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  1. indypendent

    Has anyone heard the talking point that some environmentalist blew up the BP oil rig?

    I just saw that from a self-boasting and proud Republican on the WE Opinion Line. I know that 99% of the CON info is crap but I would like to know if there is any truth to this.

    It sounds like something Rush would come up with in his 3-hr daily B.S. session.

    • You sure pegged that one, indy. I heard through a tweet from Keith Olberman that the paranoid propaganda you heard repeated on the WE blog came from straight from the mouth of Rushbo on his show yesterday.

      Rush is never one to miss an opportunity for a smear campaign–especially if there is not one shred of evidence to back it up.

      • indypendent

        LOL – now how do I manage to be right about Rush being wrong so many times?

        Either I am one very smart and intelligent person or Rush is – how can I put this – full of it?

  2. tosmarttobegop

    That would be some trick if it was blown up!
    It looks to be a failure of safety device and lacking needed devices.
    But as Einstein said, “defecation occurs” funny how both Einstein and Buda are both accredited with saying many thing that they do not actually say.

    It is a bad thing to say but often we need such things to remind us of the need to take care to be safe and responsible for our actions. Like a power that be is pointing out that it is not all about us.

    • indypendent

      I believe you’re right. Humans can only do so much and sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

  3. indypendent

    The Huffington Post had a link to a Wall Street Journal article stating that the primary suspect in the BP oil rig explosion is the cementing process was faulty.

    And guess who did the cementing process at this particular rig?

    Wait for it……Halliburton.

    Wow – I didn’t know Halliburton is now considered an environmentalist company – did you?

    • indypendent

      Just had a thought – if that talking point did come from Rush or other Foxbot talking head – I wonder how they are going to backtrack and make it Obama’s fault?

      Pass the popcorn – this should be a good one!

      • indypendent

        Paula just replied to my earlier post about this being a Rushbot talking point.

        So, I guess now the only thing we need to know is – was it the faulty cementing process?

        Was it just human error or was it because the cementing process was being done on the cheap and nevermind those pesty safety regulations?

        In all probability, it was simply human error. Things happen and accidents happen.

        But with the track record of Halliburton, one always wonders. I still remember those faulty showers in Iraq that was electrocuting our soldiers. Wasn’t that also Halliburton?

        Let’s get an investigation going – call Halliburton executives up to Senate floor and grill them like the Goldman Sachs guy got grilled.

        I kinda liked Sen Levin from Michigan in his investigative questions. LOL

      • “Was it just human error or was it because the cementing process was being done on the cheap and nevermind those pesty safety regulations?”

        Let’s ask Wink if this was somehow the fault of government standing in the way of business.

        As to blaming Obama, it could be his fault for merely being in office when it happened. Paul Krugman actually wrote a short blog stating the same thing–let’s see how they will twist this to make it Obama’s fault. The only thing is, I am no longer amused by their antics.

  4. indypendent

    I’ve read on another blog that Fox News is already saying the explosion is eco-terrorism headed by Obama himself. Kinda sounds like that Rush talking point from yesterday – huh?

    Since I don’t have the stomach to even visit the Fox News website, I cannot verify if this is true or not.

    Funny thing isn’t it – Republicans have put down Obama from the very first day as just a community organizer that has never done anything.

    Now it seems Obama has all the power of Superman and can control our allies to sincerely like him, to control many different people in different countries to hide his real birth place (wink-wink), and now we learn Obama has the awesome power to control even the eco-terrorism.

    Oh, oh – there’s another ‘ism’ word to make Republicans afraid – very afraid.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    There will be an attempt to make this Obama’s Katrina it is so sad and pathetic the way that partisanship works. Bush was caught with his pants down with Katrina and there is a drive to play catch up in some fashion.

    • indypendent

      Republicans are already blaming Obama for not responding fast enough to this disaster.

      WTF? BP told him everything was fine and they could contain it.

      Now, a week later they determine it is 5 times worse than originally thought.

      You’re doing a heckuva job BP fat cat.

      The Senate needs to schedule an investigation into this fiasco and let it start the month before election day in November.

  6. Zippy

    The talking point is sad but predictable. The “argument”: environmentalists want to control us all, therefore destroying the Gulf coast is a small price to pay to produce a backlash.

    It leaves out the whole “environmentalism” thing, i.e. actually caring about humans continuing to survive on this planet. But who cares about facts, when it doesn’t fit your political nonsense?

  7. Zippy

    The big problem of arguing about response time as the response to huge oil slicks is generally impotent. This is far from new.

    What BP might have mentioned is that there fail-safe wasn’ t working and oil continued to pour into the ocean. We’ll see what comes out of that.

    There will some grim laughter trying to see Obama’s opponents try to turn this into his Katrina/Valdez, while at the same time not backing off “Drill Baby Drill!”

    Sigh. . . .

    • indypendent

      I suspect this latest Republican attempt to smear Obama will end up like all their other attempts – with egg on their face!

      Haven’t you noticed that each time any Republican crows about hoping Obama fails or hope Obama meets his Waterloo – that each time, Obama emerges from the political theatre looking better than before?