons for your choice of literature,  lest it rain (!) on your head!

William Stephenson Clark


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Saturday, 5/8/10, Public Square


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