Saturday, 5/1/10, Public Square


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  1. wicked

    I can remember May Day when I was a child. My neighbors were 5+ years older, and they taught me how to make cone-shaped “baskets” out of construction paper. We filled those with flowers and hung them on the doors of most everyone on the block.

    I think that tradition has been lost. 😦

    • indypendent

      What I find the most sad is the fact that alot of people in our society do not even know their neighbors – but what is worse than that – they do not WANT to know their neighbors.

      And that, in my opinion, is a big reason our country is in the shape we are today – no one really cares about the next guy.

      Didn’t the ME-ME-ME mindset start with St. Ronnie Reagan?

      • wicked

        Truthfully? I’m not real interested in knowing my neighbors. The monthly visits from the police to the house across the street leave little desire to get to know them better. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

        Nothing is like it was when I was growing up. Maybe some of that is good, but most isn’t. 😦

  2. tosmarttobegop

    We bought this house in 91 and just today I discovered that I had more cement in front of the garage then I knew! For years and before we bought the house every time there is a good rain dirt washes down the drive and settles at the end.

    Our drive is rock and stops at where the fence starts about half way down then turns to dirt and grass.
    I was attempting to level a section and found cement then kept going and clearing and wow!
    Over all there was about six to seven inches of dirt over it and I am tired!

    Shovel, pick and wheel barrel and still not completely clear,

  3. tosmarttobegop

    Watched on CSPAN Book TV. a program from the Heritage foundation about T.R. and Wilson
    Intermixed with mention and comparison with Taft and a discussion of how the Republican party has been effected and changed since then.

    Most of it was obviously Neo-Conservative in their conclusions and thoughts.
    Progressive historians have deleted and mislead everyone on the benefits and contributions of the Conservatives.

    The Federal Government should be all powerful control everything for the benefit of the country over the benefit of the citizens.

    Listening to these people I am reminded of how much they sound more Communist then American.
    Their thinking is what I suspect was similar to the which led to Nazism in Germany.
    A social insurance which is only in part to do with insurance more with basic needs provided by the Federal Government.

    But make no mistake, this goal is not for the benefit of the people it is so the people can devote all their efforts to the betterment of the country. Again the thought process of the beginnings of Communism.
    The average Republican would not recognize this influence within the party and be shocked if hearing it.

    These are the “intellectuals” of the Conservatives and like the Neo-Conservatives who they feel are not extreme enough. Take lessons from history that are not reality based.

  4. indypendent

    ‘Nothing is like it was when I was growing up. Maybe some of that is good, but most isn’t. ‘

    Wicked – you made a good point. I didn’t think about it that way.

    I’m thinking back to my childhood (raised in 50’s and 60’s) and our neighborhood was like one combined mother was watching us.

    If one of us kids did something 5 blocks down from our house, our mom knew it by the time we got back home.

    During the summer time, we were always outside playing. The only time we came in was for lunch and then at supper time, it was time to come home for good because dad was coming home and we had the family dinner.

    I guess I am thinking of how things used to be – people caring about one another.

    But, if your neighbors are the type where monthly police visits, I would just as soon as not know them.