3/16/1954 — 5/2/2010

He was a dedicated father, son, brother, and friend.  He loved music and relaxed with his guitar.  He loved people, he fought for the common man, and he will be sorely missed.  When the Prairie Pops blog began it was both because Steven wanted a civil place to hold discussions and because there were rumors the local newspaper might be facing financial problems and shut down.  He made sure there was a place he could find his friends if that happened.  His friends were important to him.  And we all know we’re better people because he called us friends.

This is the description Steven wrote of himself when he began this blog in March of 2009 —

iggydonnelly borrowed his nickname from Ignatius Donnelly, a prairie populist who started the People’s Party in 1892.  The original Donnelly was a senator from Minnesota.  The people in the Populist party were against the rich and for the common man.  In 1892, Ignatius Donnelly said… “The fruits of the toil of millions are boldly stolen to build up colossal fortunes, unprecedented in the history of the world, while their possessors despise the republic and endanger liberty.”

The blogger donnelly has worked in various Kansas Community Mental Health Centers since February 1st, 1982.  The blogger has worked at his current place of employment since 1992.  Donnelly is a student and sometimes adjunct instructor of psychology.  The blogger donnelly is an advocate of progressive politics and free thought.  Donnelly has never raised any corn, but he has raised hell if there was no one around to watch, that is.  This author believes that same sex marriage is a civil rights issue and is a supporter of this cause.  In his spare time donnelly conducts psychological research that combine his interests in “positive psychology” and treatment planning for persons with severe and persistent mental illness.  He has one teenage son and one teenage daughter, who both with the aid of many heavy sighs, have learned to tolerate their father.


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  1. Thunderchild

    For Steven…

  2. Requiem in pacem, Steven.

  3. WSClark

    RIP my good friend, you were taken far too soon. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Godspeed, Steven.

  4. indypendent

    Steven – aka Iggy – was a very special person. He provided this blog for us to share our political thoughts, concerns and even our own personal stories.

    But the main thing Steven brought us was the chance to become friends – even if we never meet in person.

    Rest in peace Steven – you will be missed.

  5. I loved you my dear friend Steven. I’m honored to have been your friend.

  6. Prairie Pond

    Two things I will always remember are how much he loved his children and his parents, and how wonderful he was about sharing books. He was always lending books to others, and telling people how proud he was of his children. He is going to be SO missed.

  7. Zippy

    Steven may have been the best friend I never got to meet in person, and I will always regret that. A sharp, agile, measured mind, very fair but not above the occasionally biting wit.

    He sent me copies of F5 and the Wichita City Paper shortly after I got to Tucson, a small gesture that was completely unnecessary but he knew I would appreciate it (I did). He even bought lunch for a guy nobody (including Steven) liked, just to meet him in the flesh and, perhaps, acknowledge our common humanity.

    My life is so much richer for having known him. He will not be forgotten, by me, or the others whose lives he touched.

  8. He was so soft spoken, you needed to listen carefully and even lean in to hear him. In crowds he was mostly quiet, but always part of the conversation. His ‘take’ on things was one everyone wanted to hear, and his opinions were respected.

    He and I argued. I wish I could change that. It was his right to have the say, but he gave it to me. We stayed friends and gained understanding. For sure he and I knew how to agree to disagree.

    It was just about a month ago when I last saw him and spoke in person — on April 7th, Vaughn and I had lunch with him. He showed off his new-to-him car, said he was completely healed from that mid-January car accident. He spoke of his children as always. They’re such great kids and were always achieving something worthy of talking about, bragging about! He did even that quietly.

    He had been worried about his Dad and was spending extra time with his parents because of his Dad’s illness.

    He was one of the most generous men I’ve known, always had something to share, always looked for someone who may need help and he was there offering any help he could give. He made charitable donations a routine part of his life — he donated to some political campaigns, but mostly to those in need. Did he give everyone at least one book!? I think he tried to.

    He said he couldn’t play ‘Layla,’ but the truth was he didn’t play it as well as he wanted to. He loved playing guitar!

    Yes, he will be missed. So many memories. He touched so many lives.

    • WSClark

      I have to say that Steven was one of the finest gentlemen I have ever known. I only met him once – at Fnord’s picnic last year – but felt like I knew him as well as any of my friends.

      I missed the lunch date with Steven last month, because I was having breakfast with my “mixed bag” crew that day.

      I am so sorry that I passed on that chance.

  9. Brad Radcliffe

    I was shocked to hear about this today.

    “He was a man. Take him for all and all, I shall not look upon his like again.”

    My thoughts and prayers go with him.

  10. tosmarttobegop

    The guitar is a instrument that accesses the soul, no surprise that Steven loved it.

    I understand the need some times to just pick up the six string and play.
    Work through the song as you work through life.

    Lol My kids said that if they hear somewhere in the house the song minuet in G that they will know I came back for a visit after I am gone. I am sure his family feels the same and listen for the distant sound to reassure them he is doing OK.

    “The Dance” a song that speaks of loss and memory. No one truly dies as long as someone remembers them.

  11. This is a shock to me. I feel bad for not spending more time here blogging with Steven.
    Even though I only met Steven once (thanks fnord), I feel bad for the family. 56 is so young.

    Thanks, Iggy, for starting this.
    May peace be with you and your family.

  12. So sad. My thoughts are with his family.

  13. RIP Iggy. How very sad. My condolences to his family and to the passionate Prairie P& P bloggers who I know will keep this blog alive.

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