Anyone Else Sick of the Wink Hartman Campaign Ads?

Anyone else getting really sick of the Willis “Wink” Hartman campaign commericials.  They spread the most vile misinformation.  If Obama would get off the backs of small busniness, our country would flurish.  Men with business experience should run the government.  Women and sissy men should be excluded from the process!

I drive by the Hartman arena more than I would like.  They always have Cox, etc. ads running on their signboards.  The wind machine runs almost never.

Surely, Kansans can do better than this!  See this Link. 



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17 responses to “Anyone Else Sick of the Wink Hartman Campaign Ads?

  1. Yes!!!
    To every complicated problem there is a simple Republican answer—-and it is usually WRONG.

    “Get government off the backs of small businessmen” it is so simple. That’s all we needed to do. No originality, just the same old fodder.

  2. Zippy

    “Wink Hartman Arena”??

    Suddenly, I feel great about Arizona.

  3. Zippy

    Actually, government should do more for small businesses.

    But Wink Hartman, small business populist? Uh huh.

    The arena debacle actually reduced revenue for small businesses.

    Is it actually being used?

  4. I can’t believe people are still falling for this kind of crap. Third generation businessman? Read trust fund baby. Get government off the back of business? Doesn’t he mean get government out of the pocket of business? Men with business experience already run government–and people like him can’t stop complaining about how bad it sucks. He needs to make up his mind.

    In the words of literary heroine Hermoine Granger, “WHAT an idiot!”

  5. indypendent

    Don’t you love the way he threw in ‘Pro-life’ at the very end – just like a bone being thrown to a dog.

    Yeah, Wink sure does know how to play to his target audience.

  6. tosmarttobegop


  7. wicked


    I Think Wink is a Dink!

  8. chopper

    small business man? meat & potatoes? come on with that bs wink! I want gravy just like you! he isn’t a politician but he wants to be! rich get richer the poor get fucked over and out!

  9. I live in Wichita, KS. I’ve never heard of Wink Hartman until I saw his commercial on T.V. tonight. It played toward the end of Boston Legal. During it the begining he contradicted himself, saying he signed something against mud slinging, but his opponent wouldn’t. I googled him after his pages on the list the was a site saying he was the owner of an oil company. Oil is big business in my opinion, and I don’t support big businesses.

  10. Bon

    Now that’s just what we need! NOT! Wink’s ads love to portray him as a businessman and that we need more businessmen running the government. Yeah, that’s just what we need. Big Business is already running the government to the huge detriment of the middle class.

    Here’s the best part: Wink is in the OIL business. Now isn’t that just what we need? More oil company execs in congress to steer more of the tax-payer funded goodie their way. Sheesh! Please voters in Wichita. WAKE UP!

  11. Tom

    The new one with the guy saying Mike Pompeo caused him to close his business and lay off all his employees drives me crazy, if your business only has one customer then you are not much of a business.
    The sad part is that I dont even live in the district, I live just outside of the district. I am so tired of the ads, I really think Wink needs to get a life.
    And if he is so Pro-Gun, then why does he not allow citizens to carry concealed in his precious Arena?

    Wink Hartman is a Joke.

    • Both Hartman and Pompeo are behaving badly, although Pompeo has just within the last few days actually released an ad that isn’t as stupid, isn’t as negative, actually tries to concentrate on why he is applying for the job, he already proved to me he knows how to get down in the dirt and wallow in it.

      I sincerely hope neither of those poor excuses for a human is elected! I sure don’t want either to represent me!

    • indypendent

      Where in the ad did the guy say his business only had one customer?

      I am tired of the ads and I think Pompeo needs to come clean and tell people if he was a Washington lawyer – so is he really an outsider, as one might get the impression?

      As for the arena policy – that is Wink’s choice because he owns the business. Isn’t that what all good Republicans want – the freedom to run their business as they see fit?

      Wink Hartman AND Mike Pompeo are a joke.

      • indypendent

        Just curious – why do you feel the need to carry a concealed weapon in the arena?

      • Tom

        He didnt say that he only had one customer, but he leads you to believe that the only reason he laid off his employees and closed his business was due to Mike Pompeo. All I am saying is that if he could not keep his business open because one customer didnt pay him, then he is not running a very good business.
        As far as the issue on concealed carry, I feel it is my right to carry my firearm at all times. To be honest, I can legally walk past all no gun signs as I am a Licensed Private Investigator and they do not apply to me.
        I just feel that he does not have the right to deny citizens the right to exercise their Constitutional rights.

  12. Patricia

    Known Wink Hardman for a very long time, but my most recent confrontation was not a pleasant or honest one. Your Dad was a good man and an honest man. What happened to you along the way? Don’t play off your ancestors good fortune and intregrity. It doesn’t work that way. Wake up Kanas and do your homework. Why are playing your silly, not so convincing, ads in Oklahoma, Winky?