Tuesday, 5/4/10, Public Square


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  1. indypendent

    I’ve been thinking about why there was such a low turnout crowd for the Sarah Palin speech. Does this mean her 15 minutes of fame has been longer than most but is on the same road as that of Joe the Plumber?

    • A walk back to the February announcement of Palin coming to Wichita. Remember what the poster “s7cjeremy” had to say about his idol Palin? Here it all is — the predictions that it wouldn’t be political, the swooning about how wonderful she is and how much money she’ll bring in, how quickly the tickets will sell out…


      What do you wanna wager we’ll never hear from that poster again?


      • wicked

        The Rs around here like to talk a good game when it comes to Sarah. But I’m beginning to get the feeling that the talk is nothing more than what they hope will be a way to rile the Ds. It has nothing to do with believing what they spout or believing in the person they’re spouting about.

        Nothing more than a bunch of spouts.

        “I’m a little teapot, short and stout…” Goes well with tea parties and tea bags, ya know. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • ” It has nothing to do with believing what they spout or believing in the person theyโ€™re spouting about. ”

        Well they must have picked up on the Phelps’ game. They don’t believe what they say about hating gays, either. An outspoken gay disc jockey here in KC has been spending some quality time with members of the family lately. They even had him out for Easter dinner.

        It’s a joke–they’re just out for attention and trying to attract lawsuits so they can make money with their law firm.

  2. indypendent

    Just read on Huffington Post that Texas Governor Rick Perry told a reporter that the BP oil spill might have been an act of God.

    So God was the one that told BP to not install that shut-off switch? Or was God the one doing that recent cementing work in the form a Halliburton employee?

    Then in another article – same issue – I read where Michael Brown (the infamous Bush FEMA Director ‘you’re doing a heck-of-a job Brownie) actually said that Obama and his Administration wants this oil spill because they have never been friends of oil companies and wants to shut down all oil drilling.

    All I can say is – WTF?

    And fringe Right keeps getting smaller and smaller.

    • You can hear the splintering of the GOP! Going from a regional party irrelevant at the national level to worse! Wonder what section of the splinter will eventually win out?

      Pass the popcorn, but I’ll keep my chair at a comfortable distance from the action. Wouldn’t wanna be in distance of the shrapnel from the explosions. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • indypendent

        I just thought of something I told my overzealous phony religious mother-in-law once – get off the cross already, somebody needs the wood.

        If I was to wager as to which group gets the boot from the majority of Americans – it will be those phoney Religious Righties and all their pious, hypocritical and downright lying tactics they have been rightfully accused of having.

        As for the survival of the GOP – that remains to be seen. The November elections will reveal alot about the viability of the GOP. If the RR and Tea Party set win their elections – expect the GOP to splinter for good and the moderate Republicans will probably follow Charlie Crist and go Independent.

      • indypendent

        Maybe I should buy stock in a popcorn company? I suspect there will be alot of popcorn eaten while the daily Republican fiasco spectacles play out from now until November.

        Every time I think this Party of No has reached a new low, they surprise me.

        I wonder if they will dig that hole until they come out and have to learn to speak Chinese? Oh, oh – if these people don’t like Mexicans – they will really not like the Chinese.

  3. Good morning Prairie Pops!

    I returned from Boston late last night. The flight home was complicated and required much running around the Chicago airport. Somewhere in all the running I lost both my breath and my voice. I’m breathing again fine, but can’t talk above a whisper or I go into coughing fits which are quite uncomfortable. I suspect several who ‘listen’ to me daily might be hoping the voice is gone for a good long while. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The wedding shower was lovely, I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed meeting the friends, neighbors and family of my daughter-in-law to be. I worried. I didn’t want to be the one to mess anything up. There was nothing to worry about! Everyone is tickled pink about this couple and their future, and everyone is supportive. They have many who love them!

  4. indypendent

    Good to have you back. Our blog was just not the same without you.

    It’s a good feeling to know your kids are grown and happy in whatever they choose to do. And sounds like your son and future daughter-in-law are surrounded by the most important thing in life – love from families and friends.

    BTW – did you happen to see any of those Chicago-mafia thugs that work for Obama while you were at the Chicago airport?

    I hear by the Republican gossip-line that those thugs are everywhere just waiting to pounce on people. LOL

  5. indypendent

    I wonder if they will dig that hole until they come out and have to learn to speak Chinese? Oh, oh โ€“ if these people donโ€™t like Mexicans โ€“ they will really not like the Chinese

    If these buffoons really do manage to dig their hole into China – will that make them the illegal immigrants in that country?

    I would love to be there when the first Republican out of the hole is commanded to show their papers.

  6. tosmarttobegop

    Well the calls to disregard the Constitution is firing up again with the NYC attempt!
    Saying we can not follows laws and protect the country!

    One Con I saw on TV. was as much saying we need to become a Police state!
    That this incident shows that we need to go back to the Bush agenda of torture, spying on everyone and suspecting everyone who is from the middle east. Even if it was their parent or grand parent who came from there.

    • Zippy

      Never mind that whole “freedom” thing. Even from a standpoint of good intelligence, it’s dumb (and dumb intelligence is rarely the way to go!). Too much noise, not enough signal.

      Garbage in, garbage out.

    • Seems this terrorist attack was averted! The same can’t be said about a fairly memorable terrorist attack during the bush administration. Maybe bushco is incompetent enough and can’t do anything within the law so we should just stop and smell the roses while being thankful they’re not any longer in charge OF ANYTHING!

    • I say we heed this quote with regard to what the “CONS” say nowadays. They seem to be doing a fine job of showing who and what they are!

      “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

  7. indypendent

    What is the most tragic is to think these are the people who pride themselves on being the ‘real’ Americans. The people who love freedom.

    The suspect is a naturalized citizen but yet McCain and Lieberman both want to automatically strip him of his citizenship.

    What part of citizenship do they not get? The Constitution guarantees certain rights. And the Miranda does not even pertain to only citizens. The Miranda pertains to any person arrested in this country, as I understand it.

    While Lieberman was talking – I kept thinking. What if the suspect had been born in Israel and had just become a naturalized citizen? Would Joe be so quick to strip him of his citizenship?

    • McCain sure enjoyed his rights and special privileges when he was being investigated for bribery and ethics charges a few years back.

      Maybe they should have just convicted him and not given him a chance to defend himself. It turns it that it was more important to protect an ethical Congress than to adhere to the law that protects individual freedoms, right? Look how corrupt the Congress has grown over the years since. What if we had nipped it in the bud by just ignoring law and rights and throwing all the rascals in guantanamo?

  8. Zippy

    John McCain would probably endorse summary execution if it would ensure beating Hayworth.

    While the guy’s always fundamentally conservative, he didn’t used to kowtow to the unstable fringe. Amazing what one Palin can do.

    What a distrastrous decision, not just for his campaign, not just for the Republican party (not just saying that, even if they win, they ultimately lose), but ultimately for America. It legitimized every nutbar conservative conspiracy out there. And this was after he had won the nomination.

    But it’s not new for John. The “maverick” just does what he thinks he has to do.

    And, as the Daily Show pointed out, Glenn Beck–who said, yes, this American citizen should be read his friggin’ rights–is now the voice of reason.

    That should scare reasonable people.

    • indypendent

      I had one Fox News loyalist actually argue with me that since Glenn Beck did come out and say the suspect needed to Mirandized just proved that Fox News is fair and balanced by showing both sides of the issue.

      So when I asked this Foxbot if this entire situation of Becktaking the side of the suspect was just for the show to prove they were being fair and balanced and has absolutely nothing to do with how Beck really feels – the Foxbot got that deer-in-headlights look and said he didn’t know.

      To which I promptly said – why, hasn’t Rush told you what to say yet?

      I really think the majority of Americans know that Fox News is nothing but an extension of the Republican Party. They make a lot of noise, they make alot of unproven claims and sometimes they just downright tell lies. But it’s all in the name of their one true God – money.